Fox News “Serious Journalist” Lies About Walls

Bret Baier - Serious News GuySteny Hoyer was on Special Report with Bret Baier talking about the shutdown and Trump’s wall. Hoyer mentioned existing walls in border towns shouldn’t be removed. Now Baier is supposedly one of the Fox News serious journalists. But his partisan leanings have always been clear. So he greeted Hoyer’s statement with glee. He really believed he had a gotcha! “So [walls] work there?”

Oh, boy! Steny Hoyer made news! Except that he didn’t. No one is saying that walls don’t work in populated areas. The question at hand is whether we should put up a wall where they don’t do any good — as a political stunt to pacify people who have been whipped up to believe that brown-skinned hoards are coming over the border to kill and rape them.

The Democrats have never called for the removal of existing border walls except in the fevered imaginations of conservative commentators. And that’s all that Bret Baier’s gotcha was. In the world of Fox News it was a gotcha because in that world Democrats really are for open borders. (For the record: I am for open borders but I hardly speak for the Democratic Party.)

Fox News Has a Scoop!

I was not planning to write about this. After all, Fox News being evil and stupid is hardly worth a comment. By their standards, Bret Baier is a real journalist. But then I saw this headline at FOX NEWS FIRST: Pelosi Slammed for Attempted Shutdown of Trump State of Union; Top Dem Breaks Ranks on Wall.

Note the implication here that the Democrats are breaking ranks. Steny Hoyer did not break ranks. But even worse is the implication that Nancy Pelosi is being slammed by a Democrat. As the article makes clear, she is being criticized by Republicans. What a surprise?! Get an Extra! out for that!

And I’m not alone in saying that Hoyer didn’t make any news. Literally no other major news outlet is covering this “FOX NEWS FIRST.” Even Washington Examiner has failed to pick it up. That’s just how meaningless this story is.

Fox News and World War I

Three Arrows produced a great video, A Battle of Lies — Fake News in the Great War. In it, he mentioned that the German public was shocked and angry when their government surrendered in World War I. This is because they had been fed nothing but propaganda. They were told about every good thing that happened to the military and nothing of the bad.

Reading the Fox News article, I see the same thing happening. Their viewers are fed a steady diet of this kind of “We’re winning!” propaganda. So if Republicans in the Senate do finally revolt and reopen the government, the Fox News viewers will be convinced that the party sold them out. To them, it will appear as though the Democrats were ready to break.

The Danger of Ignorance

I understand that the Fox News model is great for them; they make a lot of money. But it is bad for the country when you have roughly 40 percent of a population being fed a false narrative. And it is truly poisonous because of Trump’s claim about how the mainstream news is all “fake” and “the enemy of the people.” So there is no countering this false narrative in the short term.

This is the kind of stuff that leads to civil wars. Luckily, Fox News viewers are all over 90 so they don’t present a huge threat. (Quick PolitiFact, rate my claim “False”! I’m sure you are very busy looking for liberal comments to offset the tsunami of lies from conservatives!) But regardless, this situation causes civil strife. In the past, I was able to chip away at the Fox News lies held by conservatives. They always came right back when these conservatives watched Fox News alone. But it was nice that one-on-one these conservatives were open to facts.

That’s largely untrue now. Now I usually get some comment about how they’d “have to see the study.” You know, if you tell them immigrants are bringing nuclear bombs into the country, they will believe you. If you say they aren’t, they will demand documentation. And when you show them the documentation, they will say it is fake.

I don’t know how we move forward with 40 percent of our people being mini-Trumps. And Fox News stands as the puppetmaster of these idiots.