Politics: 24 August 2010

There isn’t much news today. I don’t feel like going into all of the political machinations, like John Boehner’s ridiculous speech today. I’ll include anything really important from today tomorrow.

  1. According to Rachel Maddow last night, of the 324 congressional primaries, the incumbent has won 317 times. That’s right: only 7 incumbents have lost in this “anti-incumbent revolution.” And no incumbents are expected to lose today. We’ll see how it goes in the general.
  2. The stock market fell over 100 points after news that existing home sales went down 27% compared to the previous month. This is the fourth day in a row that the market fell. It’s hard to get worked up about any of this. Things are so bad, nothing phases me.
  3. Over 150 NIH stem cell grants will be frozen as a result of Judge Lamberth’s blocking of Obama’s expanded research funded. The administration announced today that they will appeal the decision.
  4. When all the world is looking down into Chile’s copper mine, astronomers using a 3.6-meter reflecting telescope have discovered an extraordinary planetary system: “Astronomers have discovered a new solar system that appears to have almost as many planets as our own. They found up to seven planets orbiting a star that is of a similar type to the Sun, including one that is likely to be rocky and less than 1.5 times the size of the Earth.”
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