PhilomelIn Greek mythology, Philomel (Usually: Philomela.) and Procne are sisters. Procne’s husband, King Tereus agrees to escort Philomel to Thrace on vacation. But you know how it is with Greek men: Tereus can’t control himself. He kidnaps and rapes Philomel. But you know how it is with Greek women: Philomel can’t keep her big mouth shut. So she tells him that she has no intention of hiding his misdeed out of some sense of shame; she is going to tell everyone. But you know Greek men: Tereus cuts out her tongue so she can’t rat him out. But you know Greek women: Philomel weaves a tapestry that tells the whole story. But you know Greek wives: when Procne finds out, she kills Tereus’ only son and then feeds the body to him. But you know Greek men: he eats it. But you know Greek myths: Zeus and company change Philomel, Tereus, and Procne into birds.

I have no idea what the point of the story is, except maybe that you shouldn’t trust your husband with your sister. This is good advice.

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