Morning Music: Hoyt Curtin

The JetsonsI was never a big fan of The Jetsons. The Flintstones is more my kind of thing. But I’ve always loved the theme song of The Jetsons. Those fast filler riffs have always blown me away. And then the perverse use of “Chopsticks” is too great.

The song was written by Hoyt Curtin. He wrote the theme song for just about any Hanna-Barbera cartoon you ever saw. The Los Angeles Times called him the “Mike Post of animation sound tracks, the John Williams of the Smurf set.”

Apparently, in 1986, the song was re-recorded and released in a slightly longer form along with a “music video.” It’s interesting, because they managed to take out the truly sexist (and ahistorical) bit where George hands Jane a dollar bill, and she leaves him with it, taking his whole wallet before zipping off to “Shopping Center.” It reached “No 9 on Billboard magazine’s retail sales charts,” which is, really amazing.

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