I Kind of Like Donovan

DonovanOn this day back in 1838, problem brother and assassin John Wilkes Booth was born. Movie composer Max Steiner was born in 1888. Fred Astaire was born in 1899. Film producer David O. Selznick was born in 1902. Electronic composer Milton Babbitt was born in 1916. Nancy Walker was born in 1922. And Sid Vicious was born in 1957—exactly one year before Rick Santorum. Coincidence?

Italian director Ettore Scola is 82 today. Comedy director Jim Abrahams is 69. Bono is 53. And science fiction writer John Scalzi is 44.

But the day belongs to Donovan? He’s 67 today. I kind of like him. He was really good in Don’t Look Back.

So happy birthday? Yes! Donovan!

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  1. I saw "Don’t Look Back" with a Dylan enthusiast many, many years, ago, and his excitement at Donovan’s appearance was that Dylan blew him out of the water. Fair enough; I don’t remember what song Donovan sung in the movie, but Dylan did "It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue," which is on every Dylan fan’s list of his top ten songs.

    Yet Donovan had good songs, too, and what those two did was not dissimilar. They each were trying to expand popular songwriting beyond Tin Pan Alley atuff (which, in it’s own way, is very good.) They just went in different directions. Dylan was hopped up on his own developing fame and tried to see how far he could take audiences with him; he shifted styles constantly. Donovan was creating a more stable little songwriting world of his own.

    A few years back a friend made me get a Donovan collection from the library, and I quite liked it. Not in Leonard Cohen’s stratosphere of making a totally new genre for himself but aiming at something rather similar.

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