BTW: We’re Good They’re Bad

Marco RubioSeveral people sent me to the most informative tweet I have ever seen. Marco Rubio explains the Republican Party in two short sentences: Republicans don’t want to cut Social Security. And by the way, the Democrats do.

There is something to be said for this. It’s true: the Republicans aren’t for cutting Social Security. Or saving Social Security. Or leaving it alone. Or, frankly, not leaving it alone. The Republican Party stands for whatever you believe in. And the Democrats are against it.


BTW Marco Rubio is a dick.

Update (30 December 2012 5:52 pm)

Ezra Klein has a slightly different take on this same tweet:

Today’s Republican Party thinks the key problem America faces is out-of-control entitlement spending. But cutting entitlement spending is unpopular and the GOP’s coalition relies heavily on seniors. And so they don’t want to propose entitlement cuts. If possible, they’d even like to attack President Obama for proposing entitlement cuts. But they also want to see entitlements cut and will refuse to solve the fiscal cliff or raise the debt ceiling unless there are entitlement cuts.

You can see why these negotiations aren’t going well.

I think the problem is a little more fundamental than this. But he is right about the specifics.

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