Sonny Curtis

Getting ready for tomorrow, I was reminded of the great Sonny Curtis. Here he is doing a version of his song I Fought the Law, which kind of sums up my life: an iconoclast who lost.

He also wrote and sang the theme song to The Mary Tyler Moore Show and wrote Leo Sayer’s hit More Than I Can Say.

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  1. At work (where I assist disabled folks), we’ve been watching a lot of old TV lately while doing physical therapy and such. "Mary Tyler Moore" actually has a pretty good theme song.

    Iconoclasts almost always lose. That’s why fiction is full of stories where they win. It’s why winners like to think of themselves as iconoclasts, while they almost always aren’t. Hell, people like Palast and Nader spend half their writing mentioning how often they fail — even though they’re the biggest winners imaginable, in my estimation. Were all probably fucked anyway . . . the true winners are the ones who go down swinging.

    (Note: that last sentence is NOT self-description, alas. But I always encourage others to do as I say and not as I do . . .)

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