Julianna Forlano Does Comcast

Julianna ForlanoAbsurdity Today is a periodic comedic take on the news produced and performed by Julianna Forlano. She has a wry wit with moments of extreme silliness. And she definitely looks at the world through liberal eyes.

I’ve been following her videos since almost the beginning. I first wrote about her almost two years ago. In that article, I expressed my surprise that she hadn’t broken out of the 5,000 viewer ghetto on YouTube. She is, after all, funny and insightful. And the videos are short. What’s not to like?

I wish I could report to you that Forlano has gone big, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It is now the second day after I received an email notice that a new Absurdity Today was up. Yet there are only a bit over 6,000 views as I write this. Now, that isn’t bad. But more people really ought to know about her video channel.

That’s especially true given that her videos, which were always good, have only gotten better. And this newest episode is really great. So take two minutes out of your day and check it out. And if you like it, subscribe. Otherwise, some day we will pine for the days when everyone’s videos didn’t look like they were produced by John Green.

The following video addresses the news that Comcast is trying to gobble up Time Warner Cable. The Comcast automated phone system bit is brilliant. And the video ends with an appeal to go to Free Press and sign the petition to stop the merger. I recommend doing that too.

“Your estimated wait time is… irrelevant!”

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