Protecting the Democratic Party From Joe Biden

Joe BidenSorry I’ve been away. I’ve been wanting to write this article for days. I wasn’t surprised when Lucy Flores came forward with allegations of inappropriate behavior by Joe Biden. All I thought was, “The timing is no accident.”

I didn’t think that it was unfair. Indeed, I think just the opposite. The truth is that Joe Biden is a pox on the Democratic Party’s primary. He should have announced that he wasn’t running long ago. The party was kind to wait this long before calling him out on decades of behavior that is at least creepy.

Bernie Takes One for The Team

It’s funny that Biden now thinks that this whole thing is the work of the Bernie Sanders campaign. If it is, then all those people who are mad that Sanders doesn’t support the Democratic Party need to admit that he’s now done something great for the party.

Look: I understand that Joe Biden is killing it in the polls. But it’s meaningless. A Morning Consult poll found that the biggest second choice of Biden supporters was Sanders. And the biggest second choice of Sanders supporters was Biden. What this indicates is that both candidates’ support is highly dependent upon name recognition.

There is a difference, however. Whereas Sanders has a clear base of support, Biden has none outside Morning Joe and other elite “centrist” pundits.

As soon as it came to blows, Biden was going to wilt. He’s already run for president twice and both times he failed miserably. I think he’s a great retail politician. But that doesn’t count for much in a presidential race. (Bill Clinton was also a great retail politician, but he’s more than that.)

Would Trump Have Ignored Biden’s Behavior?

Another interesting thing about the Biden complaint that Sanders set him up is that this was going to happen eventually. If all the Democrats had played nice and ignored Uncle Joe’s behavior, you can count on Donald Trump bringing it up in the general election — if Biden somehow managed to get the nomination.

I know it sounds ridiculous. How could Trump possibly complain about how another man treats women? But he would have! In his mind, Trump can never be held accountable because, of course, all women want to be grabbed by the “pussy” by such an attractive and powerful man. But Joe Biden? Good God! Just look at the man’s hair!

Protecting the Democratic Party

Obviously, I don’t know what led to these allegations against Biden. But it is clear that it is someone who wants the Democratic Party to have a good primary that serves the interest of the Democratic base. That means providing a platform for people like Warren, Sanders, and Harris. Biden represents much of what has been wrong with the Democratic Party for the last four decades.

You could always depend upon him to stand up for credit card companies over regular Americans. He has always been a big supporter of mass incarceration. And he’s a big supporter of the death penalty. He’s a real caring guy!

I feel very much like Biden is Drunk Uncle Joe and he needs to go home and sleep it off. Whoever started this — whether it is just Lucy Flores herself or not — did the Democratic Party and the nation itself a great favor.

Biden, go home.


There are rumors that Joe Biden plans to run for president regardless. If that’s the case, he should announce. If he does run, I will take joy in watching him crash and burn. And if he does win, it means the Democratic Party really is pointless.

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2 thoughts on “Protecting the Democratic Party From Joe Biden

  1. My question is — if so many people are coming forward and saying Biden’s utter disrespect for personal space gives them the willies, and he says he’ll stop it … why didn’t this happen ages ago? I wasn’t always appropriate in my respect for personal space in my teens, and I was told so immediately. (Like toddlers learning “falling down hurts,” post-pubescents have to learn adult behavior through trial/error/correction.) That suggests to me he didn’t do it until he was in a position of power. And that’s spooky.

    (Sorry I’ve slacked on writing, myself. A few subjects proved too tough to crack, and now there’s some zillion-page taxes to finish.)

    • He’s been in politics since the 1970s. At that point, his behavior was fairly common. What’s troublesome is that people must have said something to him over the last few decades. He was, after all, the chair of the committee that first talked to Anita Hill! But I’m sure his reaction was, “I’m not doing anything wrong!” He didn’t learn anything. He hasn’t learned anything since this all started. And he never will learn anything. A friend of mine told me this story of working at a place where this guy would come up to here and start rubbing her shoulders saying, “Hi. How you doin’.” She told her boss to talk to the guy. The boss told her she was overreacting and that the guy didn’t mean any harm. (That was probably true.) So the next day, my friend went up to the boss and started rubbing his shoulders and said, “Hi. How you doin’.” The boss became stiff and said, “Okay. I’ll talk to him.” A lot of people need first-hand experience.

      Sorry I haven’t been posting more. I’ve been busy with work. I’ll try to get back to it. There’s lots on my mind as usual!

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