Politics: 27 August 2010

Most of the news is not very interesting. Here are two pieces that are.

  1. Thirty years ago, Nettleton Middle School in Nettleton, Mississippi, enacted rules to assure that there was racial diversity in the student council. They did this by doing things like requiring that only white students could run for president and only black students could run for vice-president. I mention this only so you don’t get the idea that the school board is or was made up of a bunch of racists. They were trying to do good. Anyway, as of last Friday, the school board changed its policy. Wow! I’m so glad there’s no racism in America.
  2. Here’s the thing about illegal immigrants: they are victims on many levels. Every day, I am grateful that I was born who I am where I am. Those who risk their lives to come to the US are looking for just a small bit of what I have during my worst times. And if they are lucky, they get to work really hard to get a fraction of my birthright. Set aside for the moment all of everything else, and look at what I happened upon in the Examiner yesterday: 72 dead may be migrants. According to the BBC, during a 6-month period, 10,000 illegal migrants have been kidnapped by drug cartels. The money are forced labor are apparently critical to the workings of these operations. Do these sound like people coming to America to drop anchor babies?
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