Morning Music: I Will Survive

TurkeyIt is the day — Thanksgiving day. Why didn’t I do something else? Really. I’ve hated doing this. But okay, at least I’ve found a few clever animated parodies. This one is a parody of Gloria Gaynor’s mega-hit “I Will Survive.” In this case, it is a very self-assured turkey singing the song. We have one or more flocks of turkeys around where I live. A lot of people hate them because they cause damage. But I find them quite charming.

Just the same, I don’t think much of them from a culinary standpoint. They don’t taste that great. And if you are going to go to that much trouble for a meal, why not make a prime rib? Still, every year it seems that I find myself fighting with family members who want turkey because it is traditional. It turns out, it isn’t. At the first Thanksgiving, they most likely ate duck. And isn’t it interesting that we make a big deal out of the fowl that were killed by the Pilgrims, but not the five deer that the Wampanoag killed.

13 thoughts on “Morning Music: I Will Survive

  1. They killed Bambi’s mother?! Oh the horror!

    /bad joke

    The only time turkey has turned out well in my family has been when I made it in a wine fish sauce. That somehow made the turkey suuuuuuper juicy.

    • I’m not too into fish. I went through a year of trying to perfect red wine sauces. I never got it. It’s very hard. I’d love to take a class in it.

      It’s a fun song but I should have just done “Alice’s Restaurant.”

      • So hop onto Groupon and check to see if they have any classes in your area!
        Then after they get your tentacles into your brain, you can also take a painting class, yoga and get an entirely unnecessary set of puppy pads that were so damn cheap.

        But seriously, that might be an option.

        • I feel about fish the way you two feel about turkey. Yeah, one can cook fish properly. What’s the point?

          Here we slather fish in batter and deep-fry it before disguising its taste in tartar sauce. Hence, no taste of fish. This is the correct way to eat fish. I will refuse to tolerate any heresies which believe fish should be served in a different manner.

          (Note: packing it in poisonous lye is also acceptable.)

            • Doesn’t it smell bad, though? To me ground meat smells like “acceptable levels of fecal matter.” It’s probably my imagination, but I smell nasty things in ground meat.

              Weird what people like. I really have never been a fan of beef or fish. Poultry I can tolerate if I’m really hungry. Mostly I like good juicy vegetables. This completely goes awry if I’m at a baseball stadium; then I want animal flesh and I want it dripping with fat.

        • Actually, I’ll bet there are some great videos on line about it. I was working from books. Perhaps I will use that to start developing a life.

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