Getting Mellow With Kenny Loggins

Kenny LogginsI am not really a Kenny Loggins fan. But there is much to be said for his earlier folky stuff. And I got “Danny’s Song” stuck in my head today, so I went looking for it. But I tried to avoid both Loggins and Messina and Anne Murray. And that brought me to the following lovely version of the song with two guitars, one bass, and three voices. It is Loggins on lead vocal. I don’t know who the other guys are.

What most impressed me was the lead guitar. I love tasteful music like that. And that country rock bass works really well too. With all the posing that goes along with popular music, it is nice to see a well crafted song performed beautifully.

You might notice that Loggins sings, “Conceived in lust” rather than “love,” as it is on the original recording. Apparently, he thinks it is funny. What it shows to me is that, like most musicians who have a hugely popular song, he secretly hates it. And I have to say that I have always found the song far too precious. Let’s see: you are poor and about to become a father and that’s just great because you have “love”? Grow up!

Of course, if the lyrics had been more mature, it probably never would have been a hit. It is nice regardless. And as I said: beautifully performed.


The show (or video) is sponsored by Taylor Guitars, who make some very attractive instruments.

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