2016: Obama’s America

2016: Obama's AmericaI found this great review by Simon Maloy of the ridiculous right wing attack documentary on Obama, 2016: Obama’s America. It is by wingnut Dinesh D’Souza. I had heard about the film from my wingnut brother, who I assumed heard about it from Rush or Sean.

Anyway, Maloy should be canonized for not only watching the film twice but talking to the people who went to see it. He notes that the film, like all Obama haters, doesn’t actually have anything against Obama. It is all just a big plot. Give the man a second term and then we’ll all see.

What strikes me as most odd about this is that I’ve been hearing this for decades from conservatives when it came to liberal presidents. As I recall, this was the argument that the John Birch Society made against Kennedy when we didn’t turn communist on his inauguration.

After talking to a man who saw the movie, Maloy finds that the man doesn’t really buy many of the supposed facts in the movie. He does, however, accept the idea that Obama is this unknown (Unknowable?) quantity. And this is what D’Souza depends upon:

And that really gets to the point of 2016. The facts, the scholarship, the logic are all secondary to reinforcing the idea that—despite four years in office and a policy record to judge him on—Obama is still an unknown and threatening quantity. D’Souza’s exploitation of that belief is over-the-top and galling, but that’s clearly what 2016‘s target audience wants to hear.
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