Avik Roy Cries Into His Beer

Avik RoyZack Beauchamp sat down in a bar and had a talk with Republican pseudo-intellectual Avik Roy, A Republican Intellectual Explains Why the Republican Party Is Going to Die. Avik Roy is so sad, I just want to give him a nice big hug. Just kidding! I actually want to slap him and tell him to grow up.

Avik Roy, like a lot of Republicans whose jobs don’t depend upon not doing so, is attacking Donald Trump. In the article, he noted that the Republican Party and the conservative movement is driven by white nationalism and not what he sees as true conservatism: limited government, social conservatism, and a strong military. But did it really take Donald Trump to make Avik Roy realize that the Republican base wasn’t actually in it for the tax cuts they never got? For the deregulation that caused them to lose their jobs? For the lead in their drinking water that mentally retarded their children? I don’t think so.

Avik Roy: Conservative Apologist

And this isn’t just my guess: Avik Roy is a conservative so he must be wrong. I’ve been following him for years. He’s never had a new idea — an unknown conservative approach to policy that might make the nation or the world better. Instead, he just hunts around for ways to justify conservative policy. Read my article, Avik Roy: Healthcare Apologist.

It describes part of Roy’s years’ long effort to find some healthcare system that was more “free market” than Obamacare. It always ended up the same way: he didn’t know how the system actually worked and it turned out that Obamacare was actually more “free market.” If he were an honest broker (or the “wonk” he claims to be), he would have admitted that Obamacare was the most “free market” healthcare system that could possibly work. But of course, it didn’t matter because like all conservative elites, he’s fine with the poor dying from treatable disease.

In addition, back in 2013, Roy explained what all this business of “equality of opportunity” really meant to Republicans like himself, Avik Roy Says Republican Reform Just Branding. It didn’t mean that kids got the same education and nutrition; it meant only that there weren’t explicit laws stopping the poor. In other words, as long as America didn’t have a caste system, we had equality of opportunity.

Avik Roy Is Responsible for Donald Trump

In this way, he was clearly lying to the American people every time he mentioned “equality of opportunity.” (Note: he waited until after the 2012 election to write that article.) This is a definition that is totally outside what the vast majority of Americans think the term means. So Avik Roy, the man now crying into his beer at the New York bar, has always seen his job being to lie to the American people generally and the Republican base in particular.

So now Donald Trump comes along and gains control of the Republican Party and the conservative movement by being a flat-out racist. Hey Avik: you were a big part of building Donald Trump and the modern Republican Party. I simply can’t think low enough of you to accept that it took the events of the last year for you to realize that the Republican Party and the conservative movement are built on a bedrock of racism.

Shame on Vox for giving this vile man the opportunity to whine and say he would never have supported a racist party. He should be in a room somewhere doing penance. And we should never hear from him again. Because he owns Trump. He was a big part of the machine that built Trump.