Morning Music: Tupelo

The Firstborn Is DeadWe move on to “Tupelo” off the second Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album, The Firstborn Is Dead. It’s quite a good album. It’s even kind of a blues album, including a very odd song called, “Blind Lemon Jefferson,” but it’s not really a song I quite get, so we are going to skip it. But the whole thing sounds quite a lot like Tom Waits. This may explain why I have such a strangely ambivalent opinion of Cave. I love his music yet I don’t get that excited about it. It probably doesn’t help that I really have to work at understanding the lyrics.

The perfect example of this album is Train Long-Suffering. It’s got a real old folk feel to it. But as usual, with that distinct Nick Cave sound. That’s the thing about him. He’s so him. But as is often the case, I find myself gravitating toward the work that Cave himself didn’t write.

“Tupelo” is a song by Barry Adamson and Mick Harvey. Nick Cave wrote the lyrics, but they don’t much matter. It just sounds so damned cool. Tupelo:

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