List of Old Pages

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Items 1 – 1000

26 Snarky
30 Asphalt as Metaphor
33 80% of All Statistics
50 Merry Secular Christmas
51 No More Butcher Knives
52 Philomel
53 She Said “”No””
54 Don’t You Think?
55 The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
56 Blue Moon
58 Justice as Commerce
60 Non-Reversible Errors
61 Spreading the Word in Mexico
63 93% of Drivers Above Median
64 Making Money from Art
65 The Twilight of Painting
66 Illusory Superiority
67 Cream of Tomato Soup
68 Not the Bible
69 Living the Anti-Life
70 As if I Have Nothing Better
71 On Watching SNL
72 Let’s Make a Deal
75 Wow!
76 One Song, Two Song, Song Sung Blue Song
77 To Seth on his Eighteenth Birthday
79 Skinny Leg Blues
80 Cream of Potato Soup
81 Mom’s Recipes
82 J. D. Salinger Dies 19 June 1965 at Age 46
83 Elvie Thomas
85 Francois Rabelais
87 John Stewart and Jules Shear
89 Pandora’s Box
90 Hand Sanitizers
98 Getting to the Bottom of Things
111 About to Read Don Quixote
115 Easy Refried Beans
116 Indian Rope Trip Part I
120 Indian Rope Trip Part II
126 Paradox Lost
128 Miller’s Crossing
131 Film POV
139 Leak
141 First Draft Fear
143 Multiple Drafts
145 Waiting for Beckett
147 Pow Wow Theater
151 Bang Bang’s Chicken
155 The Archie Leach
157 Two War Films in One Day
158 Reason, Faith, and Revolution
161 Our Mutual Friend
162 Walter Starkie’s Don Quixotes
164 The Prologue of Don Quixote
166 And Now a Few Words from a Dead Man
168 Perfect Information
171 spare me your teen-aged angst
185 Photo Op
188 Enunciating my Thoughts About Annunciate
194 The Six Stages of Sewing
197 Palindrone
200 George Henry
205 Politics: 12 August 2010
207 Politics: 13 August 2010
211 Politics: Happy Birthday Social Security!
213 Politics: 16 August 2010
215 On Evil by Terry Eagleton
217 Politics: 17 August 2010
219 Politics: 18 August 2010
221 Politics: 19 August 2010
223 Politics: 20 August 2010
226 Politics: 21 August 2010
228 Politics: 23 August 2010
230 Politics: 24 August 2010
233 Politics: 25 August 2010
235 Faith and Politics
237 Politics: 26 August 2010
240 Politics: 27 August 2010
242 Politics: 28 August 2010
247 Politics: 29 August 2010
249 The Sound of One Hand Clapping
253 Politics: 30 August 2010
255 Politics: 31 August 2010
261 Politics: 1 September 2010
270 Politics: 2 September 2010
272 Politics: 3 September 2010
274 Politics: 6 September 2010
276 Politics: 7 September 2010
278 Politics: 8 September 2010
280 Politics: 9 September 2010
283 Politics: 10 September 2010
286 Politics: 12 September 2010
288 Madame Tutli-Putli
290 Politics: 13 September 2010
292 Politics: 14 September 2010
294 The Myth of Zero-Emission Cars
296 Dark and Silent
299 Politics: 15 September 2010
301 Politics: 16 September 2010
303 This is Not Your Father’s Rene Magritte
305 Politics: 17 September 2010
307 Politics: 18 September 2010
309 Politics: 19 September 2010
311 David Cay Johnston
313 Politics: 20 September 2010
316 Politics: 21 September 2010
319 Politics: 22 September 2010
323 Politics: 23 September 2010
330 Politics: 24 September 2010
339 Politics: 25 September 2010
342 Practicable Practical
346 Politics: 29 September 2010
350 Politics: 30 September 2010
354 Politics: 1 October 2010
358 Politics: 4 October 2010
361 KNOW Your Member of the Family Sciuridae
364 Politics: 5 October 2010
369 Clean, Well-Lighted Sentences
371 Politics: 6 October 2010
375 Politics: 7 October 2010
379 Politics: 8 October 2010
384 Gilligan’s Island Theme Song
386 Politics: 11 October 2010
392 Politics: 12 October 2010
396 Politics: 13 October 2010
401 Politics: 14 October 2010
407 Politics: 15 October 2010
413 Politics: 16 October 2010
415 Politics: 17 October 2010
421 Politics: 18 October 2010
424 Politics: 19 October 2010
432 Politics: 20 October 2010
436 Politics: 21 October 2010
441 Politics: 22 October 2010
443 Politics: 23 October 2010
448 Politics: 25 October 2010
452 Politics: 26 October 2010
455 Politics: 27 October 2010
459 Politics: 28 October 2010
461 Politics: 29 October 2010
463 Politics: 30 October 2010
466 Politics: 31 October 2010
468 Politics: 1 November 2010
472 Politics: 2 November 2010
476 Politics: 3 November 2010
480 Politics: 4 November 2010
484 Politics: 5 November 2010
487 Politics: 6 November 2010
488 I Could Use an Extra Hour
490 Politics: 11 November 2010
493 Politics: 12 November 2010
495 Politics: 13 November 2010
497 Politics: 14 November 2010
499 Politics: 15 November 2010
502 Politics: 16 November 2010
507 Politics: 18 November 2010
512 Amongst Us, Among Them
517 Thirty Days Hath September Bollocks
519 Politics: 1 December 2010
521 Politics: 23 December 2010
531 Kory Stamper Lightens Hair!
533 Politics: 24 December 2010
536 Politics: 29 December 2010
540 Two Days to Go!
542 Politics: 4 January 2010
548 Succulent Succulents
557 Politics: 13 January 2011
559 Politics: 14 January 2011
560 Terrible Pun
566 Curious News
570 Speaking of CNN…
573 It Wasn’t You, Charlie
575 Spreading Celebrity News
579 Politics: 19 January 2011
581 Politics: 20 January 2011
591 Politics: 21 January 2011
593 Politics: 22 January 2011
595 Who is TB 152371?!
598 Politics: 25 January 2011
602 Politics: 27 January 2011
605 Mom’s Home Frozen Cooking
607 Politics: 30 January 2011
609 Politics: 2 February 2011
611 Field Notes from a Catastrophe
615 Politics: 5 February 2011
617 Politics: 6 February 2011
619 Politics: 7 February 2011
622 Politics: 8 February 2011
626 “”Getting Known””
628 Librarians: Be Afraid; Be Very Afraid
630 Release the Magic!
632 A Most Forgettable Film
637 “”Why Ms. Brewster: You’re beautiful!””
642 Politics: 1 March 2011
650 Politics: 2 March 2011
653 Politics: 13 March 2011
656 Politics: 15 March 2011
660 Andrew Keen’s Big Bait and Switch
663 Politics: 21 March 2011
667 Politics: 22 March 2011
669 Politics: 7 April 2011
671 Politics: 12 April 2011
673 Politics: 16 April 2011
675 Box Office Poison at Mary’s Pizza Shack
679 Politics: 20 April 2011
684 Politics: Any Film with Keenan Wynn…
686 Politics: Thaddeus McCotter Can Play
688 My Own Private Ballykissangel
690 Hamlet is an Asshole
692 Politics: Religiously Evil
695 Two Songs and Counting
697 Kill or Save: It’s Not Up To You
699 Thor: God of Boredom
701 Innumeracy at Santa Rosa City Bus
708 Kory Stamper is Ugly?
712 Politics: Trump Wimps Out
714 Writing is Not Grammatical Analysis
716 Politics: I Need My Head Examined
718 Politics: Smart Hate
720 Avuncular
724 Who Mourns for Judy Johnson?
726 Everybody Sings the Body Electric
733 Fowler V. Strunk&White
735 Master Class with William Bennett
738 Politics: Rachel Maddow is Silly
746 Politics: Rachel Maddow is Wrong
751 Anthony Weiner Pronounces Name Wrong
755 Voyeurs & Exhibitionists
757 Politics: Weiner Scandal is Over
760 The Amazing Usain Bolts
767 Psychopaths and Authoritarians
768 Exactly…
770 Politics: War Made Easy
773 What the Fuck is Krugman on About?
776 Politics: Healthcare Population Statistics
779 Hot Coffee
781 Cleverbot Not So Clever
785 Let Raping Reign
787 Paul Krugman is Naive
791 Clarity, Convenience, and the Serial Comma
794 Five Dollar Man
798 I Felt Like a Gringo
802 Drop the I Word
804 Pirates and Beavers and Priests! Oh my!
807 I Wonder…
810 Not Rocket Science
812 Eric Alterman Nails It
814 Jesus: God or Nut?
816 Paul Broun Weeps for the Rich
818 One for the That’s Just Wrong files…
821 Kiss Me
825 Bloody Burger
827 Obama Loses His Soul
830 Books to Frighten and Delight
838 Republican BS
840 Poor Ned…
843 Cool, Cool Intolerant Men
845 Don Quixote Abridged: Putnam’s Omissions
857 8 Great Ways to Beat Stress
859 A Tale of Two Michelles
861 Rachel Maddow is Making Sense
866 Just Philately
869 The Existence Filled Life
870 Once in a While Dilbert Amuses Me
872 My Subconscious is Abusive
876 Stephen Colbert: Dream Stalker
882 Little Bits
889 New Robber Barons
891 Why No One Knows Medgar Evers
893 Michael Moore on Democracy Now!
895 Netflix is Just Not That Into Movies
897 Rush Limbaugh: Defender of Oppressed Rich
899 Reducing Shakespeare
902 What is a Truel Heart?
904 Interpreting the News
906 Acclimation
912 There, There, There
915 Puppet Shows and the Evil Dr. No No
918 Little Blue Riding Hood
921 Potato Pancakes
925 “”Bye, Baby””
927 uTorrent Toolbar Fiasco!
933 Justin Bieber and the End of Western Culture
936 Windows 8: the Day the Computer Died
939 Save at Amazon
941 Beautiful, Intelligent, Learned
944 The Sentence as Will and Idea
946 Normally I Say There Are No Stupid Questions
949 Most Dangerous Jobs
953 Transient Global Amnesia: Forget Free Will
956 Word Processing
958 Breaking News: Bill O’Reilly is Evil
962 Republican Solution to Debt: More Debt!
964 Beautiful, Intelligent, Learned II
966 Tom Brokaw and the False Equivalence Lie
968 Mitt Romney’s America
970 Demand the Impossible
972 Gold Diggers
974 My Fan at Michael’s Furniture Warehouse?
975 On the Subject of Torture
976 The Right Wing’s Hyperbole
980 Mother Fuckers!
989 Why Media Mail
991 Another Letter to President Obama
993 Adam Sandler Should Stop Now
996 The RIGHT Way to Express Yourself
998 I Miss Daylight Savings

Items 1001 – 2000

1005 Lonely Shoes
1007 That Mitchell and Webb Look Get Serious
1014 Now I’ve Written to Senator Feinstein
1016 The Ultimate Question
1017 Trust vs Stupidity
1021 Politicians Bored with Politics
1023 Up with Chris Hayes
1025 A Musical Confession
1028 Police Myths
1031 Personal Management
1035 Lucky’s Spam
1043 Don’t Pick it Up!
1045 Carole Slade Saves Tobias Smollett
1050 Artists and Sell Outs
1053 Marlene on the Wall“>The Meaning of Marlene on the Wall
1059 Disappointed in Obama—Again
1061 They Don’t Make Pens Like They Used To
1063 What’s the Matter with America?
1066 Merry Secular Christmas II
1084 Reality TV Not So Real
1088 The Gift That Keeps on Killing
1090 Bad Blog Quoting
1091 Jesus is Getting Pissed
1093 Speaking of Jesus…
1098 The Evil Philosophy of William Lane Craig
1100 The Good Christian
1102 Falstaff Dies a Broken Man
1104 Will Be Televised”>The Revolution Will Be Televised
1108 A Tale of Two Constanzes
1111 An Important Point About Lucky’s Speech
1114 Woman in Red
1118 Boys Will Be Boys
1123 Opinions Vary on Value of Wikipedia
1125 Who is Mista Moose-Puppet-Head?
1127 Rick Perry’s Epiphany
1131 That Radical Shakespeare!
1134 Nina Conti Not Nominated for Oscar
1137 In Defense of Brad DeLong
1139 And Lizzie Borden
1141 Al Green Not Demented, Just Asshole
1143 Why Google AdSense Sucks
1145 Falstaff “”Railed Against Our Person””?
1147 Journalism for the Masses
1151 Shakespeare Apologists
1154 She So Crazy
1158 I’m Not So Bad
1160 RICO Laws and Regulation
1162 A Really Big Problem
1164 Power for Its Own Sake
1167 If I Have to Explain, It Isn’t Funny
1170 Oh, My Puns
1172 Hard Work, Low Pay
1174 I Love The Onion
1176 How Good is Scott Turow?
1178 Fucking MPAA
1182 Mark Twain: Author, Thinker, Tinker, Spy
1184 A Little Meta
1186 Copyright is for Wimps
1191 The Man from San Sebastian
1193 Republicans are Wimps
1195 A Quick Note on Subtitles
1197 Dissing Artists for Fun and Profit
1202 Some Thoughts on Fucktard
1204 Society is Imploding
1207 Rotten Tomatoes for Orson Welles
1209 Newt is a Toad
1212 Puppet News
1214 All is Clarity
1216 and Evil”>Lou Dobbs: Ignorant and Evil
1220 Caffeine’s Like Mething Around
1222 A Jewish-Italian Fairy Tale
1224 Attack of the Marketing Mutants!
1228 Earth vs. Burt I. Gordon!
1231 I am Rita
1233 Death of the Liberal Class
1235 Why I Like Romney
1238 Keep on Truckin’
1239 Kill Your Daughters
1242 Winter of Our Discontent Comparison
1245 Happy Thought of the Day
1249 Conservative Liberals: am I Wrong?
1253 On Good Reasons for Suicide
1255 Paul, Niall, and Fareed
1258 The Shakespeare Industry
1260 Fat Men Can’t Run
1262 The Reasonable Conservative
1264 China Owns America! In Republican Ads
1266 Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee
1268 A Cretin’s Defense of Dubbing
1270 Catch 22 for Poor in America
1272 A Charming Fuck Variation
1274 Lope and Cervantes: the Feud
1277 Quixotic Justification
1279 Fragments of Reality
1282 Lucky Again
1285 The Devil for Conservatives
1287 The Cave of Salamanca
1290 On Crying at the Movies
1293 Damn You to Hell, Eric Alterman!
1295 Playing Two Halves is Asking A Lot
1299 It Cannot Last. I hope.
1301 Those Who Receive Most Also Hate Most
1303 Genghis Khan: Family Values Man
1305 He Says it There, it Comes Out Here
1307 The Blood of St. Valentine’s Day
1309 The Other Brontës
1311 The Best of People, the Worst of People
1313 Santorum’s My Man
1315 Hate What You Do Not Know
1318 Waiting for Groundhogs
1320 Michael Close Doesn’t Get Branding
1322 Presume “”Guilty””
1325 Ezra, Ezra, Ezra…
1327 Killing Properly
1328 Tuba Tuba Tuba
1332 Your Authoritarian Brain on Power
1334 The Redemptionless Story
1335 Bill Gates, Sr?
1336 Understanding Falstaff
1337 Jack ‘n Black
1338 Byron Dorgan’s Crystal Ball
1339 Painful to Watch
1340 Huge in Canada
1341 Doing My Part for Romney
1342 Jack’s Amazing Healing Scars
1343 Corporations are Rarely Creators
1344 Khader Adnan
1345 Map Projection Cartoon
1346 The Down and Down on the Up and Up
1347 Fast Food Reviews
1348 Apology Accepted
1349 Remix
1350 Girl Fight!
1351 Specter Stood Still
1352 This is Not Cervantes
1353 The Logic That Isn’t Logical
1355 Lysistrata Alive and Well in Virginia
1356 Vote Sideshow Bob
1358 Happy Leap Day!
1359 Then and Than
1360 Maria Bamford
1361 Mitt Romney: No We Can’t!
1362 Big Hollywood Dicks
1363 The Disappointment of Christmas
1364 Death as Public Good
1365 Totebagger
1366 Fear and Loathing in Politics
1367 Lucky and Stupid
1368 $57,000 Per Day
1369 Obama at His Best
1370 A Late Valentine
1371 Jeopardy!
1372 Moe’s Waiting for THE Man
1373 Dehumanizing Iranians and Jews
1374 TWiB is Back!
1375 “‘Cause you’re just like Hillary”
1376 Pee on Me
1377 Rats Are Great Pets
1379 Satire is Dead
1380 Dennis Moore
1381 DJ Flula Remixes Celebrities!
1383 I Haven’t Had My Teeth Cleaned Since 1974!
1384 The Virus of Reason
1385 How The Game Is Played
1386 Jesus Loves Me
1387 “”They Don’t Understand, Do They?””
1388 The Jewish Question
1389 The 500 Plays of Lope We Have Not Read
1390 The Other Side of the Wind
1391 Credit Where It’s Due
1392 Ezra Klein Gives Paul Ryan a Break
1393 Art is Not “”Good”” or “”Bad””
1394 Dylan Moran on Americans
1395 Tim Tebow Hypocrisy
1396 Rosalind Russell’s Mysterious Writer
1397 It’s Hard to Die in French
1398 Speaking of French
1399 Good Lord!
1401 Conservative Rock?!
1402 Story Spoilers
1403 The Stone Golem
1404 What Will You Find?
1405 Shameful Fun
1406 Postmodern Comedy
1407 Blah Blah Blah…
1408 Creepy Cruise
1409 Deconstructing Shaggy
1410 Seagullible
1411 Oil Sands Won’t Save Our Economy
1414 Roberts Will Follow Kennedy
1420 Happy Easter
1422 Cardenio
1424 The Dude Abides
1426 The Case Against Q
1429 Cage Does Cage!
1431 George Zimmerman is Guilty!
1433 Mr. Smith and the Republican Myth
1435 Must See TV
1437 Unlikely Twins: Capehart and Lizza
1439 Wanker of the Decade
1441 Sarah and Kory
1443 How I Rate a Film
1445 My Vote for President
1449 History Channel
1451 Um…
1453 Wally, Andre, and the Waiter
1455 Something Went Wrong For Fay Wray
1458 A Good Cry
1460 RIP: Mr. Bunny Rabbit
1462 The Audacity of Lope
1467 Romney and the Bandwagon
1469 Mystery Video
1471 Happy May Day
1473 May Day Reading
1475 The Giant Tortoise Protector
1480 War Monger Apologia
1482 Keep Calm and Carry On
1485 Working for the NSA
1491 Beautiful, Intelligent, Learned III
1496 George Zimmerman and Fernwood 2 Night
1498 Enormous Mustache
1500 We’re Doomed
1502 Which Came First: Settlements or Farming?
1504 Letter to the Editor
1506 Jean Ferrandis Slums in Santa Rosa
1508 Thank You Mom
1511 Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing
1513 Jean-Pierre Rampal Plays Francis Poulenc
1515 “Power Players” on Jeopardy! Out of Touch
1517 Conservative “”Morality””
1519 Birthday Rankings!
1521 TED Talks Show True Colors
1525 Who Gets to be a Hypocrite Around Here?
1527 Klan Members for Obama!
1530 The Meaning of Facebook
1533 Fuente Ovejuna
1535 Spambot Update
1537 Famous Blue Raincoat
1539 Sarah Palin: Stupid and Evil Defined
1541 NATO Protest: 20 May 2012
1543 Pretend Scientist Fred Singer
1545 American Unexceptionalism
1547 God Hates Figs
1549 Restore the Old Top Tax Bracket
1553 The World Forgetting by the World Forgot
1555 End This Depression Now!
1557 First Thoughts: Synecdoche, New York
1561 Krauts with Attitude
1563 Inform the Truth Then Again Again
1565 Krugman vs. Austerians
1568 Themes in the Bourne Movies
1570 True Love: Barefoot in Her Shift
1572 Pay No Attention!
1574 KISS Doesn’t Want to Hire a Vet
1578 Love Conquers Poses
1582 There Can Be But One!
1584 Kafofell? Kerfuffle!
1586 You Are What You Love
1588 A Tale of Two Stories
1592 Cat Video
1597 People Make Typos; People Can Stop Them!
1599 Misquoting Jesus
1603 What the Fins Think of Elephants
1606 Ha-Joon Chang
1608 Second Person Singular Cover
1610 Heart of a Dog
1612 Heterodox Economics
1614 Bad Dreams/Sweet Romance
1618 Dormouse is a Dormouse
1621 Mauvais Rêves
1623 The Other Evil
1625 Woody Allen and Narration
1627 Dick on a Wire
1629 Happy Father’s Day
1631 The 3 (or 7) Houses of Parliament
1634 Conservative Energy Priorities
1636 We Are All Change—and Not
1642 Income Distribution – Perceptions and Truth
1644 CEO: Romantic Hero Archetype
1646 Bennie and the Fed
1648 Tim Burton’s Big Mess
1651 Sex, Photos, and Blues
1655 Out Pandoa’s Box: Madeleine Peyroux
1657 Twilight of an Elite?
1660 Post-Truth Politics
1663 Bugs: Rabbit or Hare?
1665 Forget the Policy: They Just Hate You
1667 Kittens Are People, My Friend
1669 I Wish More People Liked Me Than Knew Me
1671 No More Orgasms for Nora
1675 The Devil Wears Robes
1677 Harry Reid Gets Mad
1679 Foxy Grandpa and Walter Johnson
1681 Daily Show Triples Down on “Fast and Furious”
1685 Ben Bradlee and Integrity
1690 Antonin Scalia’s Mental Degradation
1693 Killing Device 13417670
1695 Gini Coefficient
1698 SCOTUS Sasquatch Uphold ACA!
1702 Absurdity Today
1705 God Bless Naive Fools
1707 Reich on Romney
1709 Crab v. Dachshund
1711 Who Mourns for Governor Yells-At-People?
1713 Libertarian Pets
1715 Happy 4th: American Imperialism
1719 Ezra Klein Gets “”Serious””
1722 The Great Divergence
1724 And Shakespeare Wrote “”And””
1726 Is Bobby Goldsboro Cool?
1729 Signifying Nothing
1732 The Not So Amazing Spider-Man Writers
1734 A Million Poor Job Creators
1736 Of Puppets and Marginal Tax Rates
1738 Robert Reich Being All Smart and Shit
1740 Give a Murderer His Due
1743 Temp Employment Not Up
1745 Stupid Petulant Schoolgirl
1748 I Remember…
1750 Give ’em Hell, Harry!
1753 Comcast is My Only Option
1754 Don’t Drink the Water, Ezra!
1759 Eat the Bankers
1762 Comcast Update
1765 America the Out of Tune
1767 Chris Hayes’ Pen
1769 Be Nice to America
1772 A Pair of Pliers and a Blowtorch
1777 Aaron Carroll Get a Bit Annoyed
1779 “”They”” Have Been at It Again
1781 Romney: Do What I Say Not What I Do
1783 The Bane Also Rises
1785 Fox Not As Evil As Previously Thought
1787 Paul Ryan Shrugged
1789 Conservative Definition of “”Liberal””
1792 Ezra Klein Teaches Punditry in One Lesson
1794 Not Exactly Brain Surgery
1798 John McCain is a Generic Republican
1801 Ezra’s Very Big Problem
1804 Businesses Fleeing to Capitalist Canada
1806 The Great Tax Graph Rant
1808 Sex Tonight
1810 Fitzgerald on Rich Boys
1812 First as Tragedy, Then as Farce—Why Tea Party and OWS Can’t Just Get Along
1815 All The People Who Died
1817 Capitalism is Not Meritocracy
1821 Thoughts on Killing Hitler and Einstein
1824 Roger Miller
1827 Think Before You Speak
1829 Meta for a Hot Night
1831 Conservative Quixotes
1833 Your Next President
1836 EU Break Up and War
1840 Psychopaths and Turtles
1843 Ad Revenue
1845 Friedman Embarrasses Us in New Zealand
1849 Whose Peer Review?
1851 Jehovah’s Witness Bible Good?!
1853 ALEX Exposed
1855 Let Buchanan Equal Colmes
1857 Put My Face on a Milk Carton
1859 More Evil Blondness!
1861 Comcast Update
1866 The Dangers of Ideological Purity
1868 RIP: Gore Vidal
1870 The Art of an Iraqi War Criminal
1872 You Do That Voodoo…
1874 Pepper Spray But One Problem at UC Davis
1876 Arms of a Death Angel
1878 Kung Fu Wisdom
1881 Internet Suffering
1885 The Art of the Opening
1887 Are You Talking to Napalm in the Morning?
1889 Museum Day
1891 Komodo Dragon
1893 Republican Whining
1895 Good Christian Man
1897 Usain Bolt: Spammer
1899 Assumptions Assumptions Assumptions
1901 Jerusalem Chalk Circle
1903 Economic Apologetics
1905 Fox News Blond Z-294
1908 Did He Build That?
1910 The Atheist Libertarian Connection
1914 Dreaded Click Here Link
1916 Unexpected Displeasures
1917 David Barton Breaks Out and Down
1921 Reagan 2.0 in 2016!
1923 Free Will
1927 The One Commandment
1930 Stephanopoulos 1; Pawlenty 0
1932 New York 1938
1935 Gold Stand Gooood; Inflation Baaaad!
1937 Bitterness and Sentimentality
1940 Fuck Me, Please!
1942 Ayn Rand Was NOT a Philosopher
1945 You Don’t Look a Day Older than 76
1947 Blond On Blonde
1950 He Smiles in Paul Ryan’s Face
1952 Sam Harris on the Word Atheism
1955 Conservatives Stop the Vote
1957 The Entitlement Class
1959 Sixto Diaz Rodriguez
1961 Ezra Klein Gets Pissed
1963 Deepity
1965 Matt Taibbi Acts Like a Man
1968 Paul Ryan’s Holy Trinity
1970 Funny Tombstones
1975 David Rakoff
1976 My Boy Chris Hayes
1980 The People’s Touch Not People’s Interests
1982 Existential Threats
1984 Ha Cha Cha“>Rape and Ha Cha Cha
1990 Out of the Mouths of Romney and Fools
1992 Fifth Time’s a Disaster
1995 Stagger to Maturity

