We Need a Federal Agent at Every…

In an update for a post earlier today, I noted that Jim Naureckas tweeted, “If only an armed guard could be placed next to every state trooper.” Well, it has become a thing. David Frum has now similarly tweeted 14 times.

First, dental clinics:

Later, strip clubs:

And most recently, muffler shops:

He’s now up to 22 in the time it took me to embed those tweets. The point should be clear, just as I discussed in, NRA Calls for Militarizing Schools. There is no end to this. Gun violence is everywhere in America. The NRA call for protection for our children is really just a call for having a cop in every home. David Frum is being so reasonable these days, he may have to change parties. (Just kidding. He was defending Robert Bork earlier today.)

Update (22 December 2012 3:54 pm)

In the end, David Frum did a total of 32 tweets. He has collected them all in one place, ‘We Need a Federal Agent’.

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  1. @Andy – I haven’t been following this dialog, but I have read a few of his recent cannabis articles. He’s an idiot. I’m written about this a lot. He’s not even that correct on guns, although he still makes a fair amount of sense. But if he were a typical Republican, we would be much better off.

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