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I started Frankly Curious back on 10 November 2009. It was intended to be a blog about nothing in particular. I thought that I was such an interesting guy that people would just find whatever I had to say on a subject fascinating. But over time, I found that my interests could largely be found in four areas: music, film, religion, and especially politics. From the start, I tried to limit my writing about politics. This was mostly because it came so naturally to me. Whenever I wrote about politics, I thought I was slumming. Over time I gave into my politics obsession because people generally liked what I was writing and then other sites started linking to my political articles. No one was linking to my many articles on Don Quixote.

This represents the 2000th article on this blog. (There are more on the site generally. Curiously Clever currently has 113 articles.) And it is interesting to watch how the blog was changed over time. In the first year, I posted 151 articles. And many of these were very short—what I would later use footnotes for.[1] That is fewer articles than I now normally post in one month.

There have been other changes. The average length of articles has gotten longer. I used to write articles in the 400-600 word range and now it is more like 500-700. And that is indicative of the whole process. As good a writer as you may start out as, you end as a much better writer. When I look back at the work I did in the first year, I am underwhelmed. It isn’t that the work is bad, but generally things that I was very proud of at the time seem no better than my current Nighttime Cold & Flu addled ravings.

I think when a person starts a blog, they figure they have something to say. If they stick with it, they will find that there is a feedback loop. The more they write, the more there is to write about. And this is the key: the writing becomes more interesting. My great concern is that I’ve played this out: that I’ve taken the format as far as I can. And I think about this a lot. I can continue doing what I’m doing and get marginally better at it. Or I can change it, add to it. At this point, I don’t know what that might be, except that I would like to do more video.

But for now, this is my 2000th article. Stay tuned!

[1] Like this. In the old days, it would have been a link to another page.

3 thoughts on “2000 Articles

  1. Congratulations! Years ago, a rock critic I don’t remember praised a band I won’t mention for never having "made a bad or lazy album." The critic was wrong, of course; any act with more than one album has made at least one lazier than and inferior to the others. But the phrase felt true.

    One can randomly skip around articles here and never find one that feels half-assed. Were some? No doubt. Yet they feel honest and as thought the author was interested in writing them.

    That’s got to be a hard trick to pull off. Throw me a new subject I have the remotest interest in and I can churn out 600 words with ease. I think most people could. (One thing I loathe about social media is I know young people who could create longer, more nuanced arguments, and have done so, and think they’re terrible at it, because their letters and e-mails and phone calls don’t have a "like" button.)

    When it comes to politics, however, progress (what there is of it) comes slowly, and in some ways we’re still having the same debates we did during Johnson/Goldwater. Professional pundits find new ways of restating the old by citing outrages of the day. Somehow this blog usually finds a way to avoid that; even the angriest posts try and analyze things, not use publicized idiocy to score ideological points.

    And those who do are making bad and lazy albums.

    Thanks for the work!

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