Politics: 26 August 2010

There’s not a lot today. It may be that the more news I read, the more I see that none of it much matters. But I have included to nice videos.

  1. Former RNC chairman Ken Mehlman has admitted he’s gay. Good for him—kind of. He’s moved from using homophobia to help the Republicans win elections to using islamophobia. It seems that Islam is, “the greatest anti-gay force in the world right now.” In other words, it doesn’t matter who you hate, as long as you vote Republican.
  2. State regulators said that Anthem Blue Cross could raise premiums by an average of 14%. This is better than the 39% rate hike they had wanted. It sure is a good think that we can’t have a single-payer health insurance system. After all, a large majority is for it, but the rich aren’t. So, gooo team!
  3. A new Harry Reid ad that is pretty good:

  4. And an ad to encourage people (mostly women) to vote):

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  1. I think she’s kind of fetching in that clip. I can see her as governor, "I should have passed a budget, but I didn’t. But it doesn’t really matter. My governing record is atrocious. Hell, I’m atrocious. Vote for me! I’m rich!"

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