Will the Senate Be Stupid Tonight?

FilibusterWhat a day! It is an amazing combination of actual news happening and almost no coverage of that news. CBS News has reported, No “Fiscal Cliff” Vote in House Monday. But the story indicates that they don’t really believe the House Republicans. They imply that backroom dealing could still pull this out. Except for this line, “House Republicans told their ranks that there will be no votes on any ‘cliff’-related legislation today.” I understand that one might plan to hold a vote and then decide not to—think “Plan B.” But the other way around?

I think what we are seeing is what I wrote about earlier today: Bohner does not want a vote until after he is re-elected Speaker of the House. I fully expect for him to talk very tough—very idiot Tea Party—until after the vote. And then, gradually, but quickly, he will come around and decide that there will be a vote.

Unless the Republican leadership confirms that they will hold a vote today, the Senate Democrats would be crazy to hold a vote. By accepting the $450,000 cutoff for the tax increases, the Democrats would be setting a new baseline for the negotiations after we go off the Cliff. But I fear that Democrats are prepared to do just that. As always, they are so eager to be seen as the “adults in the room” that they are blind to the tactical issues.

Even now (it is 7:00 pm, Eastern time), CNN reports, The Fiscal Cliff Is Nigh; Senate Still Talking, House Won’t Vote. Why is the Senate still talking? And now I just saw on MSNBC (live, so no link) that the House has adjourned but that the Senate is still planning a vote tonight.

It would be a lot of fun to be part of the Evil Party. Unfortunately, because of my beliefs, I’m stuck with the “Adult” Party. And too often that means the Stupid Party. Will it be stupid tonight?

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