Yuji Koseki’s Ode to a Radioactive Moth

Yuji KosekiOn this day in 1909, the great Japanese composer Yuji Koseki was born. I don’t know a great deal about him. He worked in a lot of different forms and as a result, nothing especially stands out. Wikipedia tends to reward specialization. He composed film scores, songs, marches, fight songs, and much more.

He lived one of those old fashioned, very Japanese lives that I’m so jealous of. After he college, he went to work for Columbia Records as a composer, where he appears to have stayed his whole working life. He wrote both “classical” and popular music for the company. In 1939, he started writing film scores. He composed the music for 47 films over two decades and then he stopped, although I doubt he retired, since he was only 53 at that time. He also wrote fight songs for professional sports teams that are still sung to this day.

He is best know, however, for writing the music to “Mothra’s song” for the film Mothra that he also scored. It is a very catchy tune with lyrics by Susumu Ike:

Happy birthday Yuji Koseki!

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