Are Republicans Traitors?

Are Republicans Traitors?It sounds like it is an attempt at clickbait, and it is, kind of. However: it needs to be asked. Are Republicans now traitors? There was evidence before Congress that said Russia was actively interfering in our election and the Republicans just didn’t care. Or they claimed they didn’t believe it.

However most of the people watching this election noticed some odd things. Trump’s circle had an enormous number of people connected to Russia operatives. From Paul Manafort who left but never really left to Carter Page along with his own daughter being best friends with one of Putin’s mistresses and his other children making a lot of stops along the way, Trump is surrounded by people with deep connections to Russia.

Then there was Wikileaks. Once Wikileaks was fêted on the left for the fact that it revealed a great deal of private US government information. And of the people involved, only one was punished for it (Chelsea Manning). However, during this last election it was clear that Assange and his loyalists had thrown in with Russia. It culminated in the publication by Wikileaks of the DNC email cache and email messages of the Clinton’s campaign staff. And not just that; the information was leaked differently than usual. Instead of one information dump, it was released strategically to do the most damage to Clinton.

Enter the Comey letter. Only 11 days before the election and in total distraction of the news seeping out about how the Russians were hacking into voting machines and voting databases.

How Does This Make Republicans Traitors?

Well first things first. Trump is a Republican. And it is pretty clear by now he was happy to accept help from Russians.

Trump — by his actions in accepting help from Russia and inviting them to do further harm — might even have committed treason. Russians have admitted they were talking to his campaign the entire time. These are not the actions of someone loyal to this country and its ideals.

This doesn’t make all Republicans traitors, of course. But the Republican establishment was complacent about all this. They were told about this months ago. And they refused to do anything. In fact they claimed that it wasn’t evidence at all. (Circumstantial evidence is in fact evidence. It is legally admissible (PDF) and it is something jurors can make factual findings on.) Republican leaders were given the evidence. They were given a chance to put country above whatever it is that they claim they care about. They refused.

Why Are Republicans Traitors?

Republicans were hacked before the election, yet their information wasn’t published. It isn’t unreasonable to presume that the members are compromised by blackmail. Or it could be simply that the Republicans are traitors and this was their chance to destroy the country.

Comey also had this information from the White House. And he still published that meaningless, innuendo-filled letter of his. At the time, I thought it was an attempt to influence the House elections. I think I was wrong. I think it was in fact to ensure that the Russian candidate won.

Republicans are authoritarians. They like power for its own sake. They were promising to abuse it against Clinton before the election and they haven’t completely let it go after.

Republicans admire Putin and Russia for how the dictator treats his people. It probably won’t be long before it happens here. Are Republicans traitors? I don’t think it required this election to see that, but it is now clear as day.