A (Joe) Heck of a Race in NV-03

Joe Heck - NV-03Fittingly since this is the third in this series, I decided on Nevada’s third congressional district (NV-03).  This one is marked as a toss up by most observers. The incumbent, Joe Heck, is attempting to move up to the Senate to take the spot that Harry Reid has occupied for ages.

The district equally divided. It has had a Republican Representative since 2010, even while twice voting for Obama. With an open seat, it really is anyone’s guess how NV-03 will go in November.

The primaries have been packed. Seven Republicans are running: Kerry Bowers, Michele Fiore, Sami Khal, Andy Matthews, Michael Roberson, Danny Tarkanian, and Annette Teijeiro. And six Democrats are too: Barry Michaels, Jacky Rosen, Jesse Sbaih, Steven Schiffman, Alex Singer and Neil Waite. What’s more, there is an Independent American Party candidate: Warren Markowitz.

The Democrats and Republicans are both pushing hard to get this seat. Both national party organizations have invested directly into several campaigns.

Republicans in NV-03

The Republican candidates of particular note are Michele Fiore, Michael Roberson, and Danny Tarkanian.  All three are experienced campaigners.  Michele Fiore and Michael Roberson are former state legislators. And Danny Tarkanian ran in the 4th District.

Of the three, Assemblywoman Michele Fiore is the one who is best known. She’s gotten national attention for her love of guns, her outrage inducing statements, and her role in the Oregon Malheur National Wildlife Refuge stand-off.  She is something of a libertarian — supporting marriage equality and cannabis legalization.

Michael Roberson has served as both Majority Leader and Minority Leader in the Nevada State Senate since 2010.  He is a fairly conventional candidate and has raised the most money. He’s a member of the Republican Young Guns.

The third candidate, Danny Tarkanian, was the Republican nominee in the 4th Congressional District race in 2012. But he lost badly to Democrat Steven Horsford in the general election. He is also a member of the Young Guns.

Democrats in NV-03

Of them, the top candidate from the establishment is Jacky Rosen. She is the president of Congregation Ner Tamid, and was personally recruited by Harry Reid to run. In addition, Rosen has the support of the Democrats’ Red to Blue program as well as Emily’s List.

But Jacky Rosen has a serious challenger in Jesse Sbaih. He is generously self-funded, and is the first to have his ads up.  Sbaih has an interesting backstory. He immigrated from Jordan with his family when he was 11 years old. Since then, he has become a very successful attorney. He’s also married to a physician with whom he has three children. He has been in the news, claiming that Harry Reid told him to not run because he is Muslim and that a Muslim couldn’t win in that district.

Outlook in NV-03

Since this is a fairly evenly split district, it is unclear who will win the primaries (next Tuesday). The Democratic primary has been quiet. The Republican primary, however, has been very contentious. Jon Ralston has been reporting on the various efforts from both sides. It looks like Roberson is benefiting from establishment support with a lot of SuperPac money.

Ultimately, if the establishment candidates win their primaries, the general election will be close. The April straw poll showed that it was almost exactly split between Rosen and Roberson.  So it will be an interesting race to watch in November.

9 thoughts on “A (Joe) Heck of a Race in NV-03

  1. That Sbaih/Reid story is really bizarre. Interesting stuff.

    BTW I did some more poking around about MN 2, and . . . oooh, yuck. The GOP front-runner (he has the party endorsement) is a real s**head, a hate-radio veteran and sometimes columnist. I didn’t know he was running for Congress, but I’m familiar with the guy, he’s human slime.

      • ER could do it better, though. I’d just be cut-n-pasting stuff from reporters, she knows the nitty-gritty. Plus I lost my WordPress password, as I’ve been too sad to write much lately. Weep for my troubles, y’all. WEEP, I SAY! I COMMAND THEE!

        The story I really would love to expound on is this one, about a soccer team that basically went from the equivalent of AA to a championship in two years. But that article does a nice job of it, and I’d guess John Oliver will soon.

  2. You know politics! I don’t.

    The only thing I used to know is campaign offices needed a lot of phone lines, so certain spaces were used by different campaigns over and over again. There was one building above a dive bar near here that was like the Kiss Of Death. Every candidate who used that building lost. It hasn’t been used in a while, though. I suppose now calls are made from people at computers, so a good Internet connection matters more than tons of phone lines.

    Too bad, I was hoping the Trump people would rent it …

    • Mein Gott! There’s so much crazy stuff in that piece, I hardly know where to start. Like Fiore insisting her followers “love everybody” when, um, clearly, No. Or her comment that cops shouldn’t threaten people by drawing firearms (fair enough!), using herself and her partner as an example:

      “’If we got pulled over, you know, we’re two whities sitting in the front seat. Really, we’re not that big of a threat,” Fiore said. “And if he’s nervous, you know, a cop can draw his firearm for a number of reasons. If he’s pulling you over and you don’t know the officer, give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe dispatch just dispatched to him there’s a murder suspect driving a silver, four-door Jag.’”

      Wowza. Just … wowza.

      Not hers, but from a fellow Bundy supporter she visits in jail: ‘”The tea party activist said he felt a duty to come to the Bundy family’s aid in 2014 when he heard about the standoff, saying he’d sworn an oath as a Marine earlier in his life to uphold the Constitution. “As Jesus tells us, when your neighbor says he’s cold, don’t pray for a coat — give him yours,” DeLemus said.'”

      Oh, dear me. My friend, that’s Luke, chapter 3, and it ain’t Jesus, it’s John the Baptist. It mentions nothing about cold — it’s if you have two coats, give your neighbor one. It’s socialist. The very next verse has tax collectors asking how they can please God, to which John responds they should collect taxes honestly, no more than the law dictates. Yes, the Bible says good IRS employees make God happy.

      But as Frank always holds, these people know as much about the Bible (or the Constitution) as I know about HTML: stuff other people have told me. (The difference being HTML stuff others have told me actually works.)

      She seems like a well-meaning, and certainly hard-working, person. (Making a low-budget film is no easy task, and the one she made has positive user reviews on IMDB, so the few people who saw it apparently enjoyed it. Although the one external review is by a libertarian weirdo who had a bit part in the film, and his review site includes suspicious-looking pop-up windows, so ignore it.)

      But basically this is your typical “Conservative” (2016: USA, Tea Party Press.) If something you want to do or say inconveniences/harms anyone else, well, they need to toughen up. If something others do/say inconveniences/harms you, it’s a gross outrage against All That Is Good & Holy.

      Essentially assume your intentions/actions (or those of your tribe) are always for the good, and the intentions/actions of those outside your tribe always suspect (if not evil.) Which is precisely the opposite of how a moral person should think. But “conservatives” dispensed with the inconvenience of morality a long, long time ago …

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