The President of Vice

The President of ViceOne of my very favorite features of The Onion is its portrayal of Joe Biden as a kind of working class lady’s man who has made it big but who still holds on to his working class roots. It’s kind of a high class version of Ronnie Dobbs, the regular character on the Cops like show “Fuzz” on Mr. Show. And I can see how it ought to appeal to both people who love and hate the real Joe Biden. Those who hate him will see it as belittling him. But those like me will see it as an homage: the man really is cool.

Who can’t but love articles like, Biden To Honor Fallen Soldiers By Jumping Motorcycle Over Vietnam Memorial. Or Biden Receives Lifetime Ban From Dave & Buster’s. Or Biden To Cool His Heels In Mexico For A While.

And you must remember this story from last September, Joe Biden Hitchhikes To Democratic National Convention:

The New York Times reported Monday, Biden Getting an Autobiography From The Onion (Whether He Wants It or Not). It seems that the staff of The Onion are as in love with this Biden character as all of us readers. So they’ve created an e-book, The President of Vice. The foreword of the book apparently opens:

Hombre, you’ve just done Uncle Joe a real solid buying this book. I ain’t the kind of guy who forgets his debts. Next time we meet there’s a tallboy of ice cold Beast on me. And if you’re a lady, I know a few tricks to repay you with interest, if you catch my drift.

At just $2.99, how can you resist? As for me, I was going to buy it, but I decided to pick up A Tale of Two Cities. But let me know if you read it.


And here is some of the coolness of the real Joe Biden:

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