No Sea Monster?!

Giant Florida Eyeball Identified
Gino Covacci, the intrepid beachcomber who found the eye on a Florida beach, thought it had belonged to a squid.

But experts who examined the eyeball made their call of swordfish based on the its size (softball), color (blue) and structure (presumably swordfishy), according to a statement from Joan Herrera, curator of collections at the agency’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in St. Petersburg.

Based on straight cuts on the bone around the eyeball, Herrera said, experts think an angler cut it out of a swordfish and tossed it overboard.


I understand why the angler who had wrenched the swordfish from the sea also cut out its eyes and tossed them overboard. Those lifeless, yet reproachful eyes would have haunted him all the way back to shore. Or maybe they’re not edible.

On the other hand, the cavalier reporting of this fascinating drama is not so easily understood. The structure was “presumably swordfishy“? Seems somebody doesn’t take his job very seriously. If news isn’t worth reporting, at least have the decency to pretend that it is.

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