A Decade Without Joe Strummer

Joe StrummerTen years ago today, Joe Strummer died suddenly of a congenital heart defect. He was only 50. I always wonder about people who believe in a loving God. If God loves me, why did he take all the music that Strummer would have made for me but left all the bad law that Clarence Thomas has and will continue to make? And don’t give me any of that, “God works in mysterious ways.” Electronic devices work in mysterious ways, but I don’t worship them.

Here is The Clash performing Sonny Curtis’ I Fought the Law, pretty much the same way that The Bobby Fuller Four did it, except with Strummer’s distinctive sneer:

Although it isn’t one of their best songs, I think that Rock The Casbah has some of the most amusing lyrics of any rock song. And the video is very good—especially for the time:

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