Evil Republican Plan

White RepublicanJonathan Chait was on vacation, but he’s back this morning. And what is he doing? Depressing the hell out of me.

Chait has been pushing this idea—that I mostly accept—that demographics are soon going to crush the Republican Party. This is funny when you consider the strength of the argument and the fact that we spent most of the 2000s talking about how important the white evangelical vote was.

The column today doesn’t require that one accept Chait’s demographic argument. All you have to know is that the Republican Party accepts it. They are assuming this is their last chance to get into the White House entirely on the backs of the white vote. As so, if they manage this feat, they are going to quickly push through all of their awful reverse Robin Hood policies.

I knew they would do this. But it was only when reading Chait’s article that this morning that I saw just how evil this act would be. This would not be a continuing push for some Randian dystopia. This approach is more along the lines of screwing up the system in order to make it harder to enact later policy by Democrats and necessarily more moderate Republicans.

But why was I surprised? I knew these guys were evil.

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