Douchebag Named Word of the Year!

Michael StrickingsMichael J.W. Stickings, the founder and head of The Reaction (where I write) is not what I normally think of as a funny guy. Just look at that picture. Doesn’t he look like a guy who beat you up in high school? Yet he was pretty funny today. He put together a new yearsy kind of article where he (following Edward Albee) goes a long way out of his way to come back a short distance correctly.

(Did I ever tell you about the time I met Edward Albee? The great thing about gay men is that young men don’t have to be anything particularly special to charm them. I know that women would say the same thing about heterosexual men. But that is useless to me. I have at least once been a young man. Anyway, Albee is a great man. But I disagree with him about At Home at the Zoo.)

Michael goes through various dictionaries’ “word of the year.” Frankly, I think such exercises are stupid. And as his summary shows: this is especially true of this year. But the word of the year according to Michael (and I agree) is… Well, let’s let Michael explain:

At this political blog of ours, though, it would appear that one word emerged this year as our winner, and it’s one that played a big role in our election coverage. No, not “hope” or “change.” Those are so 2008, and, besides, with President Obama unchallenged in the primaries and running pretty much as a known commodity in the general election, this was a year dominated by the Republicans, specifically, once the detritus was cast aside (Bachmann, Cain, Santorum, Trump, Gingrich, etc.), by Willard Mitt Romney.

And back in January, on the 19th, long before he had the nomination sown up, and with still so much drama to come, we set the tone for the year to come:

Yes, douchebag. It was our definition of Romney and it’s now our Word of the Year for 2012.

We could go with synonyms, of course. “Romney” might work. Although it never took off like santorum, a word that means “to defecate in terror” is more useful to me.

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