The vast majority of Frankly Curious is written by Frank Moraes. But much of the better material is written by our contributors:

Andrea English
Andrea was the first contributor to Frankly Curious. She also has created all of the original artwork on this site — most notably the headers.
William Brown
William is my longtime partner in the computer business. He also happens to know just about everything about consumerism. He writes about random subjects.
James Fillmore
James started as a commenter — and is still very active. He’s an excellent writer who used to write regularly for Twinkie Town.
Elizabeth Rogers
Elizabeth also started as a commenter. She knows politics from the inside and addresses it from a more practical standpoint than the rest of us do. She also writes about silly stuff.

In addition, Frankly Curious is a repository of a now defunct blog, Adventures with ADD. So there are two writers from posts from that site: