Fiscal Cliff Apocalypse

Post Fiscal CliffFor weeks now, Dean Baker has been sarcastically noting the apocalypse that news agencies like the Washington Post were predicting. Today, as I walked to the grocery store, I saw kids playing at the skateboard park—it was a nice day.

And yet: we had gone over the Fiscal Cliff! The sun shine?! The bird songs?! The utter lack of lakes of molten sulfur?! How could this be?!

So I decided to write to the brilliant Dr. Baker:

I don’t know how things are on the east coast, but here in California: burned out cars, corpses litter the landscape. I can’t believe we went over the fiscal cliff.

The horrors!


PS: Happy new year and thanks for all your help this last year!

He responded in kind:

Pretty good—could only read this on power from the backup generator—running low on water.

Happy New Year,


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Let’s all get through this together.

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