Andrew Sullivan: Don’t Be Like Me

Andrew SullivanAh, the blogger’s life! Most of it is one long anxiety attack: staying up on the news and writing something fast that doesn’t suck too much. But now and then, something comes along that makes it all worth while. I imagine it is like a great hitter watching an anemic fast ball heading toward the plate. And today, that ball was thrown by Andrew Sullivan over at The Daily Beast.

I know, after the recent laugh fest over Sullivan’s freak out about Obama’s poor debate performance and plummeting poll results, perhaps I should give him a pass. After all, he may be suffering from PTSD. But I’m not going to let him off because what he is doing today is really over the top. Also: he’s kind of a dick.

Sullivan is calling out Jackson Diehl for wanting to invade Syria. What’s with this guy? Does he want to invade every country? These are good questions and they can be summed up the same way that I summed up Sullivan: Diehl is kind of a dick.

But whether it is because Sullivan understands that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones (Dicks shouldn’t call out dicks), he calls out Diehl for being a supporter of the Iraq War:

Remember that there was no—repeat no—consequences for any of Washington’s pundits who backed the Iraq war. Torture-enthusiast, Marc Thiessen, got a column out of it. Liz Cheney parlayed a career atop the corpses of 100,000 dead Iraqis. Charles Krauthammer, architect of the torture policy, advocate for Greater Israel, instigator of the calamity of the Iraq war, for which he has never apologized, is still regarded as the dean of Washington conservatism.

Do you know who also suffered no—repeat no—consequences for supporting the Iraq War? Andrew Sullivan.

On the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War, Slate asked the question, “How did we get the Iraq War so wrong?” That’s easy: because you employ a bunch of evil idiots. A better question is the one implied by Andrew Sullivan, “Why do evil idiots continue to be employed by major media outlets?” It just so happens I have two answers for that.

  1. Fucktards like Andrew Sullivan don’t even remember being wrong.
  2. The vast majority of the commentariat were wrong about this and don’t like to be around people who were right because that just makes them feel bad.

I think Sullivan should go back to freaking out about Obama’s debate performance.


Regular readers will be disappointed that I did not call out Sullivan on his grammar error. All I can say is that I’m feeling kind today.

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