Tea Party Idiot

Amy KremerHowdy folks. I saw something on the TV machine today that was too much. I don’t get to see a lot of Tea Party lunacy, because I avoid regular TV. But there was one of them on Up with Chris Hayes. Her name is Amy Kremer and she is with the Tea Party Express. And I can see why the group puts here out to speak for them. She’s good on camera and well-spoken—a whole lot better spoken than I am. But she is just a talking points machine. She really doesn’t understand what she’s saying.

This was most clear when Steve Kornacki (who was hosting the show for Chris Hayes, and who most clearly is not a morning person) countered her on her complaints about the Fiscal Cliff. She covers reasonably well, but it is clear that she thought the Fiscal Cliff was something that was going to make the budget deficit worse. You have to ask: how is the Tea Party holding the Republicans accountable, when their leaders fundamentally misunderstand the issue.

I don’t claim that the following video is good. But it gets to heart of my reaction to this ignorant woman’s bombastic proclamations.

For more about how conservatives don’t know how the government is too big, just that it is, see, John Boehner’s Position on the Gaming License.

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