Items 2001 – 3000

2001 Infinite Crazy
2003 Two Who Pay Close Attention
2005 Shame, Shame, Shame
2007 Mad Citizen Kane
2009 Ari Melber Describes the Republican Party
2011 On Hating Women
2014 It’s Romney’s Big Chance!
2017 Abortion Demographics
2020 48/2 + 7 < 37
2022 The Value of Bosses
2024 Mass Market Fun
2026 Todd Akin Comes Clean
2028 The Age of Niallism
2030 John Fugelsang on Mitt Romney
2032 Evil Myths
2034 Apple Sucks
2037 TED: Megaphone for Elite
2038 You Sexually Harassing Me?
2040 Prodigal Son
2042 Evil Republican Plan
2044 2016: Obama’s America
2046 The Graph the RNC Won’t Allow
2048 A Late Night Babble
2050 Interest Not Debt Matters
2052 Greed and Debt: The Mitt Romney Story
2055 Serious Centrist Saletan’s Selfishness
2058 The Man With No Clue
2060 Noogie for Ezra
2062 They Did Build the Debt
2064 [Redacted]
2067 Catch My Breath
2069 Stupid Scientists in Science Fiction
2071 California Beats New Jersey
2073 “”Reasonable”” Republicans
2075 Obama 7-Election
2077 1,000 Years of Darkness!
2079 Anne Adams and Frontotemporal Dementia
2081 Getty Center
2083 Conservatism of George Will
2086 Dick Morris Reverse Man
2088 The Commercial Crapper
2091 Another Sucky Hamlet
2093 Fragile Conservatives
2095 KCRW’s Greatest Hits
2097 We Are Our Own Investors
2099 The Liberal Side of Block Grants
2101 Don Cheadle Isn’t Political
2103 Save the Lawyers
2106 Monsignor Quixote
2110 Party Better Than iPhone?
2112 Republicans Have No Ideology
2114 Strange Sounds in the Echo Chamber
2119 Income Class
2123 Sam Seder Ups Reputation
2125 Bing It On!
2128 Beautiful, Intelligent, Learned IV
2130 Kristen Schaal at WGA
2132 Bad News for Romney’s Healthcare Plans
2134 Two Points About Libertarians
2137 It’s Bad the Poor Don’t Vote
2139 More Than a Little Liberal
2141 Tanghi Argentini
2143 Around the World in Gay Marriage
2145 Where Do You Put That Hat?
2147 Is Mitt Romney a Psychopath?
2150 Margin of Error
2152 The Tabarrok Curve
2154 Schooled by Mad Citizen Kane
2156 The Job Creator Myth
2158 A Tale of Two HQs
2160 The Most Corrupt Attorney General
2162 Leon Wieseltier on the Far Right
2164 “I’m Disinclined to Acquiesce to your Request”
2166 Jesus’ Wife
2168 I [Heart] Ezra
2170 Male Knitting
2172 What You Think
2174 Republicans Abuse Poor Coming & Going
2176 You’ve Been Outsourced!
2178 Dreaming of a White President
2180 Romney’s Master Chicanery
2182 “Equality of Opportunity” is Killing Our Kids
2185 Greed is a Religion
2187 Chia Romney!
2189 Google Evil, Stanford Less So
2190 Vote Republican
2193 Long Install
2195 The Myth of Choice
2197 Romney Didn’t Ask Teacher a Question
2200 Romney Gets One Thing Right
2205 O Brother, Where Art Thou?
2207 Push Me Pull You Economics
2209 Get Nana A Gun
2214 Noah Smith on Econo Trolls
2219 Catastrophize
2221 Dean Baker Destroys Romney Low Tax Claim
2223 A Feather in Scott Brown’s Cap
2225 Theodore Roosevelt on Inequality 1910
2227 It’s the Great Pumpkin, Angela Merkel!
2230 Eli Wallach and Everybody Else
2233 My Name is Alberto Asenjo…
2235 Let Karen Finney Speak!
2237 Do We Need Better Candidates?
2239 Syncing 32 Metronomes
2242 Spreading God’s Love
2244 The Fine Print
2246 The Wily Undecided Voter
2248 Ayn Rand and Indians
2250 Wake the Fuck Up
2253 Majestic Equality of Law
2257 Infinity is Not a Number
2259 Paul Krugman Cracks a Joke
2261 A Double Mystery
2265 Conservative Desperation
2270 The Magnificent Ambersons
2272 Liberal Talks to Conservative
2276 Incoming: Romney Zingers
2278 “Know Your States” Brought to You by Twitter
2280 Weathergirl Goes Rogue
2283 We Really Are Number One!
2285 We’ve Been Sacrificing for Decades
2292 Penis Sizes Shrinking!
2295 Chomsky, Obama, and Swing States
2299 Schwarzenegger Spouting BS
2301 For the Love of God!
2303 New Romney Tax Plan: “”Trust Me!”” Pt. 2
2305 Democratic Movement in House Polls
2308 Right Wing Lies About Libyan Attack
2310 Even Fox Covering DHS Senate Report
2312 Bill Murray Shills for Romney
2314 Predicting Smartphone Revolution
2317 Do You Not Own a Mirror?
2318 Proxy War with Two Coptic Children
2327 Romney Campaign Walks Back “”Moderation””
2336 Please Get This Woman a Burka
2338 Livingston vs Krause Update
2341 Voter Suppression New Mexico
2343 Stop Krausing Yourself! You Look Great.
2348 A Tale of Two Romneys
2355 Matt Yglesias Pretends to Be Intellectual
2359 Krugman’s Wrong: Obama Did Fight Back
2363 Thank God It’s Friday
2367 I Miss Reagan: Obama 2012!
2371 Reed Richardson and the Name Anchor
2373 Avik Roy: Charlatan
2376 Tea Party Report
2378 Insulting Will Cain on Twitter
2380 Winner-Take-All Politics
2384 Raw Food and the Secret of Fire
2386 Media Bias Against Chavez
2392 Get That Girl a Heart!
2395 Winners Always Win
2397 The Moderation of Romney
2398 Jennifer is So Damn Sensitive
2402 Unhappy About Defending Obama
2404 Problem With Debate Coverage
2406 The Cheech-and-Chong Machine
2408 Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech
2411 10 R&B Songs From My Childhood
2414 IMF Vs. Austerions
2417 Woodward Hates Obama—For Now
2419 Talking Puppets
2422 Unions Protect Us, We Must Protect Them
2424 Social Security Paradox
2427 I Should Have Chosen to Be a Unicorn
2432 Debates Not Important
2434 Vaginas in the News
2437 Ode to Paul Ryan’s Abs
2440 Satan’s Weapon of Choice? Facebook.
2442 Best Democrat Debate: Tie
2448 LiLo Loves RomRy
2452 Random Self-help Quote
2453 A Much Needed Respite From Reality
2456 BB-Code
2459 Anyone Missing an Eye?
2461 Children of Christian Nationalists
2463 Roseanne Barr 2012
2465 Political Harassment in the Workplace
2467 RIP: Democrat Specter
2469 Latinos Con Romney
2471 Oh So Many Things
2474 Accidental Eavesdropping
2477 No Sea Monster?!
2480 Romney Will Explode National Debt
2482 Andrew Sullivan: Don’t Be Like Me
2484 Religious Morality
2491 Debates Would Be Meaningless Even If They Were Debates
2496 Midnight in Paris
2498 Economist Joke
2501 Djuna Barnes
2503 The 12 Million Job Myth
2507 Romney Not Bipartisan
2509 Sunday Politics Shows Designed to Suck
2511 Justice for Salim Hamdan?
2513 Obama Kills at Second Debate
2515 Kristen McHenry Tackles the Prose Poem
2519 The Thomas Friedman Game
2521 Fred Barnes’ Conservative Wisdom
2527 Spam Time Warp
2529 Clinton Explains Romney Tax Lie
2531 Newsweek’s Dead; Long Live the Beast!
2533 Greece Pushes Back
2535 The Young Turks on the Debate
2537 Stop Me If You’ve Heard This
2539 Uh? No! Fiscal Cliff Doesn’t Work Like That!
2541 Friday Night Fright
2543 All Good Ducks Go To Heaven
2545 More on Political Harassment
2547 Schumer on Tax Policy
2548 The Wonderful Reagan Years!
2551 Chicken Hawk Down
2553 Amongst Our Problems with Monty Python…
2556 The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
2558 Sad Morning
2561 Pity the Billionaire
2563 Government Is Not Business
2565 Canadian Supreme Court Rules Right
2567 Defense Spending Projection
2569 Eastwood’s Daughter Falls Far from the Tree
2571 75 Hour Work Week? Yeah, Right!
2573 Bill Moyers vs. Bill O’Reilly
2575 Kimba the White Lion
2576 LGBT Americans for Obama
2578 Thank You China!
2581 Newsweek Subscription Deal
2584 David, the Gnome
2586 Mitt, Cheney, and the Auto Rescue
2588 American Influence is Way Up
2590 Yes on 30
2592 Would You Jump Off a Cliff?
2595 Third Party Debate
2601 Obama’s “”Grand Bargain”” Idiocy
2604 Bill Maher and False Equivalence
2606 In Search of… God
2608 Spiritual vs. Religious
2610 The Legitimate Rape Song
2613 Republicans Gaming Intrade
2616 Fed Swings Elections for Republicans
2621 The President Votes
2623 Krugman’s One Point Economic Plan
2625 Cleopatra Jones
2627 Stick This!
2629 “”Moderate”” Republicans
2633 God is Not All-Good
2635 This Morning in Polling
2638 Dean Baker Talks to Big Think
2641 The Ballot
2643 Republican Racism
2647 Who Cares About Comments?
2649 All Concepts Are Simple
2652 Linda Linda
2654 Zomney: He Needs Brains
2656 What a Difference a Word Makes
2658 Niall Ferguson Says Obama Wants War
2660 Selective Christians
2662 A Message from The Greatest Generation
2664 RCP Embarrassing Final Calls for 2000
2666 Block Granting is Backdoor Destruction
2668 Useless Inside Information
2670 Star Wars Forever
2675 Nightly Crush: Erin Kissane
2677 Undecideds Unlikely to Affect Presidential Race
2682 This Is Halloween!
2684 Sandy to Rescue Our Economy—a Little
2686 Econ4 Explains the Economy
2688 Bored With Polls
2690 New Romney Narrative
2693 Unskewed Polls Goes Bold
2697 Scientists Fighting Back on Global Warming
2699 Media for Big Government Suddenly
2703 Effective Bad Policy
2705 Dick Lane is All You Need
2707 Conservative Affirmative Action
2709 Romney Could Take New York
2711 Friday Night Nate Silver Update
2713 Comments on Ohio Romney Rally
2715 Media Allow Presidential Misconduct
2717 Romnopoly
2719 Christie Wanted to be VP
2721 It’s No Toss-Up!
2725 Bill Clinton Tells the Truth
2727 David Frum: Reward Misbehavior
2730 Hahn Winery 2011 Pinot Noir
2732 That Special First Time
2734 More Thomas Friedman Bullshit
2736 Chicago Bubble Economics
2738 Luxembourg: You’re Next
2741 White Guy Reporters Claim White Guy America
2742 Doctor Faustus
2746 Obama Calls for Reparations
2748 Still Indications of Intrade Gaming
2750 Steve Schmidt Another Republican Lackey
2752 Proposition 37
2754 House Reps Threaten to Not Work With Obama
2756 Yglesias’ Romney Stimulus Articles
2758 Religious Quiz
2760 “”Likely”” Voters
2762 One Vote Doesn’t Matter
2764 Pundits Always Say Race is Tightening
2766 My Votes
2771 Machine Gives Obama Vote to Romney
2775 The Case for Obama
2777 Tea Party Helped Liberals
2779 Don’t Mess With the Nerds
2781 Letter to CA Re: Legal Murder
2783 The Truth About Republicans
2785 MSNBC Winning Battles, Losing War
2787 Ayn Bran
2789 Conservatives Fear “”Fiscal Cliff””
2794 Humans Do Not Create CO2
2800 Secession Delusions
2802 It’s the Poor, Stupid
2804 Poor Minorities Must Wait to Vote
2806 Look Who Didn’t Vote for Romney
2808 Frankenweenie
2811 Don’t Balance the Budget That Way
2813 Veterans Day
2815 Seven Psychopaths
2817 Ideology is Biggest Republican Problem
2819 Decoding Archimedes
2821 Rich Kids for the Rich
2823 It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Libertarianism
2827 The Pandering Wars
2829 PolitiFact’s Tweet Patrol
2831 Stop Celebrating!
2833 David Brooks Compromise Lie
2835 Laugh and Crying with Victoria Jackson
2838 100% Romney Nope
2840 Latinos Not Natural Conservatives
2842 Southern Whites Want Inequality
2844 Pay Your Damn Taxes
2846 Sex Scandal Highlights War
2848 Hard Drive Sizes
2850 Thomas Friedman’s New Syria Metaphor
2852 Two Ventriloquist Films
2854 Inequality: the Monopoly Analogy
2857 Romney Really Thinks What We Thought
2859 Vegetarian Dinosaurs
2861 Stay Put John Kerry
2865 Ireland’s Medieval Abortion Laws
2867 Age Discrimination and Social Security
2869 When Helping the Poor Is Bad
2871 Don’t Trust Elliott Abrams on Israel
2874 Bipartisan Consensus Can Bite Me
2876 Mitt Romney’s No George Foreman
2878 Hookup Culture Not So Much
2880 A Toast to Twinkies
2882 Tex Reform: One Good, One Bad
2885 Jerry Nadler Pushes Tired Gaza Narrative
2887 Jonah Goldberg Calls for More Lying
2889 A Better World for Nothing
2891 What Quint Got Wrong about USS Indianapolis
2897 Santa Claus, Jesus, and the Great Pumpkin
2902 The Movie Game
2907 Republican Moderates Not So Moderate
2909 Grow the Social Safety Net
2911 Treating Workers Better Costs a Bit
2913 And a Little Child Will Lead
2915 Rubio’s Young Earth Fantasies
2917 Flies and a Very Good Pinot
2919 Exekiel 4:9
2921 Topless Car Wash Crack Down
2925 John Metz: Idiot and Fucktard
2927 Republicans Waiting for Superman
2929 Unskewed Polls Reinvented
2931 Fix The Debt Hypocrisy
2935 The Chris Myth Theory
2937 Words Have Consequences
2939 Welcome Back McCotter
2941 One Problem with Sense and Sensibility
2947 Back in the Box
2949 Charlie Brown Get Pilgrims All Wrong
2952 President Pardons Turkeys Not Humans
2956 Bathroom Queue
2958 Economic Fairness for Homeowners
2961 Bill O’Reilly Is Not a Racist
2963 Real Entrepreneurs Don’t Fear Inflation
2965 Progressive Ideas Get Media Coverage
2967 Fake Skills Gap
2970 GOB Tampons
2972 Ross Douthat Wants a Fight
2974 More Attacks on Obamacare
2976 Happy Lamb
2979 Thomas Ricks Blasts Fox News
2981 Picturing Reed Richardson
2983 It’s the Turnout, Stupid
2985 Protecting the “”Simply”” Rich
2987 God Ain’t On Kentucky’s Side
2990 House Committee Chairmen
2992 Taylor Swift, Super Genius
2994 Angus T. What’s the Beef?
2996 The Comedy of Theodicy
2998 Why Republicans Hate Filibuster Reform

