Richard Seymour on Brexit

Richard SeymourThe racists have successfully articulated a broad anti-establishment sentiment — originating in class injuries, regional decline, postindustrial devastation, generational anxieties, etc — along bigoted, national chauvinist lines. The vote cannot be reduced to racism and nationalism — but that is the primary way in which it has been organised and recruited and directed, and that is the primary way in which the outcome will be experienced. That this was achieved so soon after the fascist murder of a center-left, pro-immigrant MP, is stunning in a way. It says something about the truculence of some of the chauvinism on display. It says something about the profound sense of loss which a reasserted “Britishness” is supposed to compensate for.

There is a lot of finger-wagging on Twitter and elsewhere about how the exit voters have just triggered economic self-destruction. House prices will fall, savings will be diminished, the pound will weaken, jobs will dry up. Well, that’s all true. Except. Not everyone benefits from the insane property market. Not everyone has savings. Not everyone benefits, as the City does, from a strong pound. Manufacturing has suffered from that priority. Large parts of the country have been hemorrhaging jobs for years. “The economy” is not a neutral terrain experienced by everyone in exactly the same way. And some of the votes, coming in core Labour areas, not necessarily strongly racist areas at first glance, indicate that. So people have voted against an economy that wasn’t working to their benefit. That doesn’t mean the practical alternative will not be worse. I suspect it will be a great deal worse.

—Richard Seymour
EU Referendum Vote

Man-Boy Scott Adams Humiliated by V-Neck Sweaters

Scott AdamsI have been vaguely aware that Scott Adams was a Men’s Rights Advocate (MRA). It doesn’t come as a complete surprise. The female characters in Dilbert are typical of the thinking of teenage boys, which is pretty typical of MRAs. But I did find his recent article amusing, The Humiliation of the American Male in 2016. Here’s the first line, “Perhaps the biggest unreported story of this presidential election is the humiliation of the American male.” There’s nothing quite so wonderful as the combination of self-pity and conspiracy theories coming from a super rich and famous guy.

His concern is the following commercial for Cascade Complete. You can check his own video of his television, if you like. It’s really hard to make out what’s going on in it, but you can see that Scott Adams sticks to the script by being a Fox News viewer. You can see the video below. But basically, it’s a guy that went to the store and bought an off-brand detergent for half the price. His wife tells him that they will now have to use twice as much detergent. So he has to go back to the store.

Update of Typical 1950s TV Commercial

It’s interesting just how clueless Scott Adams is. I mean, it’s the woman doing the dishes. What’s being presented here is something that is straight out of the 1950s. It’s the man that picks things up from the store when he’s around. It’s the woman who is managing the house. To me, it seems like a pretty boring commercial. The woman does seem kind of harsh and the guy does seem kind of like an idiot. But you really have to be a total wimp to look at this commercial and feel threatened. And to see it as indicative of “the humiliation of the American male” makes you even more pathetic than the character in the commercial.

The rest of Scott Adams’ blog post doesn’t make much sense. He seems to have something against the v-neck sweater. Now personally, I don’t like v-neck anything and I don’t like sweaters of any kind. So I’m with him on that. But he thinks that v-neck sweaters are “the uniform of a man who is owned by a woman.” So I guess the Cascade Complete commercial was a perfect MRA storm.

Humiliated Men Will Elect Trump!

Scott Adams then goes on to hint that Trump just might become president because of the “coming tsunami” of men who feel humiliated by women. Men don’t talk about it because, well, it’s humiliating, “But in the privacy of the polling booth, the men who don’t talk are free to act.” This is the language of the abused. But it is the language of the actually abused — not of whiny little man-boys like Scott Adams.

The problem with people like Scott Adams is that they have surrounded themselves with other man-boys who think exactly the same way. And far from being silent about their humiliations, they do little but jabber on about it. So they assume the rest of us men are quietly steaming about all this humiliation. But we don’t feel it. We get along just fine with women. We aren’t so insecure that we need them to constantly tell us how awesome we are.

Scott Adams is pathetic. I realizes that he just lets his id go and writes things that make no sense. But he’s been on the MRA subject long enough that I think we all know that regardless of the size of his penis, he’s ashamed of it. He ought to be ashamed — just not about that.