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Knight on Horseback - Don QuixoteFrankly Curious was started November 2009 by Frank Moraes as a place to write about whatever was on his mind — and to a lesser degree what was on the minds of a small group of contributors (Andrea English William Brown, James Fillmore, and Elizabeth Rogers). The content was and is very diverse. However, on 6 July 2012, something happened. The political website Crooks & Liars, picked up one of our articles for its daily blog round up. That greatly increased the site’s profile.

Up to that point, we avoided political articles. It was just too easy. Anyway, who cared what we thought about politics? Well, apparently, some people did. So not only did we start writing more about politics, we started writing more about everything. We were publishing roughly two articles per day at that time. After that, it went up to three, and then four, and so on. In fact, we’ve had to hold back so that we have time for other projects. It eventually reached the point where six articles were published each day. Now we are back down to two per day for financial reasons.

There is really no point to Frankly Curious. It is just a place where we learn about things and share them with others — even if the others are relatively few. (The site currently has about 500 daily readers and about 1,500 daily spammers.) The site is organized into Categories which you can access in the menu on the right. We do plan to try to create more and better ways to organize the content on this site, but it is hard. You are best just visiting every day.

So what is Frankly Curious about? Everything and nothing. For more information, see the very first article, Everything Interesting for Everyone Interesting.

11 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Just wanted to tell Frank Moraes that I loved his article on Miller’s Crossing. I enjoy watching movies, and equally enjoy reading insightful, smart and well-written reviews. That article was one of the few I’ve read in recent years that I can say I really appreciated. Keep up the good writing.


  2. Just happened to stop by this blog thanks to a reference in Goblinbooks and boy am I glad! I will be binge reading – thank you :)
    BTW, the Don Quixote, windmill image made me laugh…

    • Thank you. I was blown away that PB posted that. I’ve been reading him for years. And yes, we tilt at a lot of windmills around here. Actually, I have this thing about Don Quixote. But it is Sancho who is the real hero!

  3. I believe this is the Thread we are to use for Topic Request Submission. Here is my proposed topic: We dutiful readers really need to know if there was any there there about the song Turning Japanese meaning what is was said, at the time, to mean. Here is a link to a vide of the song: https://youtu.be/RLQeb5NGt3E

    A Loyal Reader

  4. Question: In the fading in and out highlights of past articles, at the top………. is there anyway to put a ‘go back’ arrow, to return to the previous snippet that was just showing? I know, its probably a complicated thing and they are likely randomly ordered. Just not quick enough, at my old age, to click the ‘read full’ option before a desired snippet goes away.

    will brown

    • There may be. I’ll look into it. But as it is, there are little dots below the display that allow you to go to any of the collection that you like.

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