Items 3001 – 4000

3000 Old Ideas from Young Republicans
3002 Warren Buffett Still an Asshole
3004 Metaphorical Fellatio
3006 Global Thinker Paul Ryan
3008 The Plutocrats
3010 Present “”Fixes”” for Future Problems
3012 Why Conservatives Accept Discredited Ideas
3014 Daily Nerd Humor
3016 Cliches for David Petraeus
3019 Republican Foolishness on Negotiations
3021 Old Leftists Are Sexy
3023 New Democrat
3025 Andrew Sullivan Doesn’t Like Obama Any More
3030 War on Christmas Garbage
3032 The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
3034 Old Republican Ed Rendell
3036 Media Push Conservative Ideas
3038 Socialism? Yes!
3040 Thomas Jefferson’s Entitlement
3043 Dead Milkmen with Special Guest Mojo Nixon
3045 Filibuster Reform
3047 John Brown Was Right
3049 Dean Baker Paints a Picture
3051 Smart Ignorant Conservative
3054 Bradley Manning’s Crime
3056 A Speculation Tax to Ignore
3058 Bruce Bartlett Walks Like a Duck
3060 Gray World Without Poetry
3064 Republicans Are Dicks Even Without Power
3066 We Have a Pope!
3069 Robert Reich Explains Fiscal Cliff
3071 Apple Censors Political Speech
3073 Clown of New York Takes a Fall
3075 Gay Republicans
3077 Business and Public Politics
3079 Screw Rich a Little, Poor a Lot
3082 Protection When You Least Expect It
3084 The Price of Inequality
3086 Night of the Simpson-Bowles
3088 The Bipartisan Crowd
3090 King on Poverty
3092 I Heart GO
3094 Same Ol’ Rubio Plus “”Middle Class””
3096 35 Years, 6 Months, 5 Days Ago
3098 The Bluing of Alaska
3100 If I Had a Nickel…
3102 Rand Paul Doesn’t Know His State
3104 Republicans Still Aren’t Changing
3106 Mr. Burns Deals with Election Results
3108 A Tale of Two Votes
3110 Help Bobby Jindal!
3112 Three Outlaw Samurai
3114 Don’t Click Here
3116 No Rights at Work in Michigan
3118 DeMint Don’t Change a Thing
3120 Pun Virus Spreading at Young Turks
3124 Trade Agreements Not So Effective
3127 Corporations Game Obamacare
3129 Dying Parents
3131 Is Obama Selling Us Out—Again?
3133 Republican Strategy
3135 A Bigger Spoon
3137 Going Along to Get Along
3139 Sheldon Adelson Social Liberal
3141 Tax the Rich Fairy Tale
3143 Landfill Harmonic
3145 Guilt Spam
3147 Avik Roy is Trying to Kill Me!
3152 DeMint is Dead; Long Life Rubio
3154 The Tweets of Frank Conniff
3156 Death Penalty for Shoplifting
3158 Why Does PSY Hate Us?
3160 If US Land Were Divided Like US Wealth
3162 The Sound of Waiting
3164 The Golden Bowl
3166 Right-to-Work Limits Employer Freedom
3168 Letter to President Obama on Fiscal Cliff
3170 Ten Ideas to Fix the Economy
3172 Accretion Fish
3174 Quien es mas macho?
3177 Movie Torture
3179 The Case for Cliff Diving
3184 Why the Debt Ceiling is No Problem
3186 With Gun Rights Go Responsibilities
3189 Boehner’s Gerrymandered “”Mandate””
3191 How to Shit on the Little People
3193 Racism at KTBS-TV
3195 More Proof Reality Shows Are Fake
3197 More Libertarian Right-to-Work
3199 A Good Idea for Better Latkes
3201 Fed Does a Little Late
3205 Thought Crime in London
3207 The Obama-Boehner Conspiracy
3209 Avik Roy Heard My Plea!
3211 We Need More Than the Fed to Save Us
3213 A Night at the Opera
3215 Pleaded Vs. Pled
3217 Thiessen’s Last Stand
3219 Nice Things Like Susan Rice
3221 Chico’s Favorite People
3223 Don’t Balance That Budget!
3225 Abstract Thought
3226 Good Dick, Bad Dick
3229 It Wasn’t Sandy Hook’s Security System
3233 Rich Drug Criminals Not Prosecuted
3236 The Cocoanuts
3238 Gun Are at Least Part of the Problem
3240 Crazy Everywhere, Well Armed Here
3242 Theater of the Austere
3244 Idiot Savant Pete Peterson
3246 Conservative Answers for Shootings
3248 Schizophrenia and Psychopathy
3250 Guns Cheap, Mental Health Expensive
3252 HSBC Travesty Crosses Partisan Lines
3257 Situational Ally David Frum
3259 Fascinating
3261 America’s Gun Lunacy
3264 Vatican Library
3266 Larry Summers Offers Good Tax Reform
3268 God Is the Real Victim
3270 We Have No Budget Problem–Really!
3272 Enlightened Self Interest
3275 Our Society is Reprehensible
3277 Be a Real Man
3279 Presidential Words Mean Little
3282 Fiscal Cliff Tax Options
3284 Obama to Sell Out Social Security?
3288 Chained-CPI Madness
3292 Different Views of Fiscal Cliff
3294 Obama’s Debt Ceiling Bluff Revealed
3295 Religion is evil
3298 The Wonderful Pundits of Oz
3300 Pete DeFazio Explains Chained-CPI
3302 Puns Aren’t For Everyone
3304 Obama Buys a Guitar
3306 What Could Have Been: Robert Bork
3308 Obama Weakens Hand on Fiscal Cliff
3310 Post Hit Piece on Hagel
3314 Fuck Everything
3316 It’s a Terrified New World
3319 Langue d’Amour
3323 How to Not Survive a Shooting
3326 Don’t Look to Camus for Encouragement
3328 Take THIS Despair!
3330 On Not Seeing Pitch Perfect
3333 Superman is Her Hero
3335 “”Plan B”” May Have Votes Thanks to Grover
3339 Their Children Die Too
3341 21 December 2012
3343 Death of Kingdom
3346 Fiscal Cliff Calculator
3351 Thursday Night Schadenfreude
3353 Pete DeFazio on the Fiscal Cliff
3355 NRA Calls for Militarizing Schools
3357 Still Worried About Kerry
3361 We Need a Federal Agent at Every…
3363 Sonny Curtis
3365 A Decade Without Joe Strummer
3367 Lesser Bargain
3369 UPMC Avoids Responsibility for Workers
3374 Hope and Poverty
3376 Don’t Fear the Fiscal Cliff!
3378 Social Security: the Phony Crisis
3380 More Guns Does Not Mean More Safety
3383 To Quote or Not to Quote
3385 Boston Globe Whitewash of Romney Loss
3387 Scripting Romney’s Campaign
3389 NRA Killing Our Kids
3391 Mercy and Justice in The Bicycle Thieves
3393 Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas
3394 Sanitized News Coverage Provides Distance
3396 Christmas Eve Party Shooting
3398 The Danger of Conservative Frames
3401 Give the Jew Girl Toys
3403 It’s Not a Wonderful Life
3405 Be Polite While Shopping
3407 Danger of Balanced Budgets
3409 What Christmas is All About
3411 Positively Christmas
3413 Rich Kid Guilt
3415 With Friends Like Democrats…
3417 Causes of Violent Death
3419 When Everyone’s a Terrorist
3421 The Problem With Tolerance
3423 Finding My Religion
3425 12.5 Years
3427 Our Final Rest
3429 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
3431 A Tale of Two Indexes
3433 Samsung Out Doing Apple
3436 Tsarist Russia Less Unequal Than America
3438 Wonk Blog Forgot Dean Baker
3441 Ray Collins
3443 Spending Cuts Are Real
3445 Three Deaths
3447 The Danger of Coming Together
3449 Stupid and Evil Deficit Scolds
3452 Chris Matthews’ Bouncing Ideology
3454 Drinking with Boehner
3456 Revolutionary Republicans
3458 The Irony of Manifest Destiny
3460 Honeymoon in Vegas
3462 Wonky Awards Disappoint
3467 Dogbert DID Write That
3469 Have a Nice Filibuster!
3471 BTW: We’re Good They’re Bad
3474 Tea Party Idiot
3477 Consider Hagel
3479 Jonathan Chait’s Subtle False Equivalence
3481 Obama is Hopeless
3483 More on Chained-CPI
3485 The Fiscal Cliff Deal That Can’t
3489 Will the Senate Be Stupid Tonight?
3491 Happy New Year (and Grammar)
3493 Quick Outrage
3495 Samurai Rebellion
3498 Shortest 2012 Year in Review
3500 Republicans Hate You
3502 Prelude to a Catastrophe
3504 Romantics Anonymous
3506 These Are Not Very Bright Guys
3508 Reliving the Recount
3510 Douchebag Named Word of the Year!
3512 Fiscal Cliff Apocalypse
3516 Boehner’s Choice
3518 In Praise of Earmarks
3520 Fuck You, Ezra. The White House Lost.
3526 Eric Cantor as Iago
3528 The Tennessee Waltz
3530 Fiscal Cliff Deal Inequity
3532 Boehner’s Mature Negotiating
3534 The Right to Dweezil Your Kid
3536 Debt Ceiling “”Negotiations””
3538 Time Bandits Vs. 12 Monkeys
3540 My Favorite Scene from Romantics Anonymous
3543 It’s the Jobs, Stupid
3545 Live Long and Eat
3547 Victor Borge Plays “”Birthday””
3551 Republicans Fight to Kill Medicare
3553 Spreading the Quixotic Word
3555 Wildebeest Road Crossing in Sweden
3557 Barely Progressive
3559 Prophesy Prophecy
3561 Media More Conservative Than Public
3564 My Favorite Ice Cream
3566 Phrop
3571 Green Card Even Worse 22 Years Later
3573 Obama Can Have Hagel But…
3575 Political Capital is a Myth
3577 Depressing Rape Statistics
3579 Edward II
3581 Humanity Over Art
3583 Public Sector Job Decline
3588 Bernanke’s Impotence Problem
3590 Once More: Government Is Not Business
3592 First They Came With…
3594 ACA Incentivizes Two More Asshole Companies
3596 Robert Reich Whistling in Hell
3598 Opportunity Costs of Torture
3599 A Tale of Two Movements
3601 More Republican Immaturity
3603 Parental Guidance
3606 Man Doesn’t Tip to Prove He’s a Dick
3608 Obama Sets Scene for Economic Disaster
3611 Free Market Fail
3614 Scary Jack Lew
3616 Changing Beer Tastes (And Non-Tastes)
3618 12 Questions for Mr. Lew
3621 Massive Debt (And Yachts)
3623 Mingle With This?!
3624 Math IS Pun!
3627 Assault Weapons Ban?
3630 Dog School
3632 Jerry Brown’s Liberal Bona Fides
3634 Cone of Silence
3637 Plutocrats
3639 Drugs for Us and Guns for Them
3641 Little Britain
3643 Downton Abbey
3648 Saddam Hussein and the Debt Ceiling
3650 Republicans Have Nothing to Fear
3652 Aaron Swartz
3654 The Letter A
3657 The Letter B
3658 National Income Accounting
3660 The Letter C
3661 The Letter D
3662 Optimism on the Debt Ceiling?
3664 Pessimism on the Debt Ceiling?
3666 Really, Colin Powell?
3668 Evil Betsy McCaughey
3669 Jon Stewart’s Unfortunate Clown Defense
3673 The Letter E
3680 Apple?
3682 Paper Tiger James Yeager
3684 Why Are More Kids Graduating High School?
3686 House Hurricane Sandy Relief Vote
3687 The Letter F
3689 Debt Ceiling Crashing Down
3691 More Tea Party Idiocy
3693 Intolerant Theists
3694 The Cult of Personality
3696 Pity the Rich
3700 Plan 9 from Republican House
3702 Humble David Brooks
3704 Antisemite Martin Luther
3706 The Great and Powerful O
3711 CNN Can’t Be Bothered
3714 Republican Hostage Plans Going, Going…
3716 Most Shameful Moment on The Daily Show
3718 Pony Tail
3720 Forget the Kids. Are Your Guns Safe?
3723 Thank You John Mackey!
3725 Krugman on Social Security Paradox
3728 Gone! The Republicans Fold
3729 Funny Conversation
3731 An Amusing Anecdote
3735 Parody Trailer: Zero Dark Thirty
3737 The Real Notre Dame Tragedy
3739 Ezra Klein Gets Angry
3741 How Depression Works
3743 David Brooks’ Little Brain
3745 Hooray for Hagel?
3747 Injustice System
3749 The Problem with Auteur Theory
3751 The President of Vice
3753 Classic Car Values
3755 Downton Abbey Second Pass
3757 Incoming Andromeda!
3760 Is Inequality Holding Back the Recovery?
3764 The Letter G
3766 Martin Luther King, Jr.
3770 Filibuster Reform Now—Or Not
3773 C.G.P. Grey Explains Debt Ceiling
3775 I’m Not Krugman
3777 Guns and Fetuses
3779 About Jonathan Bernstein
3781 The End of History
3783 Boehner’s Weakness is America’s Strength
3785 Ryan Budget is Back
3787 Hilary Clinton 2016!
3789 Kamau Bell on Django Unchained
3792 The Atlasphere: Rape for Everyone!
3793 Armstrong, The Deceiver
3795 Harry Reid Fucks America
3798 Flipping and Flopping with Harry
3800 Why Existence?
3802 “”Hero”” John McCain
3804 Republican Half Measures in Virginia
3806 We Bought a Zoo
3810 Torture Worse Than Torture Disclosure
3812 Republican Tax and Spending Bind
3817 Krugman Challenge
3819 Republicans Caused All Filibuster Abuse
3821 TED Talks Elitist
3823 Mary Jo White: Business As Usual
3825 Republicans Are a Christian Party
3828 We’re #1… On Healthcare Costs
3830 On Lying to Kids
3832 Kiriakou on Conviction
3834 Curiosity Kills One’s Will To Live
3839 Don’t Get Excited About Immigration Reform
3841 DMV and Nothingness
3844 Stay on Target!
3846 Immigration Reform Fracturing
3848 What David Mamet Knows That Just Ain’t So
3850 Non-Crazy Conservatism
3852 Tom Tancredo’s Reefer Madness
3854 Wacky Argument Against Same-Sex Marriage
3856 Republican House Racial Polarization
3858 Thank You Pig
3860 Wasteful Border Security Spending
3862 Government Austerity Hurting Economy
3864 Oh My Marriage!
3866 Pray for Ron
3869 Bill Maher Bashes Disability
3871 Republican Economic Incoherence
3874 If I Were Hagel
3876 Conformity on American Idol
3879 Deficit Morality
3883 Blogging and Narcissism
3886 Cyberpunk and Blade Runner
3888 From Racist Rhetoric to Electoral Games
3890 Wrong Again, Bill!
3893 Humor on the Court
3895 Debt Interest Burden
3897 Cantor’s Big Speech
3900 Republicans Push Immigration Rightward
3902 Must Destroy Republican Party
3904 Gojira on CNN
3906 Dr. Jekyll and President Hyde
3910 Boehner’s Fake Indignation
3912 Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: NRA
3914 Rand Paul Is No Hero
3916 Hugh Everett Alive and Well in Virginia
3918 Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Liberals
3922 Republicans Need to Stop Being Republicans
3924 Republicans Should Hate Sequestration
3926 John Dies at the End
3928 More Fed Craziness
3930 Presidential Signing Statements
3932 Solar’s a Joke (on Fox)
3934 Reich on What Obama Should Focus on
3936 Bush Self-Portrait
3938 Illiterate Howard Jarvis
3940 Jesus Opens a Laundry
3942 Celebrity Painters
3944 Banking Crises Soaring
3946 Gus Van Sant’s Fading Career
3948 Sylvia’s Mother
3950 The Real Republican Reform
3952 Charlie to the Rescue!
3955 Debt, Deficit, or Any Old Excuse
3957 Matt Yglesias’ Public Shame
3959 Outlook Ad for Thunderbird
3961 Unreasonable Reasonable Republicans
3965 Silly Pope, Evil Pope
3968 Rove Can’t Change Republican Voters
3970 American Imperialism
3972 I Feel So Safe!
3974 A Nice Cup of Tea
3977 Rich Protectors of the Rich
3979 Rasing Minimum Wage Won’t Hurt Employment
3983 Pope Stops Theological Innovation
3985 Corpse Bride
3987 Bushonomics Vs. Ryanonomics
3989 Ben Ginsberg No Fan of Democracy
3991 Play Valentine’s Day Well
3993 Don’t Get Ready for a Third Party
3995 H1-B Visas
3997 Sullivan on Revolutionary Republicans
3999 GOP Still Against Democracy

Items 4001 – 5000

4001 My Defense of Comic Sans
4003 Minimum Wage is a Winner for Democrats
4006 O’Reilly Teaches Sam Harris Manners
4008 GOP Could Claim Victory But Won’t
4010 Paradox of Existence
4012 Harry Reid Has Soured
4014 What Sets Prices?
4016 Needed: More Drunk Witnesses
4018 Minimum Wage and EITC
4020 FISA: Don’t Hold The Phone
4022 Bitching About Snickers Satisfies
4024 Universal Rights
4026 Cat Scratch Fever
4028 Deer Can’t Read!
4030 Why Media Pander to the Right
4033 Washington’s Birthday
4035 Cthulhu in New Jersey
4038 The Lesson of Tennessee Virtual Academy
4040 Bats, Hammers, and Handguns
4042 Prometheus
4047 A Tree Fell and Other Wisdom
4050 From Joke to Republican Meme
4052 David Corn and the 47% Remark
4054 Villager Is Right But Quickly Goes Wrong
4056 Ari Melber on Republican Nihilism
4059 Reagan’s Liberal Dream
4061 Palestinian Nonviolence? What a Joke!
4063 Is Tebow OK with Fagots Burning in Hell?
4065 Fecal Tooth Brushing in the Naked City
4067 Righting Write
4073 The Hot l Baltimore
4075 Ridiculous Deficit Scolds
4077 Marco Cruz
4079 “Moderate” David Brooks Still Metastisizing
4081 Operator by Jim’s Son
4083 The Oreo Felon
4085 Political Poetry
4087 Avik Roy: Healthcare Apologist
4089 Obama Talks About Himself
4092 Five Broken Cameras
4094 Catholic Church’s Procreation Problems
4096 Obama’s Evil Secrecy
4098 America: We’re Like Everyone Else
4100 Major Media Have Sequester All Wrong
4103 Elephant
4106 Repeal Sequestration
4108 Contents of Character
4110 Naive Pundit Thinks GOP Cares About Deficit?
4112 Kathleen O’Brien Wilhelm
4115 Stuart Stevens’ Bizarre Apologia
4117 What Republicans Do, Not What They Say
4119 Republican Winning
4121 God and Teen Pregnancy
4123 America Training Death Squads in Afghanistan
4125 In Which I Discuss Gus Van Sant One More Time
4127 Slow & Measured
4129 Fats Domino at 85
4131 100 Years of Irwin Shaw
4133 Boehner’s Paradox of Power
4136 Roberts Has Long Hated the VRA
4138 Moraesesque
4140 Campaigns Don’t Much Matter
4142 Zero Mostel
4145 Deficit Opinions Should Change
4148 Canoodle
4150 Is Ben Bernanke This Clueless?
4154 A Good Day to Die Already!
4156 Justin Bieber’s 12th Birthday
4158 Shared Delusions of Ross and Ezra
4161 Mythical Government Waste
4164 Adorable and Wrong Ezra Klein
4168 Happy Birthday Lou
4170 Daily Beast Likes My Video
4172 Ezra Klein Wises Up
4174 It’s the Doctors, Stupid
4176 Not Bernie Madoff’s Birthday
4178 Kill the Old in the Name of the Young for the Rich!
4180 Conservative Ethics Problems
4182 Paint-By-Numbers Religion
4184 Interesting and Stupid on Real Time
4186 Happy Birthday Vivaldi
4188 Michelle Obama and Downton Abbey
4190 There is No Long Term Budget Problem
4192 Northern Europe Must Help Too
4194 Lynn Margulis and Hugo Chavez
4196 Barbara Buono
4198 Fucktard in Sign Language
4200 Obama’s Bland Bargaining
4202 Handshakes, Assholes, and Idiots
4204 Republicans Don’t Need to Win
4207 Bill O’Reilly and the Rise of Hate Groups
4209 Authentic Liberalism
4211 Body Language “Expert” Tonya Reiman
4213 Browning, Michelangelo, and All That Jazz
4215 Voters More Liberal Than Politicians Think
4218 Taylor Swift Swiftly Slammed
4223 Ravel and Bozzetto
4225 Major Media Are Clueless
4229 Republican Lobbyists Bowles-Simpson
4231 Economic Libertarianism
4233 Mississippi John Hurt
4235 Rand Paul’s Filibuster
4237 Enjoy the Global Warming Jobs Report
4239 Martingale Doesn’t Depend On Odds
4241 Meaningless Chess
4243 Self-Defeating Austerity
4245 Entitled Rich Boy
4247 When Satire Becomes News
4249 Django Unchained Not Racist But Not Good
4251 Antonin Scalia
4253 The Starry Night
4255 Pretend Deficit Hawk Conservatives
4257 Don’t Pee at The Flood Zone
4259 Hamilton Straightens the Prols Out
4261 The Krugman Times
4263 Death Throes of the GOP
4265 Liberal Priorities
4267 Help GOP Step Back from Crazy Cliff
4269 Edward Albee at 85
4271 Paul Ryan Loses His “”Seriousness””
4273 Tax and Entitlement “”Reform””
4275 Fantasy in Reservoir Dogs
4278 Lesson from the 47% Video
4280 L. Ron Hubbard
4282 Obama IS the Compromise
4284 Does Dislike of Curly Fries Make Me an Idiot?
4286 California Condors Love Puppets
4288 Collecting Pee for Fun and Profit
4290 Happy Birthday Albert Einstein
4292 Boehner Has Good Reasons for Snubbing Obama
4294 Republican’s Primary Constituency
4296 Rob Portman Affected By Gay Bigotry
4298 Ruth Bader Ginsburg at 80
4300 More Evidence 47% Video Unimportant
4302 Debra Milke and the Injustice System
4304 Deep in the Heartlessness of Texas
4306 The Ides of March
4308 Letter to Obama Regarding EPA
4310 Speculations on MSNBC Shake Up
4312 Sydney’s Case Against Political Compromise
4314 Happy 60th Richard Stallman
4316 Macro View of Ryan Budget
4318 Death Bed: the Bed that Eats
4320 Portrait of a Villager: Then and Now
4325 The Trials of Shoe Shopping
4327 William Gibson in Retirement
4329 Have You Seen This Nigerian Prince?
4333 No Long Term Budget Problem?
4335 Ezra Klein’s Useless Correction
4337 We Call Them Republicans
4339 St. Patrick We Never Knew Ye
4341 Naive Democrats Make it Easy for Republicans
4343 Attorney General to Appeal Milke Case
4345 Last U-Boat Captain Reinhard Hardegen—See Update
4347 Bing Still Losing Big to Google
4349 Republicans Blind to Racism
4351 The US Has Always Been at War with Ghana
4353 My Hero Phil Davison
4356 Tricky Apes
4358 Tobias Smollett Day
4360 Conservatives Never Learn
4362 Republicans Pushing Debt Ceiling Again
4364 Bed Bath & Beyond Lie
4366 Our Pathetic Federal Spending
4368 B. F. Skinner Thinks You’re a Terrible Parent
4370 Kornacki v. Klein
4372 Harry Reid Can’t Fool Me Twice
4374 Letter to Barbara Boxer
4377 America’s Arrested Development
4381 Enough with the Iraq Pseudo-Mea Culpas
4383 Trust and Political Ideology
4385 Johann, Son, Rush, and Slovoj
4387 Republicans Can’t Moderate
4391 An Apple, a Piano, and Chico
4393 Conservatives Are Not for Smaller Government
4395 誕生日おめでとう 黒澤 明!
4397 Nothing Obama Does Matters
4399 Houdini
4401 Epicurus’ Trilemma
4403 Poor Coverage of GOP Attack on USPS
4405 Supply Sider Paul Ryan
4407 More Democrats, Fewer Republicans
4409 Yglesias on “”Illegals””
4411 Myth of Meritocracy
4413 Farewell Gay Liberals
4415 Goodbye Mr. Chris
4417 Just Good Enough: Richard Dawkins
4422 Why Sarah Jessica Parker is a Bitch
4424 The Danger of Certainty
4426 Imported Honey Likely Fake
4429 GOP Won’t Move on Immigration
4431 Dangerous Sober Drivers
4435 Charles Lang Shot a Film You Love
4437 Scalia Tries Prop. 8 Case
4440 More Background on Debra Milke
4444 Oh Really O’Reilly?
4447 Marriage Isn’t For Everyone
4449 Spiders Are Hiding Behind Your Food
4451 Christianity Slows Progress
4453 Way Back to Bartolomeo
4455 Complete and Total Dickâ„¢
4457 Opportunity Lost
4460 Call Out the Bigots
4462 Be More like Thomas Coram
4464 Don Young on the Fruits of Productivity
4466 Obama’s Just Not That Into You
4468 Are Humans Better than Neanderthals?
4470 Idiotic “”Freedom”” Map
4472 Oy Vey, Goya Day
4477 The Gorgeous Mask of Zorro
4480 Great Long-Distance Runners
4482 Grapes Sweet and Sour
4486 The Op-Ed Page
4488 The Need for Maslow
4493 Ayman al-Zawahiri at TED
4495 Gay Rights: When a Son Is Not Enough
4497 Two Republican Loons
4499 What’s Going On This Day in 1939?
4501 With Friends Like David Sheff…
4503 Media Accountability
4505 Teaching Is Not Testing
4507 Conservative Situational Certainty
4509 That Jane Goodall Tramp
4511 Mona Lisa Now
4513 Rory Cooper’s High-larious Tweets
4516 The Basis of Sam Harris’ Racism
4518 Good God Y’All
4520 Mojo Still Working
4522 Eric Cantor Is Not for New Taxes
4524 What I Learned from the New Quinnipiac Poll
4526 Two Mistakes from Obama
4528 In Memoriam: 4 April 1968
4530 Arrested Development Season 4!
4532 We Need More Politicians
4534 No Calvin All Hobbes
4539 Obama’s Prized Chained-CPI
4541 Are Republicans Killing Women?
4543 Obama’s Ideal Budget
4546 Karen Hunter Hates Young Women
4548 Avik Roy’s Nonsense on Disability Insurance
4552 Life and Death of Raphael
4554 Lady’s Day
4556 Manchurian Speaker
4558 The Ethics of Precrime
4560 Melissa Harris-Perry Calls BS
4562 Cynical Son of a Bitch
4567 Adieu Jacques Je T’aimais Bien Tu Sais
4569 Tramp the Dirt Down
4571 AAA Hollywood Asshole James Cameron
4573 Thatcher Gets No Credit for Ozone
4575 How Much Did Race Affect Obama
4577 In Which the Birthdays Suck
4580 End the Corporate Income Tax?
4582 Dramatic Momentum and Third Acts
4584 Pretend Liberals
4586 Harlan County, USA
4588 Obama’s Childish Budget Gambit
4590 The Great Liberal Gun Policy Victory
4592 The Pleasure of Not Hating William Hazlitt
4594 Is Sarcasm Dead?
4597 Republican Peeing Analogy
4600 Liberals Are Not Winning
4602 Poker, Fraud, and Computer Science
4606 Inside Obama’s Budget
4608 North Pond Hermit
4612 Scott Turow and Novel Theory
4615 Post’s False Equivalence on Obama Budget
4617 Two Errors from Matt Yglesias
4619 Why Obama’s Budget Is a Mistake
4621 Happy Days for Beckett
4623 We’ll Be Right Back
4625 Jeremi Suri Calls for War
4627 Light Waves and Birthdays
4629 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
4631 True Friends of the Bible
4634 Zulu Dawn and Every War Ever
4635 If Only a Womb Could Also Holster a Gun
4637 Gun Bill Could Be Worse Than Nothing
4639 Leonardo and the Fetus
4641 Glocks for Tots
4644 Hope Alone is Not Audacious
4646 Let’s Eat Grandma
4648 All Today’s Victims
4650 Painting to Lose Your Head Over
4652 Athletes Are Not Paid Too Much
4654 How We Feel About Those We Victimize
4656 Patrick Dollard Doesn’t Remember 9/11
4660 America Tortured After 9/11
4662 A Tale of Two Studies
4665 Gold Has Little Intrinsic Value
4667 S’awright? S’awriiight!
4669 Forfeit Today So You Can Forfeit Tomorrow
4671 Forgiving Torture
4673 Yglesias Cast Out of Appleworld
4675 Waco 20 Years On
4677 Women Beware Middleton
4679 Once Upon a Time in the West
4681 Don’t Primary Red State Democrats
4683 Would Jesus Be a Republican?
4685 Slow Economy Causes Government Debt
4692 Happy 25th Convention Against Torture
4694 Mirrors and Bad Lighting on Curiously Clever
4697 It Is Not Immediately Clear If These Are the Young Men
4699 Will You Still Need Me When I’m 116?
4701 Reuters Plans Character Assassination After Soros Dies
4705 Profits Before People
4708 Muslims? Let’s Go to War!
4710 Third Time with Downton Abbey
4712 Safety Last
4714 Wanted: Serious Right Wing
4716 Common Sense or Nonsense
4718 Why Dems Aren’t Economically Liberal
4721 Global Warming and Expansionary Austerity
4723 Don’t Nofollow
4725 We Aren’t the Anti-Terrorists
4727 Charlotte Was Not Tenacious of Life
4729 Missing Cat/Dog/People Signs
4731 Racism Toward Muslims
4733 Come Back Obama
4735 Larry Summers’ Last Chance
4737 Dobson’s Negro as Other
4739 Witches and Hippies
4741 Insulting Ayn Rand
4743 Immanuel Kant Was a Real Pissant
4745 Miranda and Terror
4747 Samuelson: Economics Is Confusing
4751 Kick the Poor Then Jail Them
4753 Get Away With It
4755 Max Planck
4757 Marginally Bad That Baucus is Retiring
4759 Is Bush Back?
4761 Conservatives Hate All Immigrants
4763 Jerry Saltz Is an Asshole
4765 Ted Cruz Zinger Fail
4766 Men Are Just Naturally Attractive
4767 Is the GOP Post-Policy?
4771 Castle On Haunted Hill
4773 Bush Kept Us Safe Apart From…
4775 Why Obama Wants a Grand Bargain
4777 Why Are We Killing Afghani Children?
4778 If God Exists, He’s a Sadist
4779 The Leash is in Your Head
4781 Freedom to Overpay for Healthcare
4783 How to Build a Bomb
4785 Good Night, and Good Luck
4787 Low Expectation of Hillman Foundation
4789 Yes Virginia, Obama Hates You
4791 American Politics Ever to the Right
4793 No High Tech Worker Shortage
4795 In the Loop
4797 On Not Understanding Wittgenstein
4799 Of the 1%, By the 1%, For the 1%
4801 Ken Rogoff Doesn’t Tweet His Junk
4803 . . . – – – . . . for Samuel Morse
4805 Everybody Is a Terrorist
4807 What Is a Labor Reporter?
4809 An Incomplete Birthday
4811 Sin No More Against Bill Forsyth
4813 Why is Ezra Klein Helping Republicans?
4815 Obama at Correspondents Dinner
4817 New GOP Debt Ceiling Threat
4819 Sympathy for Jamelle Bouie
4821 My Bipartisan Immigration Plan
4823 The Death of Gay Culture
4825 Duke Ellington’s Got That Swing
4829 Who Is Obama Playing To?
4831 Hell is Other Family Members
4834 Because I Was Not a Terrorist…
4837 Protectionism and the Death of Democracy
4839 Low Probability Greatness
4841 Let’s NOT Rush to War
4844 Selling God
4846 Something Happened to Joseph Heller
4848 Obamacare Is Bad for Republicans
4850 Small Business Will Love Obamacare
4852 Jamestown Jane and the Cannibals
4854 Hope for Democrats in 2014
4856 9 Is Not a Lonely Number
4859 False Equivalence and the Hero Archetype
4862 GOP Hates Judean People’s Front
4863 GOP Does Not What to Fix Obamacare
4867 Two Bits
4869 Pretentious Puppets
4871 Bewitched by Lorenz Hart
4873 Hurricane Katrina Looting?
4875 Cherry Picking God’s Gifts
4877 Economic Crime Kills
4879 It’s a James Brown World
4881 Getting Soft with Bartolomeo Cristofori
4883 Niall Ferguson’s Gay Keynes Moment
4885 Sick and Laughing
4888 Michael Palin
4890 Crickett: My First BBQ!
4893 Conservative Apologia Economics
4895 Republicans Don’t Care About Debt
4897 The Magnificent Orson Welles
4900 Should We Care About Immigration Reform?
4902 Tyranny and the End of Gun Culture
4904 Benghazi!
4907 Homosexuality Not Factor in Economics
4909 2000 Articles
4911 Transubstantiation of Elvis
4913 Cruz Vs. Reid
4915 Heat and Dust of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
4918 Final Republican Casualty
4920 When Government Works
4922 Where the People Are
4924 Un-Mooring of Conservative Economics
4926 Nothing New on Immigration
4928 Tea Party Myth
4929 Crickett: My First Chainsaw!
4931 As Good as James L. Brooks Gets
4935 Physics in Iron Man 3
4937 Escapism in Iron Man 3
4939 Humor in Iron Man 3
4941 Obama Was Never That Into You
4944 I Kind of Like Donovan
4946 Hillary Killed Foster and Stevens!
4948 Republican Expectation Mistakes
4950 Surely It’s Richard Feynman!
4952 Florence Nightingale and Soviet Spies
4954 Bill Maher Spouts Anti-Muslim Racism
4956 Coup d’Etat and Economists
4958 Ads Don’t Matter in Presidential Elections
4960 Rubio: Fire That Guy Who Resigned
4962 Monsanto Shall Not Be Held Accountable
4964 Don’t Smear Dr. Papanikolaou
4968 IRS Scandal: Crossroads GPS
4970 Anti-Smoking Ads Disappear
4972 The Gertrude Stein Scandal
4974 Of Polar Bears and Patents
4976 Benghazi, IRS, and the Associated Press
4978 GOP Latino Outreach Director Turns Democratic
4982 Blue for Thomas Gainsborough
4984 One More Filibuster and Harry Reid Will Take Republicans to the Cleaners!
4988 The Debt Outrage Will Continue
4990 Netflix Knows How to Hire More Workers
4992 Scandal?!
4996 The Wonderful Wizard Frank Baum
4998 Obama Wimps Out on IRS Scandal
5000 How to Make War Bipartisan

