Cruz Vs. Reid

Harry ReidThis is really interesting. Harry Reid wanted to take the budget the Senate passed and go to conference with the House. It doesn’t much matter; the House will be against any reasonable budget. But Ted Cruz objected. He says he will only allow it if they agree that whatever comes out of the conference includes no tax increases and no raising of the debt ceiling. Harry Reid was clearly angry. He said that the Republicans had their chance with the budget. They lost. And now Cruz wants to put the very limits on the budget that the Republicans wanted but were unable to add in the normal legislative process.

Part of me wants to just tell Harry Reid to go fuck himself. If he had displayed any balls, he could have gotten rid of the filibuster and their wouldn’t be these problems. “Oh, you object? Let’s have a vote. Your objection is overruled, you fuckwad.” Just the same, Harry Reid is right: this kind of behavior is unacceptable. We shouldn’t have to have concrete rules about everything. But that’s the biggest defining feature of a revolutionary movement: it doesn’t accept norms. And the Republican Party (most of all including Ted Cruz) is a revolutionary group.

The best part of this 5 minute video is when Reid likens Cruz to a schoolyard bully. Cruz then responds, a little hurt I think, “I wasn’t aware we were in a schoolyard.” Reid interrupts and coldly says, “There’s either and objection or no objection.” And Cruz extends his arms and says, “Mr. President, I object.” He might have added, “Because I am a bully who wants to stop all legislative work if I can’t get everything that I want.” Reid is right: Cruz is a schoolyard bully. He’s also a dick.

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