Meta for a Hot Night

It’s too darned hot!

And yet, I am still working hard to improve the user experience here at Frankly Curious—in ways that almost no one will notice.

About a month ago, I added a set of sitemaps over at the right. So if you click on one of the links under “Articles” (other than “Greatest Hits!” which is still a mess) it will take you to a list of all the articles I’ve written on that topic. For example, if you click on “Film, TV & Theater” you get a list of all my writing that relates broadly to performing arts. And each link comes with a couple of sentences from the beginning of the article. I think it is helpful in using this site, but I wrote it for my own use. And I make use of it several times every day.

Today, I added another section on the right: Random Articles. This is just a list of 5 random articles on each page. This, of course, won’t be useful to me. But I thought it might catch some eyes and keep people on the site longer.

But I always find coding a lot easier than writing. So that’s all I’ve done today because it’s too darned hot:

Roger Miller

With the right combination of artistic brilliance and full tilt self destructiveness, Roger Miller is a hero to me. A long time amphetamine addict, it was the legal and encouraged drug of smoking nicotine that killed him. At his worst, Miller was a country hack; at his best, he was smart and tuneful. And of course, he was wonderfully funny and silly—so silly that he fits right in with the Muppets.

Here he is doing one of his best, King of the Road: