BB-CodeAs noted by a number of users, Frankly Curious has installed BB-Code for our comments. This allows users to add typesetting to their comments. Actually, there is much more than this. You can also add quoted material (also source code) and even embed YouTube videos.

The code below shows how to use these commands. You can see how it is displayed in the comment below. Basically, they are all just standard HTML markup, except that they are enclosed in square brackets rather than less than/greater than symbols. There are a couple of wrinkles, however.


To use the “color” tag (I wish you wouldn’t), you have to include the color that you want. This can either be a color name like “red” or “blue” or many others. Or you can use a #RGB tag. If you know how to use this, go ahead; otherwise, just stick to the color names.


The “size” tag is pretty much the same as the color tag, except that you enter the font size. I believe this is the number of points.


You can embed a YouTube video just by putting the URL of the video inside the “youtube” tags. Note that there is no way to set the size of this. I’ve set the size of all videos to 350 by 197. This is the right aspect ratio for most videos. But if the video ends up looking wrong, don’t be surprised.


You can just throw in a link on a line by itself and it will be turned into a link. Or you can use the code below.

Have fun!







[size=24]Size 24[/size]

[quote]This is supposed to be an extended quote. This is supposed to be an extended quote. This is supposed to be an extended quote. This is supposed to be an extended quote.[/quote]

[code]main(int argc char **argv)
int i, n;
n = 5;
for (i=0;i

The Cycle Sucks

S. E. CuppHave you seen MSNBC’s The Cycle? It is amazing, because the show tries so hard to be “young” and “hip” it is painful to watch. It is like they’re going after the demographic that likes The Young Turks without having ever watched it. “Put some young people on the TV; it will be like a political American Bandstand.” Except it isn’t.

Touré, who hosts the show projects so much anemic middle-of-the-roadness that he seems more like a Young Republican in black face than the edgy Gen-Xer his other work would indicate. Steve Kornacki, one of the liberals on the show, tries hard to imitate a hip Ezra Klein. Unfortunately, he lands the hip but fails miserably on the Klein. Unlike his “both sides now” newspaper writing, when Klein is on MSNBC, he’s at his best: unapologetically liberal. As the other liberal on the show, Krystal Ball tries her best. Unfortunately, she isn’t that liberal, so she comes off as more whiny than progressive.

All of this could be forgiven if it weren’t for the choice of S. E. Cupp to play the part of the conservative on The Cycle. I know that in this modern world, it is easy to equate conservative and stupid or conservative and ignorant or conservative and both. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If I were creating a show where I needed a token conservative, I would try to find one. (Josh Barro would be a great choice!) I wouldn’t just pick any public idiot. But that is what the producers of The Cycle did when they hired S. E. Cupp.

On today’s show, Cupp explained that Biden did pretty well on domestic issues, but embarrassed himself on foreign affairs. As I noted last night during the debate, I thought Ryan embarrassed himself in this area—especially on the issue of Afghanistan. But I understand that Biden wasn’t perfect, especially when explaining the Libyan embassy attacks. But this is not why Cupp thinks Biden “embarrassed” himself. Biden embarrassed himself on the issue of Iran. After all, Martha Raddatz had to “ask” Biden, “You are acting a little bit like [the Iranians] don’t want [a nuclear weapon].” The assumption is that the Iranians are just evil and irrational —the same charges we have heard about America’s enemies for as long as I’ve been alive. These are also the same charges that have proved to be wrong each and every time. And this is what S. E. Cupp knows to be the case and this is her damning indictment of Joe Biden.

Of course, it is exactly because of such ignorant statements that shows like the The Cycle have conservatives on. Liberals won’t say such things. Just the same, they won’t counter them either. Glenn Greenwald wrote an excellent article this morning that touched on this subject, Martha Raddatz and the faux objectivity of journalists. Supposedly objective journalists like Raddatz are committed to war with Iran and no liberal pundit is going to point out how off the chart crazy these ideas are:

To the extent that she questioned the possibility of attacking Iran, it was purely on the grounds of whether an attack would be tactically effective, citing former defense secretary Bob Gates’ warning that that such an attack “could prove catastrophic, haunting us for generations,” and then asking: “Can the two of you be absolutely clear and specific to the American people how effective would a military strike be?”

Note what Raddatz did not ask and never would. Even after both candidates re-affirmed their commitment to attacking Iran to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon (…), there were no questions about whether the US would have the legal or moral right to launch an aggressive attack on Iran. That the US has the right to attack any country it wants is one of those unexamined assumptions in Washington discourse, probably the supreme orthodoxy of the nation’s “foreign policy community”.

The Cycle is a much more dangerous show than Fox News’ The Five. Whereas The Five is supposed to be crazy conservative and is, The Cycle is supposed to be at least somewhat liberal but isn’t. Instead, it provides a venue for crazy conservative talking points to be spouted without any counter. But I don’t suppose it matters, because in addition to everything else, The Cycle is boring. I don’t think it will be long for the TV machine.

Satan’s Weapon of Choice? Facebook.

AmandaThere is no God, there is no Devil. Angels don’t watch over us nor do demons thwart us. The only true evil in this world is the human race.

If you don’t want to be sad for the rest of the day, you probably shouldn’t read this article, Bullied Canadian teen leaves behind chilling YouTube video.

Amanda Todd, the girl in the video, chose to leave this world at 15 years old.

I wish it weren’t raining.

Best Democrat Debate: Tie

Joe BidenThere was one dynamic of last night’s debate—any debate in this campaign—that I completely missed. There is no way anyone would have said that Biden was the clear winner. The reason is that half of the political commentators were going to say that Ryan won, because they are Republican.

Last night, Steve Schmidt noted that Republicans would think that Ryan won and Democrats would think that Biden won. That’s true as far as it goes. But half of that statement could have been made before the debate started. The Republicans are so partisan that they simply could not have found Ryan anything but wonderful.

Contrast this to last week when Democrats were apoplectic about Obama’s performance. Admittedly, Democrats are constitutionally more inclined to be self critical. But Republicans—as I’ve noted many times—are only interested in power and so they are always on board with the party talking points.

Of course, the mainstream media can’t have an opinion about such things. Facts: Democrats and Republicans each say they won. Conclusion: tie!

What I find particularly frustrating about the debate coverage is that much is made of the fact that Ryan seemed to know what he’s talking about. All I can gather from this is that being able to string together intelligible sentences means that one knows what he’s talking about. I thought Ryan was talking in circles. He didn’t want to admit what his economic policies implied and he simply didn’t know what he was talking about regarding foreign policy.

There seemed to be a special kind of expectations game going on here. Ryan was supposedly a smart guy before the debate. During the debate, he was greatly downgraded. But instead of grading his debate performance based upon his starting level they use his ending level. “See: he was no worse than he turned out to be!”

It appears that whenever Democrats and Republicans debate, the best Democrats can do is tie. Republicans will always claim victory. Thus the mainstream media will always always claim a tie—unless the Democrats accept defeat.