Congressional Races Worth Watching in 2016

US House of Representatives - Congressional RacesElizabeth Rogers has been nice enough to research and write articles about the most interesting congressional races this year. That largely means races that are likely to be close. It provides a good way to look at the 2016 election. We tend to focus so much on the presidency. But without these down-ballot races, there is not a lot a Democratic president can do.

What’s more, it’s important to remember that if you don’t look at the presidency, the Democratic Party is actually doing very poorly in the United States. That’s especially true on the state and local level. Sure: the places that the Republicans are doing best are places that are mostly awful. But there are a lot of good people all over the nation who are suffering because of Republicans from governor all the way down to dog catcher. And that’s to say nothing of those at the federal level.

Congressional Races: The Big Picture

It is almost impossible for the Democrats to retake the House of Representatives in 2016. But the closer that they get, the better the federal government will run. And the closer we will be to the day when we can make serious progress in revitalizing the American Dream for everyone and not just the rich.

The list of congressional races continues to grow. These are the articles we’ve published thus far: