Letters From Jehovah’s Witnesses

I’ll try to post something later. I’m super busy at the moment so I don’t have time for a regular article.

But I got a letter posted to my business partner, William, at our business address. It had handwriting on the envelope. I opened it to see if there was a check inside. There wasn’t.

But there was a handwritten letter. It was in rather bad cursive and I couldn’t easily read it. So I contacted Will and rather than come over, he had me read it to him, which I did with some effort.

Jehovah's Witnesses Letter

Jehovah’s Witnesses COVID-19 Waste

Will figured it out long before I did. In fact, he might have known from the start. The letter says it is from one of his neighbors, Janell, and that if he is looking for meaning in this crazy world, he is in luck! It ends by mentioning that there is a website that will answer all the big questions like:

What is the purpose of life and many more answers [to] the questions that you can ask and search out. Something for everyone including cartoons for the little one. The website is J.W.Org [sic] and I hope you will take time to check it out.

It’s clear that this is a pre-written letter. So the Jehovah’s Witnesses are now limited in terms of going door-to-door. So they are having their members sit at home and hand-write these things. And they are apparently going to people in databases because I can’t imagine how else this letter would have found its way to our business address.

Will tells me this is nothing new. The church has people do this who can’t normally go door-to-door. So even if you are confined at home, the Jehovah’s Witnesses have a way for your to waste your time annoying the wider world!

Witnessing Is Nonsense

Many years ago, I read an article by Bible scholar Robert M Price about this idea that all Christians should be out witnessing to the rest of us. He argued that the books that make up the Bible were meant for the priest class. So when the Bible talks about witnessing, it means the priests, not the ordinary followers.

I think it is horrible that any group does this. And it is only because we are all extra gentle to religious people that we don’t meet them on the porch with our guns. What they are doing is not just useless; it is rude.

It also involves child abuse. They always use the “little ones” because they are great calling cards.

Truly, I say to you: any church that must depend upon indoctrinating children worships a false god.

The only thing that is good about the Jehovah’s Witnesses is that they don’t vote. I assure you, if they did, they would be all-in for Donald Trump.

14 thoughts on “Letters From Jehovah’s Witnesses

  1. Maybe JWs in America would be Trump types — maybe most of them anywhere would be right-wingers. They are very in favor of illogical submission to earthly blowhards who claim divine authority, much more so than Catholics, even.

    However, of the three Danish families I know, the JWs are the most liberal and least susceptible to anti-immigrant politics. Still, they don’t celebrate birthdays and are registered as refusing blood transfusions. For doctrinal reasons I was never quite able to get.

    Their English is outstanding, but not quite at the level of explaining obscure theological behavioural proscriptions… plus, whenever the subject came up, I’d say, “what about that collection of vintage whiskeys you have?” Really, the best of all worlds; them which gots a collection of vintage whiskeys (on a garage-door-installer’s salary!) gets to show them off, and after a little of that the subject of religion drifts away, and a shot of vintage whiskey generally runs about $50 while I get it for free. Everybody wins!

    • I have experiences with a small collection of JWs so my opinions are colored by that. I can see a lot of the beliefs appealing to liberals. The big problem is the way the church is organized and the total BS their people spout about how the church is totally non-professional and isn’t hierarchical and all that. But it doesn’t seem to be a particularly racist group. (It is incredibly sexist.) And I’m kind of on board with the not celebrating birthdays, although they take that stuff too far, I think. But among the people I know, their approach to the church is highly authoritarian.

      I mostly think that the people in the church are abused. You should be able to practice your faith without being forced to act like Amway salesmen.

      • Yes, it’s a little bit of an eternal-salvation pyramid scheme.

        The funny thing was, last time we went to Denmark, the JWs had set up a trip to Prague. (Lovely city, of course.) The wife chose the hotel, and was very proud during our drive there saying that she’d gotten the cleanest, most straight laced hotel in Prague. It was completely immediately obviously a fuck palace for Euroteens who enjoyed Czechoslovakia’s very loose liquor laws. I enjoyed watching it immensely, I went full Jane Goodall “observing the creatures” mode. The poor lady who booked it, a huge germaphobe, was absolutely horrified. Excellent breakfast buffet, though, she liked that.

        I do worry about how the religion affects their kid, but it’d be rude to ask, so I haven’t.

        • I definitely feel that people need to be left to themselves. But I can’t stop myself from feeling sorry for them. What passes for religion in the modern world is mindless. When I talk to JW, I find no interest or understanding of what I consider the questions religion is supposed to answer. It’s just, “The Bible tells me so.” But I think of it like AA: it’s not good and it doesn’t work in a general (stochastic) way. But if it works for them specifically, great.

        • I believe the JWs follow the Bible as much as any other Christian sect. In their early days, I think they were an interesting religion — people trying to decode the Bible and find Truth. Now, of course, it’s ossified into nothing but the perpetuation of dogma. I’m not personally religious but I think religion can be edifying. But most religions, the JWs included, offer nothing but authority. And that’s a great loss for their followers.

      • You got that wrong. I don’t know where you get your information at. We don’t call our place of worship a church. It’s a halll. I think if you don’t know the full details and are saying the things you are judging wrong. But God will deal with it. In the last day. Judge not that you will not be judged. And the truth will set you free. You are talking about the JW children also. The Bible say children are precious gifts from God. I’ve been one for 45 years and dedicated myself of 47 years before he died. No fornication or adultery. We got over 25,000 Jehovahs witnesses active in over 230 lands and languages. And I I am proud of who I serve. It bought me out of a church I was raised in becsuse they taught lies. To us. And took our money to pay for their cats and homes. See. We don’t pass a plate. We donate if we want or not. Even the elders children does if they like which goes yo our sisters and brothers world wide to help them in disasters and build more places for worship. Not in some teachers pocket. So if you want to know the complete truth and not assume than really know who we are and what our work in service to God is. Before assuming and lying on us what our service to God is. And as you know God sees and hears everything. So you should not lie and judge nobody especially the children who loves Jehovah our creator and God. As Psalm 83:18 says. And men may know thst thou alone Jehovah is the most high over the earth. And that is in the King James Bible. B careful how you talk on Hods people assume or lie about their worship

        • “Judge not that you will not be judged” followed by the threat “B careful how you talk on [G]ods people assume or lie about their worship.” Funny! But I guess this is what you do when you have The Truth (TM)!

  2. hi Frank
    Our children are not forced, doctrinated or coerced but encouraged to be law abiding citizens unlike the billions of people who do not believe in God and live without consience are stabbing and killing innocent beautiful people, When they are of age they are free to become whatever religion or life they want to live and as innocent children they are taught wholesome good works from the bible. Our beliefs are based on the basic bible principles found in the Bible and Christian ways of Christ Jesus. We believe that soon the world will be judged so it would be wise to look into it as u can c the world is a crazy place to live and in many ways very very disturbing so to have a belief system for us and our children is better than no hope at all. Wouldnt you agree?
    Jen M

    • Free to choose whatever religion they like — and be shunned by the entire community they’ve been insulated in! Spare me. And who are the billions of people who do not believe in God?! And how common do you think stabbing and killing is? And do you only not kill people because God tells you?! That’s a really messed up ethical sense you have if so!

      Most people are very nice. And they don’t need constant religious indoctrination to maintain this.

  3. Hi
    I know from how you write that you don’t believe in the God of the Universe Jehovah, but you will need to come to know him, become his friend, as millions of people are now doing and please note there is one thing we don’t do, that many people do, and that is sit around and judge other people. We are not allowed to judge each other only God has that right why? because we are all children of Adam and as his progeny have inherited his sinful condition which leads to sickness and death. It doesn’t matter how much any of us try we are unable to achieve perfection in this system of things so therefore, what is the point of setting yourself up as a judge of other people’s lives. There isn’t any point so STOP judging and just live, and try to have some thought and respect for others who do have a belief system which is personal, however, we also have an obligation to love each other just as God loves us, which is why we write letters to let people know that God loves them, despite Satan’s lies. Whether you believe or not at the end of the day we are all accountable to the ‘one’… you all die and go, just at different times, so, knowing this we should be careful in the way we treat and greet our fellow human beings and try to be kind because there is a bigger picture here and its to do with being alive whilst we are here and having a hope for a future which is better than not having any hope I find that too much of what Satan would want (a world without hope/God).

    Actually, its Satan who is the reason why we are all in this mess together or do you not believe that he exists also?? Well if you do which again millions of people do, try thinking about a much healthier belief which leads to life not death as the devil, would not care if you died but he would care if you lived and he would also care if you believed in the creator I wonder why?? Well wake up world because we are living in the last days whether people know and believe it or not. Because if you believe in the existence of Satan, therefore, you must also believe in the existence of God since it was God that created all things in the beginning, both spiritual creatures as well as earthly mankind.

    The reason for the death dealing treatment we see all around us today, the bible explains that the devil knowing that he has just a short time left is doing all he can to cause difficulties for people and to distract them away from true worship. Once you can reason on that you will also come to know that there is a God of truth who is waiting longingly for the work of his own hands to begin recreating and for his timetabled day to come when he will for sure, execute righteous judgement on a world of ungodly men.

    If you want to learn more and how to live a life of hope a better life for you and for your families then please feel free to visit [website deleted] where you will find a wealth of videos, broadcasts, and answers to your questions from the bible. Amen.

    • It’s always amusing to get a judgment-filled letter that claims that the writer doesn’t judge. Oh well. It’s clear from this comment that Jojo21 didn’t even read the article — much less take the time to check out the Spiritual/Religious category articles. I find religion fascinating. But it’s extremely sad that what passes for religion in this time and place is so vulgar.

      One amusing thing here: “we are living in the last days”! The JWs have given up predictions but every JW I’ve met is convinced the end of the world is any day now. I feel sorry for these people just as they feel sorry for me. The difference is, my thoughts are based on my own experience and theirs is based on ancient writings about an Iron Age war god.

  4. Thank you, I’m a x Jehovah’s witness.
    I’m now 67, I became a Christian and was one of those for 25 years.
    So very thankful that I was set free of all of it…. And I got set free by staying in that Bible, I have no need for it any more either.
    Man lies
    Translated by men…. scholar’s
    Give me a break, such love, lmao
    Eve sinned first…….
    I can get hot !!
    I never worry about what will happen after I die, no one knows.
    I am what I am and I’m in control of so little.
    That organization knows me well. Lmao
    I could blow you away with my experience.
    Have a great day

    • I’m sure you could! I’m glad you’re out.

      What most bugs me about people going door to door is that I feel certain that the Bible was only ever meant for priests. So sure: send the leaders out to convert people. Whatever. But leave the rest alone. Life is hard enough without forcing people to do this nonsense!

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