Items 5001 – 6000

5002 IRS More Powerful Than the Military?
5004 Dance with the Rhino
5006 Matt Yglesias Wishes Republicans Better
5010 Mainstream Media Freak Out More Than Fox
5012 Studs Terkel and Fine Red Wine
5015 Affinity Bias and the White House Scandals
5017 Death, Teapot Dome, and Benghazi, Cuba
5019 Space Cowboys Crashes
5023 Modern Chess with Wilhelm Steinitz
5025 It’s a Wonderful Capra
5027 Loan Harry Reid Your Testicles
5029 We Make Too Big a Deal of Terrorism
5031 Tom Clancy Combat Concepts
5033 Peggy Noonan Rides the Crazy Train
5035 Second Filibuster Letter to Boxer
5039 More Anti-Venezuela Propaganda
5043 Pete Townshend Refuses No River
5046 Morality Without God?
5048 Morality, Economics, and Car Repair
5052 What IRS Scandal?
5054 The Utility of John Stuart Mill
5056 Neuroses of Winnie the Pooh
5058 Fluoridation Wars Continue
5060 Best Spam Yet!
5062 Wingnuts and the Power Elite
5064 John Dean: Not Worse Than Watergate
5066 Glenn Curtiss Flying High
5070 Why We Prosecute Leakers
5072 Ezra Klein’s Pollyanna Act
5077 Inhofe’s Hypocrisy Not Subtle
5079 Racist Election Officials
5081 “”You Gotta Thank the Lord, Right?!””
5083 Fed Might As Well Have Single Mandate
5085 Ryan Cooper Educates Michael Kinsley
5088 Tea Partier: Louder Shouting Republican
5093 Strangest Square Mile of Ocean
5095 Rand Paul’s Scary Numbers
5097 God’s Twitter Wisdom
5099 Chuck Grassley on Court Packing
5101 Categorizing Carl Linnaeus
5103 Prime Numbers and Random Assumptions
5105 Josh Barros’ Journey from the Dark Side
5107 Let the Starving Gays Marry
5109 Debt Ceiling Still Major Threat
5111 Tangled Up in Bob
5113 Economic Confusions: Canned Goods Pricing
5116 Citizen Koch
5118 Bernie Sanders on Labor Markets
5122 Go Nuclear Harry Reid!
5124 Igor Sikorsky and Angular Momentum
5126 Arrested Development Season 4 First Look
5131 Pirini Scleroso
5135 Miles Davis and Migrant Mother
5137 Why People Like Auto Racing
5139 More Evidence No IRS Scandal
5141 Bush 2.0
5143 Remembering On Memorial Day
5145 Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring
5148 Obamacare Polls a Little Positive
5151 Money Does Hurt Politics
5153 Low Taxes Exacerbate Inequality
5155 Friendship Vs. Society
5159 My Crush on Isabelle Carre
5161 Federal Government Out of Drug Policy!
5165 Lincoln Chafee Becomes a Democrat
5167 Thanks for the Memories, Bob
5169 Cigarettes and Booze
5171 New on IRS Scandal
5173 Reinhart and Rogoff Whac-A-Mole Game
5175 End the Filibuster Now!
5177 Sardoodledom
5181 Real Corporate Tax Reform
5183 Another Republican, Obama?
5185 Bringing Up Howard
5187 Killing Lincoln Again
5189 All Still Doing Bad, Especially the Poor
5193 No More Confederate General Bases!
5195 History of Austerity
5197 157 Visits, Oh My!
5199 Leaves of Walt
5201 Obama’s Judicial Nominees
5203 Newest Misleading Attack on Obamacare
5205 Few Tax Expenditures for Poor
5207 Wittgenstein’s One Armed Gambit
5209 Carnot and Stapleton
5211 Reform Social Security App
5214 War on Terror With No Name
5216 Ibragim and the Gun or Knife or Broom
5218 Hardy the Not So Obscure
5220 No, Conservative Reformers Don’t Exist
5222 Bernanke’s Hypocrisy for the Kids
5224 David Frum’s Five Essential Tasks
5226 Fuck Monsanto! The Kids Are Alright!
5228 Allen Ginsberg
5230 Lawrence Lessig on Campaign Finance
5232 Erick Erickson Don’t Need No Stinking Reform
5234 False Lessons of the New Democrats
5237 Racism in Drug Laws
5239 Why Reagan but Not Bush?
5241 My Girl Rosalind
5243 Should ITC Stop Protecting Patents?
5245 Alberto Alesina Wasn’t Right
5247 Sinning Against Keynes
5249 Josh Barro Phenomenon
5251 Facts Have Not Changed Regarding Budget
5253 Gabriel Gomez Can’t Win
5257 Gas Mileage Ain’t All You Think
5259 Diego Velazquez
5261 Media Responsible for Debt Hysteria
5263 What Politicians Should Respond To
5265 Citizens: the New Enemy of the State
5267 Beauty and the Dirty French Painter
5271 Conservative Goals and the NSA
5275 McConnell’s Court Shrinking
5278 Frank Lloyd Wright
5282 Scalia On the Right Side for a Change
5284 Reagan Today
5286 Get a Kick Out of Cole Porter
5288 Car Shows and White Power
5290 Bill O’Reilly Corrects Himself—Kinda
5294 S&P and Anti-Meritocracy
5296 Like it or Not Venezuela Is a Democracy
5298 Somewhere Over the Rainbow
5300 Timing Lightning Strikes
5302 Global Warming and American Leadership
5304 Dianne Feinstein Is a Traitor
5306 Drunk Driving Hysteria
5310 Dai Vernon
5312 In Which I Stare at a Woman’s Breasts
5315 Michael Bloomberg Wants to Destroy the Democratic Party
5319 Remembering Medgar Evers
5322 Whores Hawk Reverse Mortgages
5324 Republicans Have No Healthcare Ideas
5328 Roger Waters Is Not Antisemitic
5330 Maxwell Said… And Then There Was Light
5332 Rich Santorum Is Right About Labor
5336 What Josh Barro Hasn’t Figured Out Yet
5338 Matt Yglesias Blames Spanish Workers
5340 It Takes Junior Walker
5342 Supply Side Dogma
5345 Edvard Grieg
5347 The Wealth of Adam Smith
5349 Why Conservatives Hate the Government
5351 Beyond Patent Protection
5354 Global Warming and Budget Analogy
5356 Good News on Filibuster Reform?
5358 Birth of a Chocolate Chip
5360 From the Middle Out
5362 Hope Is Not an Environmental Plan
5365 Rush Limbaugh’s Good Immigration Question
5367 Welfare Reform Kills the Poor
5369 A Great Loss: Michael Hastings
5371 The Critic and the Songwriter
5373 Noise as Censorship
5375 Jack Lew’s New Signature
5377 What If There Was No IRS Scandal?
5379 Conservative Assault on Families
5383 Gena Rowlands’ Hair
5385 Dodd-Frank and the AR-15 Movie Ban
5387 Bernanke’s Stupid and Dangerous Move
5389 Farm Bill: Perfect Republican Policy
5391 Liberals Do NOT like Spurs
5393 Vive la Resistance!
5396 Dot-Blog Won’t Save the World
5398 Scary Birthday!
5400 Problem with Unenforced Laws
5402 Pressure on Republican House?!
5404 Jesus Reborn as Superman
5406 Matt Yglesias Impersonates Basil Smikle
5408 The Private Life of Billy Wilder
5410 Unstable Weirdos and Business Success
5412 Apologies to Alan Turing
5415 NASCAR Culture and Sport
5417 Good Change at SEC—Maybe
5419 Vague Patent Trolling
5422 Obama bin Lyin’
5424 Bierce and Reich
5426 Democrats, Media Allow Republicans to Abuse Scandals
5430 Classification and the Attack on Democracy
5434 Superstars Are Replaceable
5438 1948
5440 Grammar Bullies
5442 Let the Empire Burn
5444 Environmentalism Good for Economy Right Now
5450 TV Machine
5452 Glenn Greenwald is a Pornographer!
5454 Drug War Martyr
5457 No Conspiracy on Inflation
5461 Lessons of Zimmerman’s Defense
5465 Rand Paul Thinks Dog Marriage is Next
5467 Immigration Reform Still Unlikely
5469 Helen Keller Saw Clearer Than We
5471 The Myth of Objective Journalism
5473 More Idiocy from the Deer Lady
5475 There Will Be No Discharge Petition
5477 I’ll Take Richard Rodgers
5479 What Choice Do Republicans Have?
5481 Global Warming in Perspective
5483 Lagunitas and Computer Crashes
5485 The Little Prince
5487 Intellectual Jokes
5489 Dean Baker and Perry Hotter
5494 Sluts Should Suffer for Sex
5497 They Might Be James Goldman
5499 Can’t Two Puppets Cuddle?
5501 GOP Will Pay No Price for Current Bigotry
5503 Childbirth Is Dangerous; Abortion Is Not
5505 Calculus and Leibniz
5507 Divide and Conquer
5509 Chris Kluwe Better Punter Than Writer
5511 Meaning of Blondie’s “”Rapture””
5513 The Fuck You Party
5515 Marshall v. Board of Education
5517 The Door Opens Outward
5519 White Party Strategy More Than Demographics
5521 Tom Stoppard and Julian Assange
5525 Creepy Christian Mingle Girl Not So Creepy
5527 In GOP Land America is 89% White
5529 Four Independence Days
5531 Facebook and the Perfect Employee
5533 Koko and the Nature of Communication
5536 Paul Krugman Is Depressed
5538 Quixote Vs. Kowalski
5540 Turtles and Clueless Atheists
5543 Broken Links and the Little Blog
5545 Take a Load Off Robbie
5547 Clueless Resentment Politics
5549 Neither Populism Nor Libertarianism
5551 On Being an Asshole and Possibly Right
5553 A Blue Moon with Nanci Griffith
5555 Media Bias and 22 Years on Death Row
5557 Umberto D. Sica
5559 Odd Thomas Odd”>Odd Thomas Odd
5563 Google Space Alien Game
5565 Decapitating Generals for Fun and Profit
5567 It Was Never About Credibility
5569 California, Eugenics, and the Drug War
5573 Disloyal Democratic Party
5575 Don’t Mistake Oliver Sacks for a Hat
5577 Pundits Still Hoping for Immigration Reform
5579 Slow and Measured Filibuster Reform
5581 Abortion and Sharia Law Are the Same Thing
5583 Tesla and the Good Life
5585 Demographic Doom Still Awaits GOP
5587 What Bipartisanship?
5589 Mark Takano and Good Political Theater
5591 Elements of E. B. White
5593 Farm Bill and Big Government Conservatism
5596 Megan McArdle Ridiculous Anti-Filibuster-Reform Argument
5601 Joe Fleherty and Ancient Messages
5603 Grand Obstruction Party
5605 A Better Lethal Injection
5607 Amedeo Modigliani
5609 Unacknowledged Media Bias
5611 Problem with Funny Business Names
5613 Ethnocentrism and KTVU SFO Pilots Prank
5615 Portrait of the Economist at 55
5618 Is Michelle Bernard Really an Independent?
5621 George Zimmerman Was Never the Issue
5623 Happy Bastille Day!
5628 Guthrie and Bergman
5630 My Rich Uncle Won’t Help
5632 Gang of Umpteen
5636 Fox “Straight” News Fear Mongering After Zimmerman
5639 “”Fact”” Checking Moves to Australia
5641 The Way Dorothy Fields Looks Tonight
5643 Space Garbage Found Orbiting Neptune
5648 Ed Kilgore and Rational Cynicism
5650 Are the Rich Above the Law?
5654 GOP See No Lead Paint Problem
5658 P. D. Q. Bach
5660 Why Obamacare Is So Complex
5662 Filibuster Reform Unstable
5666 The Real IRS Scandal
5668 More Bad Bradley Manning News
5670 Nelson Mandela at 95
5674 Paper Has a Great Future
5676 Why That Town Sucks
5678 Ballerinas and Degas
5682 Why Screenplays Suck
5686 Christian Left?
5688 Snowden Causing Distrust of America!
5691 What We Inherit from Gregor Mendel
5693 How We Treat Real American Heroes
5695 NSA Data Recovery Program
5697 America Accepts Police Power Abuse
5699 Free Markets Won’t Fix Monopolies
5701 Marshall McLuhan Is the Message
5703 Christianity Stifles the Search for God
5705 Edward Snowden and US Hypocrisy
5708 The Color of Magic
5714 Bride of James Whale
5716 Black Nails Hammered Down
5719 Automation Reduces Unionization
5722 Elderly Increasingly Democratic
5726 The Next Three Election Cycles
5728 Raymond Chandler
5730 Lyrics of “”Watching the Detectives””
5732 Two Things I Don’t Care About
5734 Crack Babies and Bill O’Reilly
5736 GOP and Democratic Governors Are Not Equal
5738 The Count of Alexandre Dumas
5740 Our Minimum Wage Economy
5742 Conservative Inflation Hysteria
5744 No Tea Party Rift
5746 Most College Teaching Is Horrible
5748 Faith Based Conservatism
5752 Sexism and the Double Helix
5754 Shaw and Mozart’s Son
5758 The Mythical Political Center
5760 6 Angry Women
5762 Econocentric
5765 Pathetic GOP Jobs Plan
5767 Democrats Continue to Screw Their Base
5769 Comedy, Politics and Norman Lear
5771 In Which Matt Taibbi Is a Prude
5773 Not So Long Road to GOP Authoritarianism
5775 What Would Karl Popper Think Today?
5777 How Authoritarian Are You?
5780 Five Reasons GOP Shutdown Is Suicide
5782 When There Was Democracy in America
5784 Politics of the Not-So-Grand Bargain
5788 Wuthering Heights“>Celebrate Emily by Reading Wuthering Heights
5792 Fox Zealot Vs. Mainstream Aslan
5794 People Will Notice If GOP Goes Crazy
5796 Pernicious Milton Friedman
5798 I happen to have Mr. Suebsaeng Right Here…
5802 Filibuster Deal Crumbling?
5804 Defining GDP Up
5806 Who Cares Fake Scandal Hurt IRS?
5808 Hummingbirds, Turkeys, and Hawks; Oh My!
5811 How Much Could McDonald’s Pay Workers
5813 The Great White Melville
5815 IRS Scandal and Mainstream Media Failure
5817 Senate Likely Remains Democratic After 2014
5821 James Baldwin Next Time
5823 Friday’s Conservative Idiot Pundits
5825 Jesus and Troy
5827 Dolores del Rio: Bird of Paradise
5829 Matt Yglesias Destroys Rick Wilson
5833 Blacks Getting Educated, Then Forgotten
5835 What a Wonderful World it Was
5839 Gwyneth Paltrow’s Unusual Malady
5843 Fox News“>Elder Abuse on Fox News
5847 Benghazi Still Not a Scandal
5849 Opinions for Sale
5851 Huston’s Honor
5853 A New Pippin Production
5855 Trust Funds, Hedge Funds, and Slampieces
5857 Surveillance Data Use Creep
5859 The Press and Public Opinion
5864 Alexander Fleming Saved My Life!
5866 Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
5868 Populist Rhetoric Elitist Policy
5870 Clueless Atheists
5872 Giving Up on America in God Bless America
5874 The News from Garrison Keillor
5877 American Hypocrisy on Extradition
5879 Seniors Trending Liberal
5881 Paul Dirac Is Waving Relatively from Heaven
5883 Milton Friedman’s Two Legacies
5885 Using a Teleporter Is Suicide!
5889 What’s Wrong With Jason Richwine?
5891 Anton Losenko
5895 Transforming Otto Blathy
5899 The Politics of Niceness
5903 Music for Spies
5906 Eric Cantor Now Outside GOP Mainstream
5909 Where Schrodinger’s At
5914 Outrage Addiction
5916 Apple Stealing from Employees
5918 Most Don’t Know Deficit Is Falling
5920 TV Begins
5922 A Question for My Canadian Colleagues
5924 Eric Holder Cares Too Little Too Late
5926 Karl Rove and the Politics of Impotence
5928 The State of Wim Wenders
5930 Austerity Won’t Be Disproved
5935 Annoying Warning Links
5938 Imagine the 50s Without a Theremin
5940 Data Implies Its Misuse
5944 The GOP Disintegration in Real Time
5946 Limits of Ideological Economics
5948 Waltz for Bill Evans
5950 Lanhee Chen and Conservative Apologetics
5952 Bring Back Glass-Steagall
5954 Fermat’s Last Birthday
5956 Faith Based Economics
5960 Welcome to Your New Police State
5962 Antonio Salieri
5964 Facebook Fucks Another Loyal User
5966 Racist Apologetics and Voter Suppression
5968 It’s All About You—Or Mostly Anyway
5970 Lessons from Other Countries’ Minimum Wages
5974 More on Police State Abuse of David Miranda
5976 Conservatives Define “Equality of Opportunity” Out of Existence
5980 Centrism on Filibuster is Extremism
5982 Stop & Frisk and Liberal Delusion
5984 If Movie Posters Were Honest
5986 The Call of Lovecraft
5988 Jonathan Chait’s Convention Wisdom Shocker
5990 Conservative Obamacare Bait and Switch
5992 Bad Obama and Hurricane Katrina
5994 Jeffrey Toobin and the War on Couriers
5996 One O’Clock Count
5998 A Woman’s Work Is Never Done So You’d Better Pay for Dinner

Items 6001 – 7000

6001 Empathy and Socially Acceptable Cynicism
6003 Republican Crisis Mentality
6005 Karate Punches and Baby Pratfalls
6007 The “”Populist”” Power Elites
6010 Clair de Bussy
6012 The Racism of Reverse Racism
6016 Gene Kelly and Marian McPartland
6018 The Next Fed Chair Should Be Good at Golf
6021 Stalin, Not the Bomb, Defeated Japan
6023 Matt Yglesias Is Right: Outdoors Sucks
6025 Big Tech Companies Won’t Bring Innovation
6027 The Great GOP Healthcare Idea: Nothing
6029 A Bit of Stephen Fry
6031 Commence Conformity Protocol
6035 Surveillance States’ Newest Propaganda Campaign
6039 Humor Attempt Turns Racist
6042 Leonard Bernstein and Others
6045 Isabelle Eberhardt
6047 We Must Act in Syria Just Like Always
6049 Continued Iraq War Apologia
6051 Ashton Kutcher Works Hard for the Money
6055 Syria Skepticism and Informed Opinion
6057 Loser Superheroes
6059 Film Blunder Blunders
6061 MSNBC Still Losing the War
6063 Hegel, Popper, and the Right
6065 Syria Was on the List So Let’s Attack
6067 Chait’s Careful War Mongering
6069 Ben Carson’s Ill Informed Conservative Claptrap
6073 Syria Intelligence “Undeniable” but Not “Slam Dunk”?
6077 Conservatives Behind Every Curve
6079 What Starbucks and Whole Foods Have in Common
6083 Disrepecting Henry Bergh
6085 Democrats Bad Debt Ceiling Strategy
6087 Wagging the Republican House
6091 Robert Crumb and the Obnoxious Truth
6093 Cory Booker and the New Democrat Failure
6097 Obama Wimps Out, Does the Right Thing
6099 Prognosticator Steve Kornacki
6103 No. 17 on Nixon’s Enemies List
6106 Rocky and Bullwinkle
6108 Sunday War Mongering
6110 How About Negotiating Peace in Syria?
6113 Government Money Pushes Innovation
6115 Unions, Civil Rights, and Walter Reuther
6117 Debt Obsession and Labor Day
6119 Song for Horace Silver
6123 Dave Rubin Hates Poor People
6128 Kerry’s Dangerous Rhetoric
6131 The Evil Reason for Attacking Syria
6133 The God Argument
6135 Eileen Brennan
6139 Digging to Enlightenment
6141 The Austerity Ruse
6143 Corporations Already Control Both Parties
6145 On Edward Dmytryk
6149 Answering Chris Hayes’ Syria Question
6151 NBC Affiliate Whitewashes Police Beating
6153 Bill de Blasio Is Mean to the Rich
6155 Conservatives in Libertarian Clothing
6157 The Rich Lack Empathy
6160 Syria Is an Entry to War with Iran
6162 Loudon Wainwright III for Will
6164 Don’t Bomb Syria
6168 Reactions About Recent Snowden Revelation
6170 Bad Jobs Report So Let’s Play Frisbee
6172 We’ve Always Been Idiots
6176 Comfortably Roger Waters
6178 Another Conservative Atheist?
6180 GOP’s Continued Debt Ceiling Demands
6182 Was There Really a Chemical Weapons Attack?
6187 Grandma Can Paint!
6189 Politics in the Bedroom
6193 Australia Tests the Conservative Waters
6195 Two-State Solution Unlikely Anytime Soon
6197 Always Love Ann Beattie
6199 Debra Milke Released on Bond
6201 Majestic Equality of Opportunity
6203 America Is That Guy…
6205 The Well Regulated Blind Militia
6207 Florida Arrests All… Except for Murder
6211 Journalism: Where Truth Does Not Matter
6213 Will US Back Syria Deal?
6215 Rainy Days and Mondays
6217 War and Tolstoy
6219 Michael Bloomberg Was No Moderate
6221 Belligerent Rhetoric Didn’t Help in Syria
6223 Working Kitten
6225 Colin Firth and Mr. Darcy
6227 Republican White House Advantage
6229 Hypocrisy, Obama, and War
6232 Short Entry of Tech Thoughts
6235 Copyright: Forever Less One Day
6238 Gateway SX2802-07 DVD Eject Button
6239 Obama Tries to Claim Moral High Ground
6242 Obama Diversity Problem Goes Deep
6245 The Surprising Ending of O. Henry
6247 Disingenuous Technocrats
6251 The Coming Domestic Crises
6255 Chipotle’s Scarecrow
6257 The First, the Last, Barry White
6259 James Clapper Hates You
6261 Boehner Wants Help
6263 Republicans Must Be Held Accountable
6265 Roald Dahl and the Classics Factory
6267 … Add Cheese
6274 Republicans Don’t Care About Economy
6276 The Closing of Allan Bloom
6278 Liberal Hawks Need to Get a Clue
6280 More Resistance to Larry Summers
6282 A Good Idea
6284 Slightly Less Crazy Is Still Crazy
6286 Jokes to Tell Grandma
6288 Another Great Song From Bobby Short
6290 Just Nominate Janet Yellen!
6292 UN Says Chemical Weapons Used in Syria
6294 Chris Christie is Conning New Jersey
6298 America Doesn’t Care About Shooting Sprees
6300 Put Your Lips Together and Blow
6302 Pretty Woman Ugly Tweets
6305 Krugman Does Magritte!
6307 America’s Terrorist Gunpowder Keg
6309 Fox News Is Destroying Democracy”>Fox News Is Destroying Democracy
6314 Possible Outcomes of Debt Ceiling Crisis
6318 Companies Maximize Profits—Period
6320 Republicans New Healthcare Distraction
6323 Dems Look for Reasons to Move Right
6325 Greta Garbo Wants to Be Alone
6327 Jeb Bush Is an Extremist Like All in GOP
6328 American Acceptionalism
6330 Is God Speaking Through Pope Francis?
6332 Rich Get Great Returns on Their Taxes
6335 GOP Bad Faith Obamacare “”Replacement””
6336 Theresa Vail vs Female Stereotypes
6341 Americans No Better Off After 24 Years
6343 Lord of the Adam West
6345 GOP Loses on Government Shutdown
6347 Presidential Ideology
6349 GOP Votes to Starve the Poor
6351 Government Policy Led to Inequality
6355 The Beautiful Costa Concordia
6357 Chuck Jones’ Looney Tunes
6360 Of Cages and Michael Faraday
6362 Sane Conservatives Not So Sane
6364 I Was a Middle Class Food Stamp Kid
6366 Ideologically Driven Policy
6368 We Can’t Report on GOP’s Hatred of SNAP
6370 Typhoid Mary Didn’t Kill John Coltrane
6372 How GOP Loses Shutdown Fight
6374 Democrats Aren’t in Trouble in 2014
6378 Tender Is F. Scott Fitzgerald
6380 Fred the Chicken
6382 Republicans Really Were Gaming Intrade
6384 The Very Giving Shel Silverstein
6386 Neoliberalism’s Attack on Democracy
6388 Obama’s Milquetoast Presidency
6390 Republicans Are a Cult More Than a Party
6392 Joel LaGrou isn’t on Facebook
6394 We Cannot Reason With the Rich
6397 Ridiculous GOP Debt Ceiling “”Plan””
6399 Rapist Stacey Rambold. Winning!
6401 Megan McArdle Humiliates Eric Alterman
6403 Ira’s Brother George
6406 The Rich Are Supposed to Be Evil
6408 The Killer Inside Jim Thompson
6410 The Greatest Story Ever Sold
6413 Media Could Make Default Much Worse
6415 When Extreme Isn’t Extreme Enough
6418 Bill O’Reilly Kills Jesus
6422 Inequality for All
6424 Amigo John Sayles
6426 Fred Henhouse, RIP
6428 Republican Obamacare Corruption
6430 CEOs Know Nothing of the Economy
6432 Don Cervantes
6434 Yet Another Woman’s Worst Nightmare
6436 The End Is Near!
6438 If It Happened There…
6442 Great Political Analogy, Terrible Film
6444 Other Voices of Truman Capote
6446 Just Vote!
6450 Someone Left Richard Harris in the Rain
6454 Day One of Government Shutdown
6456 Paul Krugman Has a Crush on Lydia DePillis
6458 Graham Greene
6463 Mutlifaceted as a Piece of Paper
6468 Gore Vidal
6471 Once Young and Beautiful
6473 GOP Losing Government Shutdown Battle
6475 Republican Party’s Practical Nihilism
6477 Moderate Republicans Really Are Extreme
6479 Conservative Talks to Conservative
6481 Buster Keaton
6483 Gerrymandering Didn’t Make GOP Extreme
6485 Debt Ceiling Crisis Options
6487 It’s Encyclopedia Day!
6491 Discharge Petition Is Very Bad
6493 How The Shutdown Ends
6495 Oh, Not to Be With Carole Lombard
6497 Americans Never Listen!
6499 The Artist Is Silly and Wonderful
6501 Pay Attention to Me!
6503 Let Me Sell You a Thing or Two…
6504 Still Waiting on the GOP
6506 Yo-Yo Ma and the Existence of Evil
6510 Why Democrats Aren’t an Extremist Party
6512 Sherlock“>Sherlock
6516 The Terrible Bargain
6521 Hollywood is Such an Attention Whore
6525 Keeping Balanced with Le Chatelier
6527 The Apocalypse Has Begun
6530 Janet Yellen Is Plutocrat Approved
6532 GOP Craziness May End Crisis
6534 Grimm Mike Peters
6536 Frank Made Me Do This
6538 Atheist Among Us
6540 Principled GOP Stand
6542 It’s a Christian Thing
6545 Plan 9 from Ed Wood
6547 Atheist Faith Eaters!
6550 Josh Barro’s Mean Tweets
6552 David Morse Slaughters All Roles
6553 Creationism vs Evolution
6555 The Conspiracy Theory Mind
6557 Wind Power Heats the Earth
6559 GOP Negotiation Feint Ends
6561 Baby Goes Gay
6563 Conservatives Eager to Hate Obama
6565 Claying Around with Art Clokey
6567 Hitchens Destroys Straw Man?
6569 Where Have All the Channels Gone?
6572 Aerospace, Newsgroups, and Sports
6574 Aerospace, Newsgroups and Sports
6578 Brown vs Blue: UPS, the Last Straw
6580 “Redskins” Apologetics Getting Strained
6581 From Conception, God Loves Children
6582 The Greeks Were So Gullible
6583 Forget Your Bucket List!
6585 God Likes Squids More Than You
6587 Lenny Bruce and the Fucking Hypocrites
6589 Does GOP Even Care About Wall Street?
6591 Does God Really Have a Plan for You?
6595 What a Friend We Have in Jesus
6596 Trust Issues
6597 This Changes Everything!
6600 Political Theater and the Debt Ceiling
6603 A Little Bit About My Journey to Atheism
6606 Think Happy Thoughts
6608 Birth of Lillian Gish
6612 Panetta Wants to See More “”Leadership””
6615 You Say Jesus, I Say Jebus
6617 House Tries, Fails, Tries Again
6619 Republicans Hold Wake for Shutdown
6621 House Still Not Serious About Deal
6626 Jeeves and Wodehouse
6628 The End of the Bagel Exception
6631 Maria Bamford
6632 The Power of False Lessons
6633 If You’re Bored Then You’re Boring
6635 Erickson’s Plan for a Democratic House
6637 You Should Listen to Your Cat
6638 Texas Paper Regrets Cruz Endorsement
6640 Maria Bamford’s Publicist Responded!
6645 Early For Halloween, But…
6647 What’s With “”Democrat Party””?
6649 The Importance of Being Oscar Wilde
6653 Anderson Cooper and Bunny Sex
6657 The Most Frustrating 25 Minutes Ever
6659 St Sebastian: A Stitcher’s Little Helper
6660 OMG! Create Your Own God
6663 I Like to Keep Things in Perspective
6665 Republicans United in Ideology
6667 Arthur Miller
6670 Saint Sebastian, Patron Saint of Sports
6674 Republicans Think They’re “”Winning!””
6676 Don’t Talk About Delaying Obamacare
6682 Welcome, the Patron Saint of Comedy!
6684 The Problem with Religion
6687 About Those Treasury Bills…
6689 Support the BART Strike
6691 Someone Turns 21 Today!
6697 You Never Can Tell With Chuck Berry
6699 On This Day in History: October 18
6703 Good Movie
6706 On Becoming Ex-Straight
6707 God Doesn’t Have a Sense of Humor
6709 Terrorists Would Never Harm Dick Cheney
6711 Bush’s Disgusting Torture Apologia
6713 Business and Tea Party Are Not at War
6716 Songwriter Vinicius de Moraes
6718 Second Guessing the Falsely Accused
6722 Freedom and John Dewey
6724 What I Think of George W Bush
6726 Bill Watterson Interview
6728 Who Mourns for JP Morgan?
6730 Boys Lack Empathy, Vote Republican
6732 Martin Gardner Playing With Math
6734 Do Atheists Care What Oprah Thinks?
6736 Don’t Boast and Post!
6738 GOP Works to Improve Obamacare
6740 Odds and Ends Vol 1
6742 Republicans Hate the Military
6744 Odds and Ends Vol 2
6746 Gun News
6748 On a Lighter Note
6753 From the No Shit Sherlock Files
6755 Why the Tea Party Loves Rand Paul
6761 Bugs Bunny Does Franz Liszt!
6765 Fighting Fire with Fire
6766 EU Needs Shake Up, but Without Fascists
6768 French the Rainbow
6769 Maria Bamford’s “”Ask My Mom!””
6773 Nancy Kulp and the Conservative Dick
6775 YouTube’s Broken Copyright System
6777 Odds and Ends Vol 3
6780 Police Oversight and Dead Children
6783 Redneck Patriotism
6787 Gilbert Lewis Dot Dot Dot…
6788 A Number of Very Bad Choices
6792 Guns Are Not Sexy! Guns Are Sexy!
6796 Malcolm Gladwell Is Interesting But Wrong
6800 Obamacare Is Not Liberal Policy
6802 Inequality Breads Extremism
6804 Conservatives Want Anyway New
6806 Don’t Let Moss Hart Come to Dinner
6808 Maria Bamford: Workplace Hostility
6812 Louis CK: Jesus Christ!
6814 Ricky Gervais NEVER Sleeps
6816 Shirley Phelps and Her War on Sanity
6820 America’s Most Hated Family Update
6824 Pat Robertson’s Shamanic Mission
6826 Odds and Ends Vol 4
6832 I Think Your Bible is Broken
6835 Life May Be Simpler Now
6837 God Hates You
6839 Nathan Phelps, Survivor
6841 Sympathy for Lt John Pike
6843 Evariste Galois
6845 David Frum Fantasy Ted Cruz Hellscape
6847 Exact Potato Soup Recipe
6849 Judy Johnson and Baseball’s Checkered Past
6853 Crypto Locker and Other Ransomeware
6855 John Cleese and Three Great Painters
6857 Lou Reed Sowed and Reaped for 71 Years
6859 Truthful Obama Bumper Sticker
6861 Curing Polio and the Worthless Rich
6865 Euphemisms and the Grand Bargain Hunt
6867 New Democrats and the Rightward March
6869 WTF. What a Way to Ruin a Beer!
6874 CAPTCHA Solved But Who Cares?
6877 Accidental Movie Watching
6881 Wizard of Animation Ralph Bakshi
6883 Libertarianism Incompatible With Atheism
6885 It’s Now Or Never for Senate GOP
6886 BuzzFeed Unwritten Rules
6888 Why the GOP Can’t Criticize Itself
6890 Politicians Are Not All Frauds and Liars
6892 The Difficult and Beautiful Ezra Pound
6894 Tom Bodett Jokes
6898 I Can’t Stop Loving Madeleine Peyroux
6900 GOP Needs No Mother and Child Reunion
6902 Obamacare’s Small Portions
6906 GOP Still Has No Healthcare Ideas
6908 Odds and Ends Vol 5
6913 Johannes Vermeer
6917 Rand Paul’s Pathetic Plagiarism Excuse
6919 Bigot and Singer and Collette, Oh My!
6923 GOP Filibuster Abuse Never Left
6925 Selective Conservative Outrage
6927 The Abortion Mess in Texas
6932 “”Michelle”” and My Aching Toe
6934 A Bit of George Boole
6937 Regional Violence and American Nations
6941 I’m No Germanophile
6943 Night of the Tom Savini
6945 Business Will Not Give Up on GOP
6947 I Love Democracy
6951 The Best Possible Martin Balsam
6953 Campaigns from a Fundamentals Guy
6959 Paper Mooning for Tatum O’Neal
6961 News You Can’t Use
6963 Welcome to America, Now Bend Over
6965 Extremist
6967 Trace Beaulieu and the Gospel of Crow
6969 Back to Normal in New Jersey
6971 Huge GOP Loss in Virginia
6973 More New Mexico Anal Probing
6975 Sympathy for Rob Ford
6977 Christian Suffers for Her Ignorance
6979 The Singer and the Physicists
6981 Fun With Penises and Inspiration Posters
6983 Chris Christ Is an Exemplar of Something
6985 Venezuela Is Still Doing Fine
6989 Obama and Buono and Christie
6991 Huge Black Vote In Virginia a Trend?
6995 Sympathy but Not Disease for Rob Ford
6997 Smartphones and Productivity
6999 Carl Sagan and the Cosmos

