Politics: 23 August 2010

The level of intolerance in this country is really bothering me. Was I embarrassed through eight years with Bush? Yes. Am I even more embarrassed by the current anti-Islamic dust up? Yep.

  1. March of last year, President Obama signed an executive order repealing the Bush restrictions on stem cell research. Today, Judge Royce C. Lamberth granted a preliminary injunction to stop federal funding against such research. He claims that the Dickey-Wicker Amendment prohibits such research. This seems to be the case. The US is a dying empire. Sigh.
  2. Thirty-three men, trapped for 17 days in a Chilean copper mine were discovered alive yesterday. They say it will take four months to get them out. Wow.
  3. I keep seeing a bumper sticker that reads, “Freedom Isn’t Free.” This bugs me. I think defenders of it would claim that it is an acknowledgment of the sacrifices that our military people have made for the freedom of our country. This is hogwash. How have any of our recent wars made us freer or ever safer? But what most bugs me is that “freedom isn’t free” really means, “Spend tons on the military.” I like this button that reads, “Freedom isn’t free. In fact, you have to be really rich.”
  4. You gotta see this. A black guy with a quasi-Asian hat is walking through the anti-Muslim protest and almost gets beaten up. According to the guy who uploaded the video, this menacing black man was a union carpenter who works at Ground Zero. A related matter: I saw at the demonstration a sign that read, “No Mosque, No Way!” This so reminds me of the KKK anti-integration signs, “Never, Never, Never!” And why not? They are exactly the same.
  5. RNC committee member Kim Lehman says that Obama told Muslims that he was one of them—and she’s sticking by it! Back on Thursday, she tweeted, “[H]e personally told the muslims that he IS a muslim.” When asked about it by the Huffington Post on Monday, she stood her ground—sort of. She said, “[H]e made it, in my opinion, clear he was partially Muslim.” (Love that, in my opinion, syntax!) What did Obama say that kinda-sorta-on Mondays when the moon is full would make her think that? “Now part of this conviction is rooted in my own experience. I’m a Christian, but my father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims.” Infidel!
  6. The US isn’t the only country that gets crazies. After being fired due to charges of extortion, Manila Police Captain Rolando Mendoza took a bus full of tourist hostage. He was demanding his job back. He ended up killing 8 of the 24 passengers. After 12 hours of negotiations, Mendoza was killed during a second SWAT assault. Sad.
  7. I can’t believe that the state is moving forward with the charges against Dr. Conrad Murray for the death of Michael Jackson. Jermaine Jackson said all that need be said, “Dr. Murray’s the fall guy. This is bullshit.”
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