Quick Note About Tonight’s Debate

Democratic Debate 2015Brian Beutler was definitely right, The Adults Take the Stage in the Democratic Debate. I’m a Sanders supporter, but not enough to want to see any of the candidates attacking each other. So I didn’t like seeing that. But in an absolute sense, there was very little of it. And it was all substantive. Overall, I thought it was a great debate.

I agreed with Lincoln Chafee when he said that he hadn’t changed — it was the Republican Party that had changed. He’s right. I’m constantly amazed at the people who stay in the Republican Party, even though it has clearly gone on tilt. I welcome former Republicans into the Democratic Party — often they are more liberal than long time Democrats.

Speaking of long time Democrats, what’s up with Jim Webb? After Chafee made his statement about the Republican Party, Webb implied the same thing about the Democratic Party: that somehow he was the guy who represented the tradition of the Democratic Party. How can anyone seriously think that?! But if the purpose of the debate was to mention Vietnam and veteran the most times, Webb won!

Martin O’Malley had a strong debate. I don’t think he answered the question about his “lock ’em up” policies, but otherwise, he was good. And his final statement was the best of any of them. Was it enough to move him in the polls? I doubt it. And it certainly wasn’t enough to move me. If he becomes the nominee, I’ll support him. But he doesn’t shine when it comes to my issues — economics.

Clinton and Sanders did about as well I expected them to. Clinton came off as serious and competent. But she also lacked a great deal of passion for the most part. Sanders was full of passion — especially on economic issues. And he’s absolutely right. At the same time, he came off a bit scattered and, frankly, old. Still, I will be donating some money to his campaign tomorrow.

Overall, I think the Democratic Party did itself proud. We don’t have to be embarrassed by our candidates. Even the worst of them is better than the best that the Republicans have to offer: Marco Rubio. It was a good night. But will the American people notice? I doubt it.

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24 thoughts on “Quick Note About Tonight’s Debate

      • I was tweeting at you the entire time so it would mean I would have to pay attention to the Red Shirts if you did that. But whatever works for you.

        I poked around to find a Dem organization for you to take Will and the mouse too but so far none of them have updated their online media presence for debate parties. Kind of strange.

                  • I am sure he has time to worm his way back into your good graces. The next debate is not until October 28th for the Republicans and even longer-November 14th for the Democrats.

                    • See, he probably spent all night slaving away to make it work. Or just hit like three keys and it was fixed while making it seem like he spent all night working on it.

                      I don’t know him so I have no idea.

                    • That is his mode. But I spent years while working with him complaining that he was too cavalier with the timing of people’s repairs. No one wants a computer repair to take a week. If at all possible, it should be done the next day. And that’s especially true when the customer is me!

                    • Oh my goodness yes. I nearly went nuts waiting for my laptop replacement when I had to depend solely on my phone to internet.

                      Luckily for me I know about 200 computer dudes who can do all my repair work for me right away and all it costs me is a bag of chocolate chip muffins most of the time.

                    • I’m “lucky” to always have half a dozen computers sitting around. If it weren’t for Google Docs and so on, I’d be screwed. As it is, it isn’t too bad.

                    • I have three laptops-as time goes on and I get a new one, the old one is stripped of all that is useful and then stuck in a bin somewhere.
                      I am happy we have the cloud on google even though my fuzzy understanding is that it is not at all safe from hackers with a burning desire to know that I think we should expand access to justice and I am super efficient when it comes to cases.

                    • Actually, I gave Will my old laptop to fix. He did. But he hasn’t been able to find it in about a year.

                      Yeah, I don’t much worry about people stealing my stuff. But there certainly are concerns.

                    • Picturing the mess that would disguise a laptop…did the apocalypse happen? Or does he have so many laptops lying around that they needed stickers that say “this belongs to Darth Maul” on them?

  1. Bernie’s age can work for him, though. Some older candidates comes off like the Mean Grandpa who’s always telling you what a disappointment you are. Or if they smile too much, Creepy TV Preacher. Bernie’s more like that really passionate older teacher everyone’s had at least once. The one everyone makes funny impressions of, but they all love his class.

      • Re Bernie’s spinal curvature:
        Maybe he’s like me — every time I have to listen to the crap some people spout, my stomach starts cramping.

        • It’s a weird thing. I’m the same way — never learned to stand up straight. And the messed up hair thing. I suspect it has something to do with particular personality traits — being more focused inward. Is Bernie Sanders an INTP?! It certainly helps with conveying authenticity, because you know this is not a guy who easily takes to creating an image for others.

          • The hair does not bother me-I find it hard enough to manage my own straight, just below the shoulders hair to ever criticize someone else’s lack of hair management.

            He just always seems to hunch over onto podiums so I was curious why.

    • I agree. I love him. I love the messed up hair. I love that he looked uncomfortable in that suit. I’ll be interested to see how the whole thing played.

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