Items 7001 – 8000

7001 I’m Official in Love with Barbara Buono
7003 An Atheist in the Foxhole
7005 Muppet Mash
7009 My Life as an Atheist Outcast
7011 Ennio Morricone and His Musical Whips
7013 Lara Logan’s Benghazi Ax
7016 Why Are Republicans the Wrecking Crew?
7018 Frankly Curious Four Year Anniversary
7021 Why Does Anyone Listen to S&P?
7023 Crime and Dostoyevsky
7025 Remembrance on Veterans Day
7027 Real Atheists in Foxholes
7030 Sarah Palin Still Terrifies Me
7032 Odds and Ends Vol 6
7034 Frank’s Personal Hygiene Tips
7036 The Sculptor, Playwright, and Musicians
7038 Vote You Asshole!
7040 Don’t Let Merle Haggard Deceive You
7042 Can We End the Filibuster Now?!
7044 Robots Demanding That Promises Be Kept
7046 My Odd Love of Great White Sharks
7048 Edwin Booth Is Not His Brother’s Keeper
7050 Placebo Policies
7054 The Veil in the Western World
7057 The Sad Short Life of Veronica Lake
7059 Not Palin Again!
7061 Democratic Freak Out Will Not Help
7063 Conservative Ideological Clumping
7067 Good to See Anthony Weiner Again
7069 Juggling and Calla Lilies
7071 Skewed Focus and Libertarian Conspiracy
7073 The Structural Unemployment Canard
7075 The Best Healthcare in the World!
7077 GOP Filibuster Games May Be Ending
7079 How to Catch a Cheetah
7081 Gun Culture as Rampant Consumerism
7089 Two Greats, One Composer, One Actor
7091 Socialist, Communist, and Doodie Pants
7093 The Three Types and the Truth
7095 Lightfoot, Scorsese, and Others
7097 John Rawls and Disingenuousness
7099 Stagnation is Still All Income Inequality
7106 Pictures of Louis Daguerre
7108 GOP Needs to Look Into Alien Abduction
7113 Obamacare Website on the Mend
7115 Peter Wintonick’s Direct Cinema
7117 Charlie, Donald, and All Us Kaufmans
7119 McDonald’s Helpful Worker Website!
7123 Time to Write Your Representatives!
7127 Edwin Hubble and the Big Bang
7129 Martin Bashir Was Wrong to Apologize
7131 How About Some Good Obamacare News?!
7133 Voltaire and Magritte With Their Dog…
7135 Laughing 90 Years With Arthur Hiller
7137 Obama Must Use Filibuster Reform
7139 South Will Fall Again (with Obamacare)
7142 She Didn’t Really Hate Boris Karloff
7144 The Q Filmcast
7147 Kennedy’s Legacy
7149 Spinoza and Pantheism
7151 GOP Silence on Good Obamacare News
7153 Conservatives Are Never Wonks
7157 Turkey Doesn’t Make You Sleepy
7160 The Tea Party Has Always Existed
7163 Kennedy Vs. Reagan
7165 Lope de Vega
7167 Jessica Sanford and the Power of Math
7169 Dog Violence Is Completely Unacceptable
7171 Boehner’s Obamacare Woes
7173 Income Inequality is Government Policy
7177 Many People Just Hate Iran
7180 Two Great Vincent Price Murder Films
7182 Just Say No to an Economy of Exclusion
7184 Bruce Lee and Jimi Hendrix
7186 Libertarians Just Don’t Like the Poor
7188 Standing in the Shadow of Berry Gordy
7195 Let’s Pardon More Humans Not Turkeys
7199 Tradition Is Turkey’s Last Hope
7201 The Future of Obamacare
7203 Billy Strayhorn and Art from the Shadows
7211 Two Great Humorists
7213 Filibuster Hypocrisy Is One Sided
7215 Lots of Great Music and Comedy
7217 Prison, Dentists, and the Least Among Us
7219 Disunited States
7223 Que Seurat Seurat!
7225 Conservative Elitists Cry Elitism!
7227 Raising Minimum Wage Won’t Raise Prices
7230 How to Improve the Capitalist System
7232 Heart of Joseph Conrad
7236 Cause We’re the Fishes
7238 Conservatives Hate Obamacare for No Reason
7240 A Tale of Two Krauthammers
7242 My Creepy People Models
7244 A Better World Without Hitchens
7246 The One Ronnie
7248 The Myth of Modern Christian Persecution
7250 We Lost Detroit
7255 Werner Heisenberg’s Uncertain Reality
7257 Angels Sing to Nelson Mandela
7261 Conservative Hatred of Nelson Mandela
7263 Pennies from Heaven, Roses from Cairo
7266 Magic Then and Magic Now
7269 Not the Last Record Store
7271 Odds and Ends Vol 7
7275 Economic Racism
7277 Noam Chomsky and Other Greats
7279 No Filibuster Until GOP Is Destroyed
7284 Pronoun Trouble
7288 One Great Idea and Unimaginable Harm
7290 What Shall We Do with Our Old?
7292 The Stupidest Fucking Sentence Ever
7295 John Cassavetes
7298 Search Engine Optimization Nightmare
7301 The Best Birthday Post Ever
7303 Stuart Varney’s God Is Money
7306 Ross Douthat’s Politics Before Religion
7308 America’s Vague Caste System
7312 More on Politics First Religion Second
7315 Big Mama Thornton Ain’t No Hound Dog
7317 An American Political Allegory
7319 Look Back in Brilliance
7322 Cogs in the Liberal Economic Machine
7324 Evil Santa Penguin
7326 A Great Filmed Midsummer Night’s Dream
7328 Sometimes Debt Matters, Sometimes Not
7330 Again: No Conservative Healthcare Ideas
7334 I Gotta Be Me!
7336 The Bizarre Physics of American Politics
7338 One Year After Sandy Hook Little Changed
7340 Spike Jones and Der Fuehrer’s Face
7342 How to Not Become a Neo-Nazi
7343 Sam Seder’s War on Christmas
7345 Richard Wilkinson on Inequality
7347 Same-Sex Marriage Marches On
7349 Mrs. Ah-huh-wiggins’ Boss
7351 Conservatives on Inequality: But, But, But
7353 Lose Your Soul at Graton Casino
7355 Christie and Cruz Don’t Play in Iowa
7357 The Invention of Modern Comedy
7359 Income Inequality Cartoon Wisdom
7361 Syria Shows No White House Should Be Trusted
7364 We Will Save Us From Income Inequality
7366 It Doesn’t Matter Who GOP Nominates
7368 The Writer We Killed
7371 Chris Hedges Gets Hopeful
7373 Income Inequality Solutions 1: Estate Tax
7375 Paul Klee and the Evolution of Talent
7377 Fed Announces it Will Keep Interest Rates Low Until Unemployment Isn’t Quite So High
7381 Winning Elections With Bad Economics
7384 Musical Dreck to Commie Propaganda
7389 Pas La Vie en Rose
7391 Are There Libertarian Atheists?
7393 The Glory of Mike Watt
7397 Dude That’s Rude
7401 Masaccio at the Vanishing Point
7405 Play-By-Play Chess Action!
7407 Libertarian Affirmative Action
7409 Mathematics in a Vacuum
7411 Tolerance Lessons From Honey Boo Boo
7413 Blackfish
7415 Joseph Smith and the LDS Ossification
7419 Conservative “”Populism””
7421 Hidden Welfare for the Rich
7423 Smart People Are Dicks
7427 I’m Mysterious, Folks—Live With It
7432 Pigeons and Politics
7434 Here’s Looking at You, Michael Curtiz
7436 Supposed “”Radical Center”” Is Neither
7438 Special Christmas Birthday Bonus
7440 A Brief History of Santa
7442 Happy Newton’s Day!
7444 The Night of the Meek
7452 Elisha Cook and Henry Miller
7457 Wordy Sarah Vowell
7461 Mormon Church Now Open to Some
7464 Too Bad Alan Turing Is Dead or He Would Really Appreciate That Pardon
7468 Orcas In the Wild—Free!
7472 John von Nsoferatu
7474 Why Libertarians Hate Fiat Money
7476 Otters Beat All Attackers Except Humans
7478 Friendship, Character, and Jon Polito
7481 Don’t Cry for the Democrats
7483 What Will Conservatives Blame Our Bad and Expensive Healthcare System for Now?
7485 The Third Carol Reed
7487 The Beauty of Abandonment and Decay
7489 Hopeless GOP Campaign to Stop “”Fools””
7493 Henri Matisse
7495 Charm, Magic, and Kevin King
7497 Austerity Is Not Working
7499 2013 Review: Part 1
7503 Bad Kerning
7505 Artist, Physicist, and Two Great Writers
7507 David Brooks Puts Profits over Prophets
7509 2013 Review: Part 2
7513 Quantity Over Quality
7515 Ever Since Marion Davies
7520 GOP Reformers Just Make Things Worse
7522 2013 Review: Part 3
7524 The Rich Are Causing America’s Decline
7526 I Fed the Trolls
7528 Tom Thumb and a Hypocritical Jerk
7530 2013 Review: Part 4
7535 GOP Strategy Won’t Change 2014 Elections
7537 The Name of Umberto Eco
7541 Stopping Kaleidoscopic Optical Illusions
7546 Art Laffer’s Economic Model
7550 2013 Review: Part 5
7552 The Madcap Syd Barrett
7554 2013 Review: Part 6
7556 Why the UI Extension is Probably Dead
7558 Larry Sabato’s Useless Election Forecast
7560 Sonata for Francis and Poulenc
7562 Banker and Drug Dealer Economic Stimulus
7565 Evolution and Elvis
7569 The Count of Monte Cristo
7574 Not Having Nixon to Kick Around Anymore
7576 Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
7578 War Tech and Shakespeare’s Propaganda
7580 Robert Reich Is Optimistic About GOP Failure, I’m Not
7584 Chris Christie Is No Laughing Matter
7586 You Don’t Mess Around With You Know
7588 Rhino Horror Story
7590 It’s Raining, But Not for Long
7592 The Last Two Words on Chris Christie
7594 Christie 2016 Bumper Sticker!
7596 Jim Hightower Is Just One of Us
7599 Deep Thoughts on Sherlock Season Two
7601 John Singer Sargent and the Haiti Earthquake
7603 To Dream the SNAP Benefit Dream
7605 Danica McKellar Teaches Female Stereotypes
7607 The Cradle Might Fall
7609 Wilhelm Wien and Blackbodies
7611 Now My Phone Can Say “”Fuck””!
7613 GOP Charges $11 for Process “”Survey””
7614 It’s CreditOne NOT CapitalOne
7616 The Anxiety of Never Being Good Enough
7621 The Love of Albert Schweitzer
7623 Where Exactly in Hell I’m Going
7625 Jerry Brown’s Indictment of the US
7627 Martin Luther King the Man
7630 Economic Inequality and Chemical Spills
7632 The Cremation of Robert Service
7637 Michael Michael Michael Miguel
7639 Robert Gates’ Duty to Cash In
7641 The Rich Should Plan Ahead
7645 Pre- and Post-Modern Comedy
7647 Follow the Money in New Jersey
7650 The Tea Totaler
7652 The Rich Versus the Upper Class
7654 Cary, Winnie, and Barbed Wire
7656 The Tell-Tale Genius
7660 MLK Day Is Not a Destination
7663 “”Fix the Debt”” or “”Screw the Poor””?
7665 Man Swims With Dead Tiger Shark!
7667 Fellini and Many Others
7669 This Is Your Brain on Conservatism
7671 Send in the Hacks!
7673 Chris Christie’s Tiny Red Box
7675 Wishing for Better Than Benny Hill
7679 Genghis Khan the New GOP Ideal Man?
7681 There Will Be No GOP Reform for 2016
7683 Democrats Work to Sell Out Liberalism
7685 O’Reilly, Krugman, and Visceral Hatred
7687 Sean Trende and the Next Two Elections
7691 Our Dirty Wars Ultimately Harm Us
7693 Eisenstein and Manet
7697 Debt Ceiling and Not Very Bright Guys
7700 Universality Won’t Protect Entitlements
7702 Warren Zevon and Many Others
7706 Libertarian Theory and Practice
7708 Chainsaws, Film, and Tobe Hooper
7711 Ross Douthat’s Weird Idea of Compromise
7713 Second Thoughts About Silver Streak
7715 Arbitrary and Inequitable Distribution of Wealth and Incomes
7717 Jules Feiffer and More!
7719 An Enjoyable Adult Melodrama
7721 “”Please, Sir, I Want Some More””
7723 Mozart and Carroll
7727 The 20th Century Goes With Seeger
7731 Rian Johnson Delights and Disappoints
7735 Humor, Despair, and American Music Club
7739 Alan Alda but it Should Be Ernst Lubitsch
7741 ‘Job Creation’ Means Anything to Everyone
7743 The Rich Know Less Than You Do
7745 The Only Founding Father Who Matters
7747 My Partner the Ghost
7749 The Rich Are Afraid of Democracy
7751 The Ever Clear Mark Eitzel
7753 Otzi, the Iceman, Cometh a Long Way
7755 If Global Warming’s Real Why Is It Cold?
7758 Rich Are Above the Law… Of Economics
7760 Franz Schubert and Norman Mailer
7762 Opportunity Means Nothing
7764 S J Perelman and More
7767 Two Novelists, One Great, One Not
7769 Thoughts on the Super Bowl
7772 Paul Ryan Admits He’s No Catholic
7774 Shelley Berman Wants a Window
7776 Obama Stained By O’Reilly Proximity
7778 Leave Philip Seymour Hoffman Alone!
7780 Democrats Aren’t Liberal: TPP Edition
7782 There Are No Libertarian Republicans
7785 Night of the Still Living George Romero
7787 ObamaCare Is Not Destroying Jobs
7789 Coke Gets America, Conservatives Don’t
7791 Queer, Junkie, Burroughs
7793 Swimming With Whale Sharks
7795 Safety Nets in the Circus and Economy
7797 The Christian War on Science
7799 Francois Truffaut and the Babe
7805 Bill O’Reilly’s Cognitive Dissonance
7807 Yay! New Jobs Report!
7809 You Are Allowed to Beg the Question
7811 Madeleine Peyroux for a Rainy Day
7813 Lewis, Dickens, and Philips
7815 Russian Police Get Lucky
7818 Misogyny and Theft in the NFL
7820 Baby Elephant Transcends Zoo Concerns
7822 Immigration Reform Won’t Save GOP
7824 My Long Dead Friend Robert Burton
7826 Why American Christians Feel Persecuted
7828 Spiritualism vs Religion
7831 Joseph Stiglitz and Carole King
7833 Chuck Schumer Calls Republican Bluff
7837 Prosecutors Never Favor Legal Reform
7839 Bertolt Brecht and My Doppelganger
7843 Republican Class Warfare on Obamacare
7845 The Greatest Mankiewicz
7847 Debt Ceiling Ends With Snicker Not Bang
7849 Why Do Concerts Cost So Much?
7851 Russia, Sixteen Tons, and Inequality
7853 George Will’s Convenient Libertarianism
7855 Chuck and Abe
7857 No GOP Hypocrisy on the Debt Ceiling
7859 Bill O’Reilly’s Microwave Now at $85,400
7863 Ranting Leftist on Economic Inequality
7865 Grant Wood and Lots of Songs
7867 A Little Valentine’s Day Reality
7871 Economic Lensing and Fairness
7873 Why Isn’t Alan Parker Making Films?
7875 Robots, Patents, and Inequality
7877 The Trials of Mid-Level Actors
7879 More Disingenuous Treacle from Mankiw
7884 Silicon Valley Wage Theft Proves Free Market Rhetoric Is False
7892 Ever Beautiful Tarot Cards
7894 Odds and Ends Vol 8
7896 Maximilian Schell Suddenly Gone
7898 Happy Oney Judge Day!
7900 Julianna Forlano Does Comcast
7902 The Next Trayvon Martin
7906 Isabelle Eberhardt’s Worthwhile Life
7908 Angry People and Democratic Wimps
7910 Corpse in the Dorm
7912 Many Words About Milos Forman
7914 Republican Hypocrisy of Minimum Wage
7916 Circling the Sun With Copernicus
7920 Global Warming Weather Report
7922 The Rich Are the True Class Warriors
7924 Richard Matheson and Andrew Bergman
7926 Obama Stops Grand Bargain Talk
7928 John Rawls and David Foster Wallace
7932 Plagiarism and Competence
7934 Ne Me Quitte Pas
7936 Absurdity of Neoliberal Policy
7938 Terry and Arthur
7940 GOTV Always Favors Democrats
7942 Fed Only Interested in Inflation—Ever
7944 Elite Colleges Reinforce Status Quo
7946 Johnny Winter’s Mississippi Blues
7950 Conservative Hypocrisy on “Future Generations”
7954 Just Because Abe Vigoda’s Old
7958 Why I Don’t Like The Big Bang Theory
7962 The Fed Isn’t Interested in Our World
7964 A Little Mississippi John Hurt
7966 The Renoir Patriarch
7968 We All Deserve to Die
7970 Democrats’ 2014 Chances Not So Bad
7972 Twit Say Twat Means Twaddle
7974 Christopher Marlowe and Two Singers
7976 Camp’s Budget Another Giveaway to Rich
7978 Obamacare Surcharge
7982 John Steinbeck and Three Others
7984 Good and Bad From Terry Fator
7988 Obamacare Helps the Poor and Sick
7990 Three Nobels and a Funny Man
7992 There Is No Debt Crisis
7996 How We Got the Crazy Republican Party
7998 The Racism of White as a Non-Race

