Are Republicans Traitors?

Are Republicans Traitors?It sounds like it is an attempt at clickbait, and it is, kind of. However: it needs to be asked. Are Republicans now traitors? There was evidence before Congress that said Russia was actively interfering in our election and the Republicans just didn’t care. Or they claimed they didn’t believe it.

However most of the people watching this election noticed some odd things. Trump’s circle had an enormous number of people connected to Russia operatives. From Paul Manafort who left but never really left to Carter Page along with his own daughter being best friends with one of Putin’s mistresses and his other children making a lot of stops along the way, Trump is surrounded by people with deep connections to Russia.

Then there was Wikileaks. Once Wikileaks was fêted on the left for the fact that it revealed a great deal of private US government information. And of the people involved, only one was punished for it (Chelsea Manning). However, during this last election it was clear that Assange and his loyalists had thrown in with Russia. It culminated in the publication by Wikileaks of the DNC email cache and email messages of the Clinton’s campaign staff. And not just that; the information was leaked differently than usual. Instead of one information dump, it was released strategically to do the most damage to Clinton.

Enter the Comey letter. Only 11 days before the election and in total distraction of the news seeping out about how the Russians were hacking into voting machines and voting databases.

How Does This Make Republicans Traitors?

Well first things first. Trump is a Republican. And it is pretty clear by now he was happy to accept help from Russians.

Trump — by his actions in accepting help from Russia and inviting them to do further harm — might even have committed treason. Russians have admitted they were talking to his campaign the entire time. These are not the actions of someone loyal to this country and its ideals.

This doesn’t make all Republicans traitors, of course. But the Republican establishment was complacent about all this. They were told about this months ago. And they refused to do anything. In fact they claimed that it wasn’t evidence at all. (Circumstantial evidence is in fact evidence. It is legally admissible (PDF) and it is something jurors can make factual findings on.) Republican leaders were given the evidence. They were given a chance to put country above whatever it is that they claim they care about. They refused.

Why Are Republicans Traitors?

Republicans were hacked before the election, yet their information wasn’t published. It isn’t unreasonable to presume that the members are compromised by blackmail. Or it could be simply that the Republicans are traitors and this was their chance to destroy the country.

Comey also had this information from the White House. And he still published that meaningless, innuendo-filled letter of his. At the time, I thought it was an attempt to influence the House elections. I think I was wrong. I think it was in fact to ensure that the Russian candidate won.

Republicans are authoritarians. They like power for its own sake. They were promising to abuse it against Clinton before the election and they haven’t completely let it go after.

Republicans admire Putin and Russia for how the dictator treats his people. It probably won’t be long before it happens here. Are Republicans traitors? I don’t think it required this election to see that, but it is now clear as day.

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  1. Here’s a dark, unsubstantiated, but believable notion. I would be very surprised if we find that the FBI had the same coziness with Russia as the Trump team does. However, the FBI might have had its own reasons for wanting to defeat Clinton.

    For some years now, the FBI’s primary mission (hence, reason for funding) has been combating domestic terrorism. As we know, it has done so almost entirely through setting up phony plots and entrapping hapless dupes into participating. The dupes are then “caught,” the FBI announces another plot foiled, etc. Their record of catching actual terrorists is slim to nonexistent.

    Obama would have been burned at the stake had he tried to stop these egregious setup operations. Clinton? Less so. The FBI may have feared this kind of shift in priorities. They might have been at panic mode at the thought of having to cut down on the number of bogus plots exposed. (To be fair, the FBI is pretty good at tracking down serial killers. They’re just abysmal at catching terrorists.)

    I have no proof. But it sure is a plausible motive.

  2. As a Veteran in my own eyes there is no doubt at all that the RNC is a traitorous organization. I am just waiting to see how our military chooses to react to all of this.
    The vote should be null and void. There should be new elections with many more needed candidates on the GOP side for all currently in Congress should either resign ASAP or be removed. A trial in this matter should be set at a later date. Any that are considered a flight risk should get a free stay at Gitmo or some other nice establishment of the same type.

    Yes this seems all very harsh, but I have know others that had much harsher treatment, some as POW’s others made the ultimate sacrifice. Treason is spitting upon the service that all Veterans have given. If a call to arms is given to clean this mess out at 60 I am more then willing to serve my country again for I took an oath to protect the US Constitution from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

    • Thanks, Ray! I think we need more than guns, here — we need to help out our fellow Americans Trump is going to hurt, we need to stand in protest against our great national parks he’s going to defile, we need citizens to demand our representatives hold Trump accountable for the laws he will break. But I love your spirit! I could use a lot more of it, myself …

      • Incorrect. ALL sovereignty begins and ends with a gun. Niceties are nice. That’s why they have a 100% failure rate in the long term. ONLY military action protects a nation.

