She Said “No”

What is with these “You’re a loser but I love ya, babe” songs? The classic is Midnight Train to Georgia, but I’ll let that one slide because it is totally kick-ass. What I have in mind is Please Come to Boston. Here is the last verse:

Please come to L.A. to live forever
The California life alone is just too hard to live
We’ll live in a house that looks out over the ocean
There’s some stars that fall from the sky, livin’ up on the hill

That’s beautiful. First, he asks her to come and live forever. Then he tells her that he needs her—life is too difficult without her. Finally, he has a house on the ocean and stars fall from the sky!

And what is her answer? “No. I love you, but not enough to leave beautiful Tennessee. I’ll be waiting here for you to fail and come back with your tail between your knees.”

On second thought, why don’t you just stay in Tennessee and marry a tobacco farmer.

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  1. I must admit I take a devilish pleasure in "ruining" someone’s favorite song by pointing out the absurdity of the lyrics or giving a really bad visual to go with it.

    My favorite (and it’s bad I warn you..)

    Did Ricky Williams score that touchdown for the Dolphins?
    The refs are under the hood doing the review…..

    And here they come with their decision…..

    What’s this? They’re rendering their decision by singing that old 70’s classic…..

    "One toke over the line, sweet Jesus, one toke over the line….".

    The joke is for limited audiences….you have to have knowledge of current football and 70’s music (and Ricky’s drug problems)

  2. I kind of get it. I’m up on the whole 70’s music thing; it’s the football that I don’t know much about. There are two football related articles that I would like to do soon.

    1. Redo an experiment I heard about where a guy timed the actual amount of play in a three-hour-long football game. He found there was only ten minutes of actual play. Regardless of how accurate this number is, this is the main reason I don’t like football: very little goes on.

    2. An article on winning percentages in sports betting. It is just a little algebra, but it goes against people’s intuition.

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