Items 8001 – 9000

8001 Robert Bork’s Dark Legacy
8003 Republicans Support War Not Troops
8005 Merciful God and Parasitic Worms
8007 The Redemption of Dr Seuss
8009 Fed Is By, For, and Of Power Elites
8011 Endless Details of Conspiracy Theories
8013 Ira Glass and the Art of Storytelling
8017 EITC Doesn’t Replace Minimum Wage
8019 Ukraine Is Putin’s Problem
8021 The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders
8023 Vivaldi’s Opera
8025 American Well-Being
8027 Jon Stewart Hammers Jim DeMint
8031 Stan Lee Sucks: the Jack Kirby Story
8033 Dancing Jesus and 666 Followers
8035 Lynn Margulis and the Gaia Hypothesis
8037 GOP Scoreboard
8040 Same Sex Marriage Becoming Non-Issue
8042 Free the Gnomes!
8044 Michelangelo and Male Beauty
8046 Paul Ryan Weeps for School Lunches
8048 Yglesias Called Mike Lee Tax Plan
8050 Racial Diversity in Millennials
8054 Two Different Maurice Ravels
8056 Culpability in Accidental Shootings
8058 Morning Music Classics From Joe Tex
8060 Face the (Republican) Nation
8062 Conservative Economics’ Reality Deficit
8064 Darrell Issa’s Continued Abuse of Power
8066 Oliver Wendell Holmes and Free Speech
8068 Inequality Trumps Productivity
8070 Raul Julia’s Great Acting Not Films
8072 Jack London and Socialism
8074 Kansas Wants to Close All Minds
8076 Jonathan Turley’s Minor Complaints
8078 Edie Brickell and Friends
8080 The Binary Worldview of Conservatives
8082 Woman Just Knows Obamacare Is Bad
8084 Urbain Le Verrier and Neptune
8088 Mainstream Press Support Power Elite
8090 Is It Racist?
8092 Rich Scramble to Destroy Economy
8094 We Are No Better Than the Sumerians
8096 Paul Ryan’s Racist Dog Whistle
8098 The Crave Cat Food Challenge
8100 My Problem With Jack Kerouac
8102 Odds and Ends Vol 9
8104 Message to Google: Don’t Be Lazy
8107 Same Old Lesson for Dems in FL-13
8109 Better Than English
8111 Three Levels of Political Pessimism
8115 Imaginative Power and Percival Lowell
8117 Between Right and Wrong Is Half Wrong
8120 Dave Weigel’s Racist Apologetics
8122 David Frum Summarizes Charles Murray
8124 Skippy and the Tick
8128 Quincy Jones and Another 81-Year-Old
8130 The Paradox of Liberal Magnanimity
8133 Poor Entrepreneurs and Bad Incentives
8136 Sly Stone and Family
8138 Tonight Show“>First David Brenner Tonight Show
8142 60% of Men’s Wages Down Over 40 Years
8144 George Will’s Disingenuous Arguments
8146 Obama Never Went After Financial Crime
8150 Richard Stallman Again
8152 Odds and Ends Vol 10
8159 Keep Inside, It’s St Patrick’s Day!
8161 Michael Been’s Easy Salvation
8165 Nothing Left
8170 Democrats Should Expand Entitlements
8172 Neville Chamberlain Was Right
8177 Bad Oscar Winners
8179 Ballad of a WiFi Hero
8181 I Believe in God but He Doesn’t Care
8183 Maybe Nate Silver Should Stick to Sports
8185 The Great Democratic Myth
8188 Populist Icon William Jennings Bryan
8190 Milton Friedman Wrong on Depression
8192 Of Course Boehner Kills UI Benefits
8194 Puppets and Reproductive Rights
8198 Shakespeare Uncovered
8200 The Urban Legends of Mr Rogers
8203 Bill Donohue Welcome at NYC Pride
8205 Politico‘s False Equivalence on Media’s Putin Love Affair
8207 Dems Need to Increase Asian Voter Turnout
8209 Son House
8211 Marriage and Bad Economics
8213 Wonderful Legacy of the Krofft Brothers
8215 White Power and Black Oppression
8217 GOP Millennials Ad Parodies
8219 Two Musical Comedy Legends
8221 Odds and Ends Vol 12
8223 Libertarian Fail on Birth Control
8227 White Out in the Heart of Texas
8231 Carter Thinks NSA Spies on Him
8233 Our Stingy Social Security Benefits
8235 For Some MA370 Will Always Be Mystery
8237 Matilda Joslyn Gage
8241 Let Discrimination Ring!
8243 Why Conservatives Ignore Global Warming
8245 Want Investors? Be an Attractive Man!
8247 Bela Bartok and Birth of Modern
8250 Education, Inequality, and Myth
8252 The Real Global Warming Debate
8254 Tennessee and Rose Williams
8256 NYT Parody”>Nate Silver’s Bizarre NYT Parody
8260 Corporate Bureaucracy
8262 Paul Ryan More Racist Than Ever
8264 Artist and Rat Budd Schulberg
8266 The Black Cultural Dysfunction Myth
8268 Christie’s Government Abuse Continues
8270 Apologies to Fra Bartolomeo
8274 Cons Think Colbert Is a Double Agent
8276 Joe Biden Gets a Dwarf Planet
8278 Inflation Chicken Littles
8280 Why We Hate Cheney More Than Bush
8282 Brendan Gleeson
8284 Rats May Not Be Responsible for Plague
8286 Why No Media Interest in Obamacare
8288 Right Wing Propaganda Spawns Loons
8290 Bill Maher Gives Good Advice to Dems
8292 The Lesser Known Vincent van Gogh
8294 Pretend Wonk Paul Ryan
8296 Happy Cesar Chavez Day!
8298 Great Deals on Black Pets!
8300 GOTV Is Key to Democratic Success
8302 The Son Joseph Haydn Never Had
8304 Miracle Reagan Toast Discovered
8308 Politics and the Hierarchy of Needs
8310 Why Conservatives Hate Obamacare
8312 We Need a Financial Transaction Tax
8317 Supreme Court Strikes Blow for Oligarchy
8319 Charlemagne and Meritocracy
8323 Cautionary Comment on Inspiration Story
8325 Even Republican Women Hate Women
8327 UPS and Corporate Power Abuse
8331 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
8335 Rand Paul Won’t Fly in General Election
8340 Thaddeus and Lydia
8342 The Global Cooling Myth
8344 “If I Only Had a Brain” and Political Smarts
8346 John Roberts’ Balls and Strikes
8349 Roger Corman and the Art of Film Making
8353 Warren Buffett Counter-Counterargument
8355 Income Inequality Problems
8357 Who Else but Raphael?
8359 Why Low Inflation Is Bad
8363 Elite Power Trumps Ideological Rigidity
8365 People Who Know Where Ukraine Is, Don’t Want to Go to War Over it
8367 Government Oppression and Billie Holiday
8369 Watching Jonathan Chait Flail
8371 Third Way Looks Out for Corporate Base
8373 Bad Tipping and Christian Apologetics
8377 Four Songs From Jacques Brel
8379 The Republican Obamacare Endgame
8382 Don’t Involve NASA in Ukraine Situation
8384 Bad Samaritans
8386 Let’s Be Kind to the Poor and Weak
8388 Two Songs From Tom Lehrer
8390 101 Year Old Message in a Bottle
8392 Marginal Worker Value
8394 Healthcare Cost Control and GOP Hysteria
8396 William Hazlitt Had Many Ideas
8398 The 1980 Libertarian Platform Today
8400 None Dead at School Stabbing
8402 Brendan Eich Is Not a Free Speech Victim
8406 Jane Bolin at Yale
8410 American Original Tiny Tim
8412 Translator Again Everywhere That I’m Not
8416 Beckett Great and Not
8418 Let’s Send Mike Huckabee to North Korea
8420 What’s Good and Bad About Us All
8422 Mona Caron Outdoes Magritte
8424 Strange “”Facts”” in Conservative World
8426 The Models of Thomas Schelling
8427 Turbo Tax vs Tax Act
8429 GOP Senate Would Be Worse Than Thought
8431 This Is Not Great-Great-Grandma’s GOP
8433 Advice for Young Carey Wedler
8435 Leonhard Euler and Diff Eq
8437 Be a Patriot, Pay Your Taxes!
8439 Mourning for Lu Lingzi
8441 Israel’s Long-Term Security
8443 Henry Mancini
8445 Turbo Tax vs Tax Act
8446 Libertarians and Economics
8448 Fanfare for a Death Scene“>Fanfare for a Death Scene
8453 Alexander Cartwright and Baseball
8455 Media’s Skewed Economic Framing
8457 Facts Are Ideological if Cons Admit It
8459 The Obamacare War Is Over
8461 Democrats’ Electoral Changes Less Bad
8463 Shinobu Hashimoto at 96
8465 Conservatives and the Lucky Duckies
8467 Cost of Minimum Wage Rise Is Nominal
8469 Tax the Rich for the Social Good
8471 American Political Oppression A-B-Cs
8473 Sweet Tim Curry
8475 Cops Lie, This Time They Were Caught
8477 The Sergeant and the Kitten
8481 Harold and Adolf and Ted
8483 Rich Kid “”Reporter””
8486 The Plutocrats Are Not on Our Side
8488 David Brooks Plays Centrist
8490 Easter Sucked!
8492 Elaine May
8494 The Case for Soaking the Rich
8496 Very Serious Conspiracy Theorists
8498 Why We Idolize Certain Presidents
8500 Monkeys Do Math as Expected
8502 Law, Humor, and Henry Fielding
8504 Statistics and Pornography
8508 Pedant vs Pedant
8510 Canada’s Middle Class Beats US
8512 Today Is Not Shakespeare’s Birthday
8514 Republican Actors?!
8516 Deuce, Douche, and Blinded by the Light
8518 Republican Shame on Medicaid Expansion
8520 The Spine Tingler William Castle
8524 Racism as Political Subtext
8526 It’s Not Our Brains, It’s Our Media
8528 Pay No Attention to Rich Man’s Welfare!
8533 Ella Fitzgerald
8535 Stop Assuming All Felons Are Murderers
8539 “”Coincidence”” Republicans Often Racists
8541 American Impressionist Edmund Tarbell
8543 Campaign Messages Don’t Matter to Media
8545 Is My Existence a Coincidence?
8547 A Brief History of “”Hey Joe””
8549 King James Bible as Cultural Signifier
8551 A Vindication of Mary Wollstonecraft
8554 It’s the Partisans, Stupid
8556 Economic Mobility Is a Distraction
8559 Harper Lee’s Creative Humility
8563 Why We Blog
8565 Raja Ravi Varma
8567 Alfie Kohn and Real Education Reform
8571 Religious Belief Doesn’t Trump Law
8573 Problems with Standards-Based Education
8575 The Ballad of Johnny Horton
8577 Conservatives as Bullies
8579 A Brief Look at Doodle 4 Google Winners
8581 Literally Crazy Commenter
8583 Portrait Master Cecilia Beaux
8587 May Day and the Working Class
8591 Short Clear Sentences Please!
8593 Tragic and Wonderful Lorenz Hart
8597 Elegant Racism
8599 Why Benghazi Still Rocks Conservatives
8601 Winning at Rock, Paper, Scissors
8604 Google Translate Auto-Detect Sucks!
8606 Clear Eyed Niccolo Machiavelli
8608 The Facts About the Reagan Presidency
8612 Two Happy Pet Rescues
8614 Darwin’s Bulldog Thomas Henry Huxley
8616 Seven Tenets Beat Ten Commandments
8618 The Banal Webdriver Torso Mystery
8620 We Are Great When We Gaze at the Stars
8622 Karl Marx as Moral Philosopher
8626 I Was Forced to Watch Joel McHale
8628 Is it too Late for Democracy?
8630 Touch of Welles
8634 On Being Better Than Others
8636 Art Laffer’s Toxic Prescription
8640 Gun (and Much Else) Extremist Larry Pratt
8642 Johannes Brahms
8644 Republicans Just Don’t Want Reform
8646 Thomas Friedman Is Wrong on Ukraine
8649 Liberals ♥ Democracy!
8651 Peter Benchley Loved Sharks
8653 Helping Heroin Addicts
8655 The Conservative Culture of Ignorance
8657 Michael Hiltzik
8659 John Brown Marches On
8661 Will the Real Frank Conniff…
8663 Pro-Business Policies Don’t Help Economy
8665 Chazz Darling Vampire Cop
8668 Charles Krauthammer Doesn’t Know Science
8670 The Booth Civil War
8672 Benghazi!“>When in Doubt Benghazi!
8677 At the Academy With Jean-Leon Gerome
8680 Be Careful With Cannabis Cookies
8682 How to Properly Chill Beer
8684 Obamacare Liars Going to Hell
8686 Julius Rosenberg and Politics of Fear
8688 Abortion Is Not About Babies
8690 Democrats Are Always Black Presidents
8692 They Only Come Out at Night
8696 Herbert Ross Directed Many Great Films
8698 Why Do Maps of Everything That’s Wrong With America All Look the Same?
8700 John Oliver Destroys Global Warming False Equivalence
8702 Glenn Hubbard as Ignorant as He Pretends
8704 Girl, Dog, Pitcher, Gainsborough
8706 Obamacare Disinformation Campaign
8708 Conservatives Want What They Want
8710 Voter-ID Is Vote Suppression
8712 The Greatest American Economist
8714 Competing Freedom Interests
8716 You Are a Neanderthal!
8718 Jonathan Richman
8722 A Depressed Economy Is the Time to Address Global Warming
8724 Anti-Constitutional Constitutional Conservatives
8726 The Best Altman Gosford Park
8728 Wilhelm Steinitz and Paul Bishop
8730 Is Your Family Improving America?
8732 Hillary in 2016? Who Cares!
8735 Political Clarity and Anti-Anxiety Meds
8737 Parallels of Omar Khayyam
8739 Heroes for a Debased Culture
8741 A Brief Intro to Bernard Frouchtben
8743 Malcolm X
8745 Timothy Geithner: Awful Person and Liar
8747 Impulse Control and Global Warming
8749 You’ll Find Everything in Balzac
8753 All the Sorta Gay Sorta Celebs
8755 High Taxes Killed the Movies!
8757 Perfect Day
8759 The Erotica of Edouard-Henri Avril
8761 The New “”Climate Always Changes”” Ruse
8763 Answering Krugman’s Three Questions
8765 The Obamacare Denial Industry
8767 On Tall Tales and Bootstraps
8769 Gay Rights Pioneer Harvey Milk
8772 Benghazi! Preview”>Benghazi! Preview
8776 Douglas Fairbanks
8778 Kenneth Branagh as Macbeth
8780 Lord Michael Kinsley
8782 The Bonus Round
8786 Jimmy Carter Is Not Dead
8788 Bob Dylan as Relevant as Ever
8790 Could Michelle Nunn Win in 2014?
8792 Challenges of Female on Male Violence
8794 The Real Mr Bojangles, Bill Robinson
8798 Numbers, Narratives, and God
8802 Try to Be Better on Memorial Day
8804 Depression, War, and Dorothea Lange
8806 Joe Miller Joke Book
8808 Odds and Ends Vol 11
8810 Charity of Bruce Cockburn
8815 Welfare State Is Good for Economy
8817 More Robert Price Islamophobia
8819 Michael Kinsley Didn’t Review Greenwald
8821 “”Great Men”” and the Great War
8823 John Fogerty
8825 Rude and Useless Comments
8827 Maya Angelou and My Education
8831 Liberty Fraud Patrick Henry
8835 Angela’s Drilling a Hole
8837 Sexual Maturity and Violence
8839 “”Jade’s Trick”” in Shakespeare
8841 What’s Up, Mel Blanc?
8844 Reps Support Troops When Convenient
8846 Richard Clarke Is Right About War Crimes
8848 Thomas Piketty Devours Chris Giles
8853 Darest Thou Now, Walt Whitman
8855 Religious Right: Racism Not Abortion
8857 Real Libertarians Should Be Democrats
8859 George Tiller and Late Term Abortions
8861 Obama Probably Not Into Black Flag
8863 Miss Monroe and Her Acetates
8865 George Will Is Still an Idiot
8867 The Harsh Realism of Thomas Hardy
8871 Pure Math Distorting Political Debate
8873 Scalia: Public Unions’ New Friend?
8875 Poe, Death, and Sarah Jarosz
8879 Gary Wesley American Hero
8881 How I Voted Today
8884 Traitor Jefferson Davis
8886 Coal Is About Profits Not Workers
8888 Hopeless Search for Honest Conservative
8890 Networks, Phones, and Black Magic
8892 Abstract Expressionist Fernand Leduc
8894 Can We Wait About Bowe Bergdahl?
8896 The War“>Ken Burns’ Cold War The War
8900 California’s Stupid Top Two Primaries
8902 John Maynard Keynes—Again
8904 The Coal Misdirection
8906 The Nice Side of All Deserving to Die
8908 “”Pro-Growth”” Policy Produce Poor States
8911 It Puts the Skin on the Book
8913 Nathan Hale’s One Life
8915 Ada Rehan, Shaw, and Shakespeare
8917 Bernard Frouchtben’s War Painting
8919 David Brooks: Obama Was Right—Except
8921 The Progression of Paul Gauguin
8923 Out of the Office
8926 Bernard Frouchtben at the Antiques Roadshow
8928 Matt Continetti and the Conservative Id
8930 A Trip to Hell With Jan Frans De Boever
8934 Power Abuse by the Power Elite
8936 Problems With Split Screens
8938 Support James Risen and Press Freedom
8940 La Chanteuse Barbara
8944 Revelation Predicted Muhammad?!
8946 Elvie Thomas and Geeshie Wiley
8951 Mike Lee’s “”Busy”” Year
8953 Ants, God, and E O Wilson
8955 Tim Geithner: Grifter of the Power Elite
8957 Unpublishable Narcissism
8959 Richard Strauss, Not to Be Confused With
8963 Perfect “”Potato Pancakes””
8965 My Advice to Jack Trammell
8967 The Genius Ecosystem
8969 Anne Frank’s Writer’s Soul
8971 Other Problems With Racism
8973 Physicist and Poet James Clerk Maxwell
8975 Unemployment Is Critical Factor in Presidential Races
8977 Right Wing Media Rarely Correct Erroneous Reports
8979 Cato Sucks but PERC Does Good Work
8981 Off to the Valley!
8983 The Father of Modern Geology
8985 Inflation Will Continue to be Low
8987 The Lime in Harry Nilsson
8989 Geronimo and the European Invasion
8991 Teacher Tenure Case a Farce
8993 US Healthcare Number 1—in Cost
8995 Let’s Send Paul Wolfowitz to Iraq!
8997 The Evolution of M C Escher
8999 More Republican Delay on Global Warming

Items 9001 – 10,000

9001 “”Uncertainty”” Not Holding Back Hiring
9003 Gun Lobby: Profits Before People!
9005 Who Mourns for Cursive?
9007 Frozen“>Some Decent Songs in Frozen
9012 Paul McCartney Is 8 Years Past 64
9014 Timothy Geithner Lies With Graphs Too
9016 You Don’t Care about World Football
9018 Redskins as Pejorative
9020 Oh How Nick Drake Come and Go
9022 “”Meritocracy”” and the Geico Gecko
9024 Chris Christie to be Indicted?
9026 K-Tel Classics: Bush Years!
9028 Lillian Hellman
9030 America Versus “”America””
9032 Small Victory for Homeless in Venice
9034 I Am the Swampman
9036 Thankful for Henry Ossawa Tanner
9040 Did Bush Win Political Capital in 2004?
9042 Good English Dubbing in Bicycle Thieves
9044 Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner 50 Years Later
9046 Programmable Computers and Konrad Zuse
9048 All That Fosse
9052 More Idiocy from Chris Matthews
9054 Democrats Must Stop Believing the Reagan Myth
9056 Blindness of the Upper Middle Class Journalist
9058 How I Discovered Jules Shear
9060 The Devil and Ambrose Bierce
9062 Obama Is Too Weak for Mercy
9064 DVD Commentaries as Film Studies
9066 June Lockhart
9068 Who’d a Thought: Due Process in the US!
9072 The Spencer Collins Library Controversy
9074 My First, My Last, My Privacy!
9077 We’ll Always Have Peter Lorre
9079 “”Ticking Bomb”” Torture Hypothetical
9083 Conservatives Will Never Get Over Obamacare
9087 Paul Laurence Dunbar
9089 Two Problems With Hierarchical Class
9091 Eric Cantor on Eric Cantor
9093 Fighting Global Warming Helps the Economy
9095 Peter Paul Rubens
9099 Ray Harryhausen
9102 Don James Goldman
9104 Acuphilia: More Exciting Than You Know
9106 SCOTUS Says Not All Religions Are Equal
9110 Public Confidence Doesn’t Mean Much
9112 Film Pioneer Alice Guy
9114 Immigration Reform Won’t Help Reps
9118 The Wisdom of Seneca
9120 Christoph Willibald Gluck
9122 Reps Need Good Ideas Not New Ones
9124 Franz Kafka and the War on Drugs
9129 Taxes and Collapsing Bridges
9131 Jobs Report Good News for Senate Elections
9133 “”Independents”” Don’t Need a Party
9135 Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Witch Trials
9137 Supreme Court Losing All Credibility
9139 American Independence Was Limited
9141 Art, Opium, and Jean Cocteau
9145 Dems Only Need a Little Help in Senate
9147 Anthony Cumia and How Racism Works
9149 Disc and Track Names on Books on CD
9151 Sylvester Stallone
9153 Obama Is a Typical New Democrat
9155 Hidden Politics Fester: Speak Up!
9157 The Great Housefly Massacre
9159 Satchel Paige
9161 Welcome to Neo-Feudalism
9163 Apologia for David Weigel’s Apologia
9167 Brilliant and Strange Arthur Evans
9169 Con Intellectuals Only Do Apologetics
9173 GOP Picks Perfect RNC Location!
9177 Gothic Novelist Ann Radcliffe
9179 Why Americans Don’t Work Less
9181 A Modest Proposal for Israel-Palestine
9183 Best Britney Spears Ever—and More
9186 Truckin’ Away With Blind Boy Fuller
9188 The Bill of Rights is About All Humans Not Just US Citizens
9190 Another Libertarian Gets Trapped Talking About Practical Matters
9192 Don’t Ask How the US Would React
9194 Why Marx Was Right Review”>Why Marx Was Right Review
9198 Class Is Not Style
9200 Revolution at the Public Library
9202 Modigliani, the Artists Not the Economist
9204 Don’t Look Back and Sneer
9206 Why Hard Working Blacks Vote Democratic
9210 Game Master Stewart Culin
9213 Murrieta and Immigrant Hatred
9215 Time as a Construct of Consciousness
9217 What Matters in “”Ode to Billie Joe””
9219 American Aristocrat Owen Wister
9221 Republican Policies Grow More Democrats
9223 Rick Santelli Slapdown
9227 Unreasonably Beautiful People
9229 Sweet Dorothy Fields
9231 Rembrandt Over Time
9233 Barbara Lee and Blood Lust
9238 Gil Fulbright Ads Are Very Funny But Probably Counterproductive
9242 Steve Israel Should Become a Republican
9244 Humans, Swallows Equally Delusional
9246 Paul Delaroche as He Ought to Have Been
9248 Sad About Johnny Winter
9250 Misunderstanding Thomas Kuhn
9252 Soon-to-Be More Knowledgeable
9254 Selfie Toaster Dumber Than You Think!
9256 Al Kamen Doesn’t Miss the Deficit—but He Should
9260 “Your God” by Cheryl Wheeler
9263 Cruz and Beck Distribute Crisp, Refreshing Dasani Sparkling Water to Brown Children
9265 Max Liebermann
9270 Pessimistic Conservatives
9272 Martin Longman Has a Bad Day
9274 Why Term Limits Are Bad
9277 Beware We “”Slow”” Thinkers!
9281 Practical Libs, Ideological Cons
9285 Thomas Frank on Obama’s Legacy
9289 Hopper Painting
9291 Courts Have Good News for Obamacare
9293 New Blood Pressure Guidelines
9295 “”You Can’t Fix Supid!!””?!
9297 Frank and Drum View of Obama
9299 Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Raw Emotion
9301 Cause of Every Israel-Palestine War
9305 Can the Democrats Hold Senate?
9307 Watchlist Is Government Wishlist
9309 The Extinct Pride of California
9313 Republican Abuse of Representative Democratic Norms Has Made Them Impotent
9315 Ezra Klein’s Turbulent Affair with Paul Ryan
9317 Diffracting Rosalind Franklin
9321 Guaranteed Minimum Income
9323 Carl Jung
9327 Keenan Wynn
9331 Modern Racism
9333 Most Racists Are Good People
9335 Faith in Experts Is More Rational Than Faith that Experts Are Wrong
9339 Marcel Duchamp Descending a Staircase
9341 A Really Bad Representative Democracy
9343 KCTV 7: Satire When You Least Need It!
9345 Fun Horror Films With Wax
9347 Paul Ryan Is the Face of False Equivalence
9349 Don Marquis and the Cockroach Poet
9351 Don’t Cry for the Export-Import Bank
9353 Dinesh D’Souza Fuels Conservative Anger
9355 Anti-Libertarian Criticism Site Review”>Anti-Libertarian Criticism Site Review
9359 Waiting for Peter Bogdanovich
9361 Long Term Interests in Israel-Palestine
9363 Democrats Making Chumps Out of Us
9365 “”Les Bourgeois”” and the Wisdom of Age
9369 Libertarian Zealot Milton Friedman
9371 John Hodgman Does Ayn Rand
9373 All Told a Nice Emperor Claudius
9377 Fixing the Economy Is Only Hard When a Democrat Is in the White House
9379 Why Presidential Libraries “”Work””
9383 Elisha Gray’s 1887 Fax Machine
9385 Why Scientists Are Overwhelmingly Liberal
9387 The Devil Wants You Praying in Public
9389 Elisha Otis Was a Careful Man
9391 News Bias Is a Choice to Lack Diversity
9393 Terrors of Pleasure Again”>Finding Terrors of Pleasure Again
9399 Mary Shelley’s Radical Husband
9405 Wall St Complaints Don’t Indicate Success
9407 Obama’s Hope Is There’ll Be No Change
9409 Joseph Merrick’s Short and Tragic Life
9413 My Parents Open Carry“>Improving My Parents Open Carry
9417 Republicans Don’t Want Better Schools
9419 Republican Delusion Empowers Obama
9422 George Jung Is Free
9424 Congressional Polls Show Bad Economy
9426 Wall St Says Economic Inequality Is Bad
9430 The Modern Justice of Elizabeth Bathory
9432 Reform Republicans Only Sound Reasonable — It’s in the Job Description
9434 Josh Barro’s Honeydew Melon Apologia
9436 Rick Perlstein on the Tea Party
9438 Emiliano Zapata
9442 The Roots of Republican Reagan Idolatry
9444 The Proper Way to Ogle Women
9446 Learning from Jean Piaget
9448 Krippendorf’s Tribe the Novel”>Krippendorf’s Tribe the Novel
9452 Charles Darrow’s Monopoly
9454 Three Elvis Costello Political Songs
9456 Congress Won’t Congratulate New Pope
9460 Yuji Koseki’s Ode to a Radioactive Moth
9464 Situational Use of Economic Models
9468 Life With and Without Robin Williams
9471 Joy and Despair in a Single Day
9473 Shock Yourself with Samuel Fuller
9475 Slow Recovery Good News for Dems in ’16
9477 Republican Party’s Libertarian Fantasies
9479 And Now Lauren Bacall
9484 Overrated but Fun Alfred Hitchcock
9486 Why We Homeschool
9488 How to Lie With Polls
9490 Howdy, Howdy, Howdy Gary Larson!
9494 A Soul Is Not a Personality
9496 Fox News
Not Interested in Ferguson”>Fox News Not Interested in Ferguson
9500 StarPower: the Game That Shows We’re All Doomed

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