    • You’re the traitor. You cannot reconcile the Constitution’s limits on government power with the Marxist Democrat Party. Dem after Dem deems the Constitution to be obsolete and advocates for a living breathing doctrine, which means violating the Constitution. You betrayed your oath and are the traitor. Trump won fair and square. Dems pull nonsense about Russians out of thin air. It has been Dems backing the Soviet Union since Wilson and FDR, who first recognized it. Kennedy openly approached Moscow to thwart Reagan. Hillary sold Russia1/3 of America’s uranium. The true colors of Dems and the Left as totalitarian are clear with their riots unseen when the Communist Obama won. The Left attacks free speech and every other constraint on totalitarian power. You’ve betrayed your oath and have no honor.

      • Oh my God! Someone silence this man! Before others read The Truth!

        Too late now, cat’s out of the bag. Yes, liberals and Democrats have been plotting for years to hand America over to Russia. Not just st Russia, though — also China, Iran, and Luxembourg. (Luxembourg is where the REAL power hides in wait.)

        Why do we do it? Money. Every liberal gets paid on a sliding scale. In Templar gold, no less. Voting Democrat gets us $500. Spreading lies, $5000. Using political correctness to emasculate America, permitting the Luxembourgians to take over, $20000 per instance. I made $100 grand last month from the comfort of my own home, just by suggesting police shootings are racist four times! And so can you!

        Which brings me to my point. Sadly, despite a coordinated effort by the entire world enticing liberals to spend every minute since 1933 destroying America, we haven’t succeeded. It might be time for some new blood and fresh ideas.

        Obviously, you wouldn’t be interested, as a man of honor (like all conservatives). But perhaps you know someone who would. Please pass on this application:

        1. Are you willing to spend every waking moment taking a giant dump on our sacred Founding Fathers?
        2. Describe your daily prayers to Satan. What is your weekly sacrificial animal budget?
        3. Rank, in importance to you, the following: elimination of the white race, world government by the United Nations, gassing all gun owners, establishing sharia law, finding the best gluten-free vegan restaurant.
        4. Essay question: how did you celebrate 9/11?
        5. Include your recommendation letter from George Soros, Rosie O’Donnell, or Jeremiah Wright. Science diplomas may be substituted for recommendation letters, provided the applicant is employed by climate doomsayers to destroy jobs.

        It used to be a secret application process — we only revealed our secrets once acolytes had gone through orientation training at Area 51 — but since you’ve guessed our true intentions, there’s no need to hide then anymore.

        Every applicant you direct our way gets a personal phone call from Julian Assange. Plus entry in a random drawing for our grand prize, a tour of bin Laden’s new home in Barack Obsma’s mansion.

        • That. Was. Brilliant. Really: I wish that were a blog post.

          When I read the original comment, it just made me sad — but not so much for America as for the writer. It reminded me of the old Lou Reed lines, “Some people have no choice; and they can never find a voice; to talk with, or even call their own; so the first thing that they see; that allows them the right to be; why, they follow it; it’s called bad luck.” Reed, of course, was talking about junkies and heroin addiction. But this kind of thinking is its own addition. In fact, it’s worse. I’ve helped many people get off heroin. But people like this seem to be stuck. A junkie has to go through a few days of hell and then a few months of thinking life isn’t much worse living. And then they can really blossom. But for people who have drunk this kind of political conspiracy theory Kool-Aid, I’m afraid it’s terminal.

          • It is depressing. Once you don’t believe your voice matters (and it doesn’t unless you band with others), it becomes easy to cling at symbols. I wonder if this is why the great monuments of antiquity were mostly built in horribly authoritarian societies. There are right-thinking people who will make us Strong, and traitors in our midst who will make us Weak. No doubt if there was some catastrophic accident which held up building this portion of that pyramid, it was blamed on subversive saboteurs.

            I wonder what “betrayed your oath” meant. The Pledge Of Allegiance, maybe. Or the writer is a veteran who is now mentally ill and can’t remember that most Americans don’t swear oaths. But it’s all part of the same concept. Blood loyalty, retribution, Old Testament cause-and-effect stuff.

