Jennifer is So Damn Sensitive

Mister Kenneth W. Krause, ambushed while heading to his car after a solid 3 hours at the gym, gallantly apologized to Jennifer Livingston for indelicately addressing her weight condition; he had no idea she was so damn sensitive.

Mister Krause: If Jennifer’s offended, then I truly apologize to Jennifer, that’s the last thing I wanted to do.
Reporter: Do you think you’re a bully?
Mister Krause: Um, no I’m not a bully. I’m in no position to bully her. She’s a big time media personality and I’m just a workin’ stiff. If I was going to bully anybody it would be Dan, that fat bastard at work.

I would like to apologize to Mister Krause for insinuating he may have, at one time, looked like a retarded Chinese Crested dog. He just looks like some guy.

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