Morning Music: Mari Samuelsen

Mari SamuelsenThere are few things I hate quite as much as television commercials that use music that I like to sell their pathetic products. And that is especially true of Summer of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, because I don’t much like anyone enjoying that because I think people like it for all the wrong reasons. So I’m kind of annoyed to be hearing a commercial for something using the third movement of that piece. It is thrilling — far more so than whatever it is that is being sold.

One thing that I always liked about Vivaldi as a player is that his stuff wasn’t hard — but it sounded like it was. Most composers are the opposite: they write stuff that sounds easy and is really hard. But in the following performance of the presto from Summer, Mari Samuelsen makes it look and sound easy, even as she flies all over the fingerboard.

2 thoughts on “Morning Music: Mari Samuelsen

  1. Fantastic! I can’t help but be carried away to a very beautiful countryside in my mind when I hear this music. Rivers, streams, flowers and trees. The other piece that does that to me is Beethoven’s 6th Symphony called “The Pastoral”. The wonderful thing about classical music is that you can listen to it and imagine your own scenarios. I agree with your thoughts about using this music for commercials. It cheapens a beautiful creation.

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