            The older I get the more I realize that most people have to believe in something. Some kind of plan, some future, some explanation for existence. Either a hopeful belief (someday I’ll start that band again) or a despairing belief (the cabal of evil makes everything impossible). It’s understandable that older folks would fall more readily into the black hole of despairing. At some point you do realize none of your dreams will ever come true.

            I’m trying to enjoy watching the wheels go round and round. Some days are more successful than others.

  3. It’s been several years now that I have refused to refer to the (R)s as anything other than the Treason Party. I stand by that description.

  4. Nixon committed treason in Vietnam, Reagan colluded with Iran and now we have Trump winning the presidency with the help of the Russians. Is there any crime this party won’t commit to get power?

    • I’ve argued for a long time that it is power for power’s sake. I think Obamacare is a great example, where it was a great tool to get political power, but they are lost as to what to do once they get power. So it’s always back to the same thing: giving themselves and their rich friends tax cuts. So they got their base all riled up about non-existent problems with Obamacare and now it’s looking like the best they will be able to do is make changes around the edges. So much for “the worst thing since slavery.” Although I do wish the Dems would get better at the politics. But maybe that kind of thing only works with voters who tend authoritarian.

  5. It seems to me the republican’s Traitorous acts stretches back decades. One of the most glaring is When mitch mcconnell made his contemptuous statement on the day of Antonin Scalia death. He said in essence, I hold the American Constitution in contempt and will not do the job it requires me as a senator to do. He said I will not hear this Presidents appointee to the Supreme Court.
    This action of this person is truly a traitors act, yet none have fought or charged him with his crime against us. One should not wonder why this group is willing to behave as they do when they have gotten away with such a high crime.

  6. Here’s the Rub guys, no one is willing to do what it takes – the democrats are useless and cowards, no fight at all and just roll over because the ultra liberals agenda is just as biased as the Right wing nut jobs. Stupid people are so brainwashed thinking the GOP will make them white idiots become great again when rich sonsofbitches ignorant them to boot and manipulate everything a few dollars thinking they control their destiny or some stupid shit like that when all they manage to do is hurt normal Americans and the hard earned money taken from them by payroll to pay for unemployment insurance, health insurance, medicare and SSI. Meanwhile congress ignores the masses and agenda to give fat cats what they want, forgetting the constituents that sent them to Washington in the first place. The Koch Brothers and those like them destroy democracy for their selflessness and the middle class that pays for everything gets wiped out. Facts to the dumb-asses is this The Poor cannot pay! The Wealthy will not pay! And that leaves the Middle class that is being wiped out. So tell me stupid people, how can you fix a mess that is so fucked up and a populace so damned dumb? You can’t so why not pull those fucking nukes out and get it over with because you stupid sonsofbitches fixed it for everyone else – AMERICAS FAULT!!!!!

    • Most people do not pay unemployment insurance. Only business owners. The amount they pay is based on how many employees they have, and how many former employees have used unemployment insurance. Unfortunately employees who quit are not eligible for unemployment insurance, and there are many ways a job can force someone to quit. (For example, if one is injured.) So the insurance does not benefit workers as it should.

      Before SSI and Medicaid, older citizens were repeatedly going broke, forcing their adult children to care for them. This decreased the amount the children could work, the quality of their work, and cut into their savings (paying for a parent’s food & medical care.)

      Medical insurance is far too expensive here, and I agree that it hurts seeing it deducted from my paycheck. We could eliminate the insurance industry and have government provide Medicare for all. Every nation that’s done this has costs far lower than ours. Such a system would not be considered “ultra-liberal” in any other wealthy country. And we are the wealthiest country on Earth — although, as you correctly observe, our wealthiest citizens don’t wish to pay a dime to live here.

      Most of Congress is indeed corrupt. It’s important that we support the honest ones, and get rid of the ones who only serve powerful people/corporations. Campaign contributions corrupt many politicians; but it is possible to beat them with organized and motivated voters. Not easy, just possible.

      We moved millions of Americans from poverty into the middle class before. We can do it again. And if this time we focus on helping all poor Americans, not just white people, that would go a long way towards calming the racial resentment felt by so many voters. Who are under the illusion that their tax dollars go to people of color. When the overwhelming majority of tax revenue goes to military contractors building planes that crash and space lasers that don’t work.

  7. Death to traitors. The Tree of Liberty is really thirsty. We should make no distinction between Republican supporters and their leaders.

    Wake up. They will never play fairly. It is within the right of the people to remove this cancer from our nation. They must all pay the price.

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