Anniversary Post: the End of Democracy

Bush Sad ClownHas it only been 15 years?! On this day in 2000, the totally corrupt political hack Katherine Harris certified that George W Bush had won the state of Florida and thus was elected president of the United States. People have a tendency to add phrases to things like this with “despite losing the popular vote.” Forget the popular vote, folks! We have an electoral college. The popular vote doesn’t mean anything. If it did, then presidential candidates would campaign in a different way. So don’t mourn for Gore because he lost the popular vote.

Mourn for Gore (and whole United States and really the world) because he won the state of Florida. The election was not stolen because Bush lost the popular vote. The election was stolen because the Supreme Court decided that the voters of Florida didn’t matter as much as George W Bush matters. And so they found an equal protection clause in the Constitution that only applied to him. Interestingly, these were the same nimrods who can never seem to find an equal protection clause when it comes to anyone else. There is apparently a special Constitution that only conservatives can see.

Do you really think that you live in a democracy? You live in an oligarchy. Just ask Professor Chomsky:

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