Unhappy About Defending Obama

Obama HopeThis is how the presidential race works. We start with a policy of Obama’s that I don’t like. Then Mitt Romney, who very much likes the policy, lies and says the policy doesn’t exist. And then Obama defends doing something that I don’t like. Meanwhile, of course, the media are at the point where Mitt Romney’s lies are just given, and therefore: dog bites man—nothing to see here—no news.

Anyway, Obama lied too when he said Mitt Romney wants to cut taxes by $5 trillion in the next ten years; he should have noted that Romney is going to pay for those cuts by… Magic! It is a given in the mainstream that Democrats are supposed to give a thorough analysis of their opponents’ policy plans while Republicans are expected to lie. Balance!

The Maddow Blog is reporting on Mitt’s Mendacity on trade agreements. According to Mitt Romney, Obama has not passed any new free trade agreements. In fact, he’s passed 3, but who cares? If Mitt Romney were a Democrat, well then, he would be expected to get that number right. In fact, if he had said 2 or 4, major portions of the fact checking industry would have been mobilized to bring this shocking lie to the attention of the public. But Romney isn’t a Democrat; he’s a Republican. Dog bites man; nothing to see here; no news.

Of course, free trade agreements are bullshit. They are designed to fuck workers and destroy the environment—all in the name of greater profits for corporations. Here’s the thing about these things. They are always justified by noting that they’ve increased productivity or GDP. But how long are we going to accept these reasons when over the last 3 decades huge increases in productivity and GDP have provided works with almost no gains whatsoever? But as every newspaper in the nation can tell you: labor reporting just isn’t interesting. No news there.

So here I am in the position of defending a repugnant policy of Obama against an outright lie from Mitt Romney. This is what comes from supporting a candidate and a party that really doesn’t have my interests at heart. It’s like choosing a mother who beats me over a father who rapes me. And yet, I don’t want to see America raped by Mitt Romney and the Republican party. So I support the very conservative Democratic Party. But how long can America deal with this situation? And how long can I?

Dog bites man; nothing to see here; no news.

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