Wake the Fuck Up

I hear this is from the same people who brought you the great Sarah Silverman Let My People Vote 2012 video. This time we get Samuel L. Jackson, who happens to say “Mother fucker!” better than anyone on the planet. I don’t have much to say other than that this is also a fucking great video:

Also: the little girl is adorable.

Update (28 September 2012 9:24 am)

I found the non-bleeped version:

I saw in comments that some people were asking, “What good will this do?” They seem to think it is an ad aimed at Romney voters or something. Just to be clear: it is part of a long history ads designed not to convince but to excite the already convinced. And it succeeds brilliantly.

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2 thoughts on “Wake the Fuck Up

  1. Looking back at the Obama years… there are quite a few things I wish he had done differently. But have we ever had a president with a better sense of humor? I know his people didn’t write this ad, but that’s part of Obama’s great sense of humor… he knows when to let others do the jokes. (Think “Luther The Anger Translator.”) Knowing when to be the straight man is a high comedy skill. There’s nothing more painful than most politicians trying to be funny.

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