Comcast is My Only Option

I hope that this is the correct email for Comcast CEO, Brian Roberts—if you are simply a person who happens to have the same name, I apologize for the intrusion.

Mr Roberts:

If this is the correct address, and if Mr Roberts actually reads it, I want to let him know that, if I had any other option for an internet and phone provider, I would switch immediately.

My complaints with Comcast?

Exploitive Billing Practices: Charging users outrageously high fees for services that are completely automated is just wrong. We have been paying over $100 a month for phone and internet. Our only landline is for a fax machine that we use about three times a year and, according to the information about my account on the Comcast site, we are using only 7% (!) of our allotted bandwidth. Meanwhile, when the cable is out and we have no internet service, we are not even credited for the interrupted service.

Outsourcing Jobs: Outsourcing “customer care” to India and taking work away from Americans, all the while making it more difficult for customers to get the assistance they need shows an egregious lack of consideration for your customers. The phone bank in India is probably saving you an amazing amount of money, but for the consumer it is beyond frustrating. Between the representatives’ sometimes difficult to understand accents, the background chatter, and the length of time it takes to make one’s situation understood, a mildly irritated customer can easily end up furious.

Making it Right: I called customer service hoping to find out why our bill was so high and fluctuating. Once the woman on the other end understood the issue, she graciously gave us a $10 a month disgruntled customer discount. First, however, she had to read to me an offer that would given us our current services PLUS television—YAY! This was after I had just explained to her that we don’t watch television and don’t even have a TV!

I feel sorry for your customer service reps—they must get screamed at all day. It’s not their fault, it’s yours.

Andrea English
New Jersey, USA

I Remember…

I’m no big fan of the Democratic Party, but this November I don’t see how any thinking person can not support them. And if I were to dream: Obama reelected with a Democratic Congress might do some very good things—things they could have done in 2009 if they hadn’t been too chickenshit to get rid of the filibuster.

This is a fabulous video:

And this is a fabulous bumper sticker:

Republican Bumper Sticker - Designed by A. L. English