Obama Was Never That Into You

FOIA RequestAccording to Glenn Greenward, the ACLU was interested in what the White House policy was on intercepting “private” test messages. So they filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. And what you see on the left is the top of what they got back: 15 pages entirely blacked out (pdf). More and more I think electing Obama was a big mistake. I don’t mean that we would have been better off with McCain or Romney. (Although I have to say: I’m not certain if McCain wouldn’t have been better.) I just mean, in many ways, Clinton was a lot better and maybe his wife would have been too.

As I reported on Tuesday, the Obama administration is keeping up its fight against Plan B birth control. When the administration was against it last year, all the apologists said that it was just a political move. But it can’t be a political move now. It must just be that Obama really believes in limiting birth control.

This is the same thing I’ve been arguing for months about the Social Security and Medicare cuts: they aren’t compromises. They are policies that Obama really, truly, in his heart of hearts, wants. As I wrote a month and a half ago: Obama’s Just Not That Into You.

Is it time to admit that he never was?


This is exactly what I’ve been saying for a long time: the rich are crazy to not pay attention to income inequality. They need to give a little to the poorer classes or it will create instability. And the rich have far more to lose than anyone. But they just don’t see it.

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